Saturday, December 26, 2009

Politbureau Member Challenges Biya

Reveals secret behind Achidi Achu's Rise to post of PM
Condemns Santa In house Political Tussle

Hon Tamfu Samuel Ngeh, the only CPDM Central Committee (Political Bureau) Member from the North West region has challenged President Biya to live up to his responsibilities. One of those responsibilities was the tarring of the North West Ring Road that stretches from Bamenda through Nkambe - Wum and back to Bamenda.

Tamfu was particularly offended by the fact that it took him two days to travel from Nkambe to Bamenda. The less than 300 kilometers road from Nkambe to Bamenda could be covered in less than four hours if the road was even graded. He called on the Head of State to visit the Northwest now to see the state of the road he personally promised to supervise the tarring.

"I would be a very happy man if President Biya were to visit the Northwest Region now to see the ring road… I pray God to cause the rain to fall for at least five days before Yang's trip to Kumbo".

Hon Tamfu flushed out his frustrations during a CPDM coordination meeting of Section Presidents held at the Bamenda Congress Saturday October 24, 2009. The aim of the meeting was to strategies activities ahead of the Prime Minister Yang Philemon's official visit to the region. They were also preparing for the 6th November the day Mr Biya took the command baton of Cameroon from Amadu Ahidjo.

Tamfu also prayed God to open the heavens so rain can fall even for five days ahead of the visit to cause the PM feel the pinch of what the region is going through in terms of roads. This will cause him to force Biya to fulfill his promise. Tamfu will be remembered as having warned his comrades of Santa that "Santa or Mezam" is not Northwest region. It was then that he started exposing the genesis of Santa Mafia and more especially how Simon Achidi Achu became Prime Minister.

“When fire was burning in the then Northwest province, the head of state invited me and asked where and to whom the post of the Prime Minister be given. I asked him to give it Simon Achidi Achu of Santa because that is where the fire is burning” he recounted. The aim was to frustrate the Social Democratic Front SDF and its National Chair man who hails from Santa. Unfortunately Santa till date has failed to produce the required result.

He expressed disappointment and worries why Santa should continue to champion Northwest CPDM politics. This, because since the introduction of multi-party politics in Cameroon they have not been able to seize the council from the opposition nor win the parliamentary seat. Although he blamed their political doom on in-house tussle, much of his venom was directed towards domination of Northwest Politics by Santa.

Since the introduction of the Coordination unit headed by Mezam V Section president former Transport Minister John B Ndeh, other Section presidents have most often expressed misgivings behind closed doors They have argued that the president is exploiting the position for his political glory. Others however argue that the Coordination Unit has, since creation, harmonized the activities of the party in the region. The political progress made by the CPDM in 2007 twin election in the region has been attributed to the structure. John B Ndeh’s adversaries still argue that the success was due to the individual efforts of the Section Presidents not the Coordination Unit. This apparently explain why other Section Presidents preferred their section meetings to the coordination meeting that held recently to prepare for the PM’s visit.

Tamfu blamed non completion of Ndop road construction project on the Northwest Regional Follow up Committee Chairman Hon Awudu Mbaya Cyprian said to have awarded the contract to a CPDM MP who, by him, is incompetent. But The Vanguard gathered that the FOLLOW-UP Committee does not award contracts. Their role is to gather reports on projects executed within the ambit of BIP or all government-funded projects and make recommendations to government about the quality of the projects. Sanctions on poorly executed projects are the sole responsibility of the state with recommendations from the control engineers. In this regard it would be concluded that Hon Tamfu’s indignation towards Hon Awudu Mbya was misdirected the Vanguard was told by an official of the Ministry of Public Works and MINPLADAT.

By our news desk, Nyassah Julius

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