Friday, December 4, 2009

The Rise and Rise of Matoya

Cletus Anye Matoya, Vice President of Mezam 1 President is the new North West Delegate of Commerce. His appointment less than two weeks ago was not the result of an accident. Matoya who is a native of Mankon is fairly well educated with a lot of experience.

Academic profile

Schools he has attended include RCM, Small Mankon and RCM Alamatu. He attended Sacred Heart College, CCAST Bambili and the University in Yaounde. After that he entered the University of Yaounde where he read Economics. Upon graduation he returned to his alma mater Sacred Heart College, Mankon where he taught for 2 years before gaining admission into the Higher ENS. Yaounde.

He taught in GBHS Nkambe briefly and was transferred to GHS Mankon where he served in several capacities before his appointment as North West Regional Commerce Delegate. He has been a classroom teacher, head of department and discipline master.

Matoya the Politician

Matoya’s appointment is not just the fruit of his academic, but also his political experience. Unlike some of his political mates Matoya has never been a political prostitute. His political leadership skills were first manifested while in CCAST Bambili where he was an executive member of the CNU Party from whose ashes the CPDM party was born.

In 1990, while most of his age mates were drifting to the opposition, Matoya instead got himself elected treasurer of the Mezam CPDM Section. His hard work for the party was rewarded in 1996 with his election as Mezam CPDM Section President. He held the post for six years.

His political fortunes dwindled in 2002 when he lost his position to Tadzong Abel Ndeh. He was in political wilderness for 5 years. In 2007 he staged a comeback, this time as Vice President of Mezam 1 CPDM Section. His political boss was Paul Nji Atanga who was later appointed Minister for Special Duties at the Presidency leaving Matoya to manage the affairs of the Party in Mezam 1.

Matoya has contributed enormously to the growth of the party in Mezam. He strongly influenced Edison Fru Ndi, Nkwenti and others to organize a “thank you” march in support of Philemon Yang’s appointment as Prime Minister.

Matoya is a very dynamic, brilliant and very friendly person. He is married and father of children.

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Anonymous said...

Conglatulations Prof. Infact i was so impress when i first heard of your promotion to a delegate, that rang a bell in my that hard work is equal success. So more courage, i wish you the best in all your designated office and outdoor duties, remain strongly optimistic as always and keep on keeping on.