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9-11-2010: Dance With Kings

Amsterdam Zuidoost, The Netherlands - international desk - Dance With Kings, is an annual celebration of Ghana's cultural heritage. On the Anton de Komplein, Amsterdam Zuidoost, the Dutch-Ghanese community welcome Ghanese kings and queens with traditional ceremony. Queen Beatrix, or any member of the Dutch Royal Family, does not attent the festival.

As 2010 will go, 2011 will come, we think this digital photo book, Royals Shot, is a nice treat for you on your screen. Where ever you are, celebrating our cultures at home and abroad. Representing who we are and where we come from. Calling on us to stand tall and proud. To make something out our selves, our potentials and our country.

The Vanguard Cameroon staff wishes all our readers the best for 2011

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kah Walla SAGA: Fru Ndi Deplores Decision of Douala Electoral district

Fru Ndi Deplores Decision of Douala Electoral district

-Party to radicalized position on ELECAM,
-Contemplate reducing severity of application of article 8.2

By Chifu Edward - Bamenda - The National chair man of the social democratic Front SDF has dissociated himself from the decision of Douala Electoral district against he president of the strategic committee of the SDF Kabbang Walla.

The national chairman John Fru dissociated him self from the decision taken by Douala shortly after the National Executive Council meeting held in his compound on Saturday to Sunday 1November .Fru Ndi argued that the decision was in violation of secular issued by the Secretary General of the party suspension all disciplinary sanctions against any militants till the national convention holds. It was on this premise that Kah Wallah’s decision to declare her resignation on air was hasty. Fru Ndi further disclosed that no resignation letter has been received fro her to that effect.

Quizzed on the mechanical rise of Kah Walla reportedly master minded by him, Fru Ndi said the party gave him the prerogative to choose or appoint any militant to occupy certain positions of the party. The case of Kah Wallah was for gender balance.

On ELECAM, the Second National Vice Chairman of the party Osih Joshua disclosed that the party is going to take a more radical approach to the ELECAM holdup. He averred that ELECAM was masquerade and SDF still maintain its stands. He insisted that until the regime abides by the eleven conditions tabled by the party, they will never be part of any election organized by ELECAM in Cameroon.

On the departure of militants he said SDF is a dynamic party as people come and go but the party still remains strong. He however opined that ‘the party needs to be much more flexible in its treatment of internal day to day issues’. He said the adjustment in the treatment of issues is being effected gradually. This apparently explains why the Secretary General of the party Madam Elizabeth Tamanjong issued a secular suspending all disciplinary sanctions against militants until the National Convention of the meets.
It is this line that Kah Wallah’s decision to resign from the party based on her diatribe with her Douala electoral District is considered hasty. He said no official letter was received from her to that effect.

About Biya’s visit, Fru Ndi admitted that he officially addressed an invitation to Biya through the governor of the region for Biya to visit him. This might be the reason why Biya ordered for the tarring of the road leading to Biya’s residence.

Monday, December 6, 2010

PEN: editors conditionally released

International desk - Amsterdam- Source IFEX/Pen - The Writers in Prison Committee of PEN International (WiPC) welcomes the release on 24 November 2010 of editors Robert Mintya (Le Devoir - pictured left) and Serge Sabouang (La Nation) on orders of the President. 

The journalists, who had been imprisoned for alleged forgery since February, were released conditionally pending trial but no date has been announced yet. The WiPC welcomes their release but calls for all charges against them to be dropped. 

The WiPC also calls for a full and transparent investigation into the death of co-defendant Germain "Bibi" Ngota Ngota, editor of Cameroun Express, who died in prison on 22 April 2010. It calls too for the immediate and unconditional release of singer-songwriter Lapiro de Mbanga, who has been detained since April 2008.

