Tuesday, December 15, 2009

SDF to uplift sanctions on Dissident Mayors

The hierarchy of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), the Vanguard has learnt, is allegedly preparing to welcome dissident mayors. This will be in a November NEC meeting of the Party. The aim of bringing these Mayors is to trash the longstanding differences once and for all.

“A house divided within it self can not stand”, said a party bigwig. A party source hinted the Vanguard that there are moves towards reconciliation. The party's hierarchy is beginning to realize that the article 8.2 is causing untold damage to the party, said our source. This equally explains why the famous article 8.2 was not applied on the West Regional MP, Hon Noumba. This was going to numerically affect the party in the West.

The Vanguard further learnt that the dismissed mayors have been requested to attend the Nov 2009 NEC meeting where their problems with the party shall be considered. Pundits have argued that the Party has to close gaps widened by the barbaric 8.2 before 2010 else the party will witness the worst political setbacks any party has ever experienced. It is apparently for this reason that disciplinary decisions of the party have been mild this time around.

It is however not clear if the party hierarchy will still maintain the ‘win-win’ approach to conflict resolution or 'win-lost' approach. It should be noted that the dialogue between the dissident mayors did not yield fruit because the party adopted the win-win method.

By our main desk, Chifu Edward

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