Tuesday, December 15, 2009

SDF Parliamentarians Disburse Micro-projects grants to Mem

Kumba Militants of the opposition SDF party were recipients of micro-projects grants recently. A three-man parliamentary delegation recently. The delegation's mission was to Meme Division. The delegation consisted of Hon Ngoran Lawrence from Bui, Hon Nkembeng Edward from Wouri and Hon Forbi Nchinda Simon from Mezam. They were appointed and delegated by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon Cavaye Yeguie Djibril.

Hon Nforbi Nchinda Simon, who led the delegation, handed the grants. This was the second phase of micro-projects parliamentary grants worth 8 million francs in accordance with the law on such grants.

On handing the money Hon Nchinda Forbi cautioned the three district chairpersons to draw up projects and ensure careful use of the grants. He called on them to ensure they satisfied all the stakeholders. He congratulated the chairpersons for the job done last year as all planned projects were realized.

Hon Forbi also reminded the SDF militants of their slogan ‘Power To The People’. He said it is the people (militants) who decide what projects they have to execute as the money is at their disposal. Thus the militants should come up with projects which will be realized with the micro-projects parliamentary grants from the National Assembly.

Hon Nkembeng and Hon Ngoran told the press and SDF militants that the micro-projects grants are meant for Kumba Central Constituency and should be equally shared between Kumba I, II, and III.

The MPs appealed to their militants to ensure that during the upcoming elections Kumba I and III should come under their strong grip just like Kumba II was at the moment. The Honourables also paid a courtesy visit to the widow of late Hon Nkelle Parmey of Kumba Central Constituency.

By Collette Jani

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