Editors Robert Mintya (Le Devoir) and Serge Sabouang (La Nation) were arrested and briefly detained in early February 2010, along with editor Germain "Bibi" Ngota Ngota (Cameroun Express),and reporter Simon Hervé Nko'o (Bebela). The journalists had been investigating alleged corruption involving Laurent Esso, Secretary General of the President's Office, and the state-run oil company, National Hydrocarbons Company (SNH), of which Esso is also board chairman. Nko'o, who was reportedly tortured while in custody, went into hiding following his release.

Mintya, Sabouang and Ngota were re-arrested on 26 February and charged with forging Esso's signature in a document and using it in an attempt to discredit him. They were transferred to Kondengui prison in the capital Yaoundé on 10 March.

Ngota died on 22 April, according to his death certificate due to a lack of medical attention. The government has denied this and allegations of torture and maintained that Ngota died "as a result of opportunistic infections linked to HIV". Ngota's widow denies that Ngota had the HIV virus, while his brother says that the journalist was tortured in February when he was arrested and taken to the DGRE.

On 8 August, Mintya was reportedly beaten around the head by another prison inmate, causing him to lose consciousness. He was admitted to the prison infirmary and on 25 August was transferred to Yaoundé central hospital but reportedly had no access to free medical care.

A date has not yet been set for Mintya and Sabouang's trial. They reportedly face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

Meanwhile, singer-songwriter Lapiro de Mbanga (aka Pierre Roger Lambo Sandjo) remains behind bars. Mbanga's final appeal and request for parole have still not been considered by the Supreme Court despite having served two and a half years of a three-year prison sentence for allegedly taking part in anti-government riots in 2008.

For more information on Mintya and Sabouang case, see:
- (2 September 2010)
- (15 November 2010)

Useful links
Reports on the release of Mintya and Sabouang:
• Reporters Without Borders (25 November 2010):,38899.html (English)
• Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE) (25 November 2010): (English);
• Journaliste en danger (JED) (25 November 2010) (French)

Monday, November 29, 2010

CJFE welcomes release of journalists Serge Sabouang and Robert Mintya

By our international desk Amsterdam - source: CJFE/IFEX - Toronto, November 25, 2010 - Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE) welcomes the news yesterday that Cameroonian journalists Robert Mintya and Serge Sabouang have been released from Kondengui prison in Yaoundé on the order of Cameroonian President Paul Biya.

Mintya, the editor of the weekly Le Devoir and chair of the ethics board of Union des Journalists Libres du Cameroun, and Sabouang, publisher of the bimonthly newspaper La Nation, have been imprisoned since March 10, 2010. They had been accused of possessing documents compromising to key figures in the Republic. Their colleague, editor of the Cameroun Express Bibi Ngota, was also imprisoned with them. He died there of unconfirmed causes on April 22, but CJFE believes that he died due to the appalling conditions in the prison and a lack of medical attention.

CJFE is awarding one of two International Press Freedom Awards to the three journalists this evening at the CJFE Gala: A Night to Honour Fearless Reporting in Toronto. The award is given to journalists who have shown great courage and have overcome enormous odds simply to produce the news. Ngota's sister Thérèse Tchoubet and her husband Bosco Tchoubet will be accepting the award on behalf of all three journalists.

Thérèse Tchoubet, speaking from Toronto said "We have CJFE to thank. Their recognition of the case contributed directly to the liberation of Serge and Robert. It is a victory."

Mintya and Sabouang have been released conditionally. CJFE welcomes the news of their release, and hopes that they will be able to continue their work as journalists in safety and without fear of retribution. However, we urge the government of Cameroon to drop all charges in recognition that Mintya and Sabouang, along with Ngota, were simply doing their jobs as journalists, and have committed no crime.

"The fact they were released the day before they were to receive their awards is proof to us that bringing international pressure to bear can have an incredible impact," said CJFE Executive Director Annie Game. "It is an inspiration to continue this important work on behalf of our colleagues in Cameroon and around the world."

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Former CCAST Principal soon in court for embezzlement

By Nyassah Julius - The former principal of Cameroon College of Arts Science and Technology CCAST Bambili Forkusam Langmia Austin now principal of GBHS Mbendakwi will soon appear in court for embezzlement.

