Thursday, December 3, 2009

SDF Advised to Connive with Civil Society to Flush out Biya

The SDF Second National Vice Chairman, Mr Joshua Ocy Nambangi has advised the SDF to connive with Civil Society in order to flush Biya out of power come 2011. Mr Ocy was speaking to militants and sympathizers recently in a South West Regional Conference of the party in Kumba.

The meeting, which was the first of such since the election of the Regional Executive Committee, was aimed at putting in place strong strategies to set the pace for the party in preparation for upcoming elections.

Asked to comment on the electoral body known as ELECAM the ice Chairman said it would be worst off than its predecessor ONEL given that the staff are handpicked CPDM lackeys or cronies.

As such he said that the Biya government could only be voted out of power by the SDF through the collective efforts of all Cameroonians, working in conjunction with the civil society.

Addressing SDF militants earlier at the conference hall, the new SDF Southwest Regional Secretary, Mr Tabi Johnson, advised SDF militants to put God first in every sphere of their endeavors and then go on to work as one family. He further advised SDF militants to treat their party issues in-house rather than blowing them out to the public.

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