Monday, December 7, 2009

Youth Council: Another CPDM Tentacle To Scoop Money

We all know that NGOs and CIGs in Cameroon are owned by CPDM big wigs that is why all the agric inputs and more, like the tractors donated by foreign concerns ended up in their backyards. ADIC stands witness to this. The owners of these outfits are the ENAM guys. They are the new contractors who have confiscated the economy of this country.

They are doing serious business now to mask the loot in their keeping and if there is a change of hands in the rulership they will find it difficultly to prop them as the will claim they are into business. Their hands are in every pie. They are in the know of how, where and when money and/or facilities will be made available and they use these outfits to waylay them. They are the policy makers and have done everything possible to waylay democracy and destroy it before it takes roots.

From the Minister of Youth Affairs, the forth coming Youth Council shall be made up of youth selected from local NGOs and CIGs. Youths from local NGOs CIGs and other youth have been asked to go and register in DOs' offices. Who shall these youth be representing? Shall they have sovereignty of mind? To whom shall they pay allegiance; their communities that they shall claim to represent or their pay masters? Why will the DO who is from ENAM not choose his colleague's eating house (NGO) youth, knowing where they will do business as usual?

Way Forward

Let me take the liberty to say that all Sub-divisions have development associations and, therefore, know youth who have developmental-oriented minds. And such youth, if they are chosen by their communities and presented to the powers that be, shall be real representatives of their people.

The present steps that the government is taking to come up with a Youth Council is just to come up with a group of youth from their friends' money-making outfits who will further hold the democratization of the country hostage.

It is a well calculated attempt to come up with a body that cannot be a threat to their apple cart as it makes its rounds, deceiving the locals and international friends that youth are contributing to the development of the country. If such a youth council is put in place it will simply be doing the government's bidding.

The common reasoning in the Cameroon polity is that let's wait and see it function first. We have waited and seen NEO, we have waited and seen how CONAC is swallowing more money that it is recovering, and we shall wait and see how ELECAM shall organize a selection not elections. These are senior NGOs. At the local level, the NGOs are owned by the ENAM guys and at the national level these very ENAM guys have come together to put up super NGOs (NEO, CONAC, ELECAM).

All these NGOs are carefully crafted by the same impenetrable gang to work hand in hand and will not topple their apple cart. After all, they are the policy makers who panel beat whatever will suit the prince and send to the ever-willing parliament to adopt in toto and the castrated toothless civil society watches on with indifference.

Democracy is on trial in Cameroon because all laws are crafted with the deliberate intentions that it should not work and if should work the beneficiaries will be the very people in power. These guys are fighting the poor not poverty as they always claim. CONAC-sparrow Hawk is making a timid attempt to put these guys to where all of them belong.

By our politics and opinions desk

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