In spite call by CONAC to pay back money swindled into the PTA account. Top education officials who concealed evidence of his mismanagement school funds from CONAC and the hierarchy may have to answer some charges in court as accomplices. The Vanguard has been hinted. It is on this premise that CONAC in collaboration with the Secondary Education Ministry and Tuba administration ordered for the reinstallation of the defunct PTA man by Eric Andangfung.

The PTA of CCAST is reportedly installed as per the sub prefectoral order No 68/2010 0f 14october 2010 signed by the divisional officer for Tubah, Etta Mbokaya Ashu, The Vanguard gathered that the decision to suspend the PTA was at variant with the ministerial text creating the PTA.

Forkusam Langmia, the former principal is alleged to have swindled well over CFA 16 millions francs PTA funds for the academic year 2010/2011 and over 40 millions generally from the school funds over the years. He is said to sold furniture of the CCAST principles residents to a staff of ENS annex Bambili.

Other sources hinted the vanguard that the Sub Divisional officer for Tubah was misled by some secondary education officials who took side with the former Principal Forkusam Langmia Austin.

It now clear that all derogatory information filed by Forkusam and his collaborators of the regional delegation of Secondary education against Eric were fabricated to paint him black so as to continue swindling PTA funds. This is contained in the CONAC document ordering Forkusam to pay back stolen money.

According to CONAC finding, Eric had not overstepped his bounds as propagated Forkusam. Although investigation is still going on, CONAC called for re-installation of the PTA with firm instruction that PTA funds should not be tempered with by the principal.

To be continued…

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why putting our potential to work, …for us

In the 80s the strategy for planned and centralized economies failed woefully. Priority was then given to the disengagement of state management on behalf of privately handled entrepreneurship. It was the beginning for numerous privatizations through various structural adjustment programs that lasted until the beginning of the 21st century.

For the over 50 years into our independence, we have dedicated over 30 of them to obey our former colonial rulers and took little or no initiative to cater for our comprehensive self-reliant development. Food and financial help, bilateral aids, ratified conventions for foreign assistance, HIPC-I, MDG’s – and what have you – have become the order of our daily bread. If we consider that centuries ago we underwent slavery humiliation, it is hard to comprehend that today; we still cannot get the intrinsic language of community propelled development. Who is to blame?

During the era of structural adjustments, we most learnt to finance social activities (education, health, food, etc). We were meant to become the new consumers of foreign industries and even foodstuffs of doubtful quality. Our research fabric was sidelined as nothing was allowed to raise eye brawl on quality matters.

Cameroonians were used as guinea pigs for aid vaccines and other foreign laboratories drugs. Hence, we failed or we were denied the right to invest into research and development, industries transportation and energy sector, just to name this few. Again, our political will to democratize failed short of instilling amongst the population the visibility to create, think and agree on fundamental developmental issues, other than quarrels, backslapping, and sliding, unnecessary waste of time and energy, and selfish ego!

In every endeavor, be it technological or not most learned institutions make drastic choices. That of allocating available resources to feed and priotized needs like education, food, shelter, health, transportation, national security, industrialization, renewable energy, and so on.

Banking on these initiatives, we can pledge today without fear that our vision for more like “copy and pace” attitude should give way to more “creative mind”. Looking at the potentials given by Almighty God to northwest its prairies or grass fields, the blooming countryside in an undulating landscape, the various lakes, rich forest and above all the many gratifying human, cultural and material heritages, it can be concluded north westerners have been sleeping too long and to long . The time is probably here for Northwest to change course and add values to existing potentials.

History has it that the advent of the Industrial Revolution in the eighteen century helped the west to alleviate their plight of poverty. Industrialization helped many subsistence farmers to get into the rank of productive industrial workers. Hence, industrial production was inevitable the key to mitigating many worries related to poverty, insecurity and sustained inertia.

Indeed, to become an emerging country by 2035, Cameroon would have to work hard by counting first and foremost on his strength before going along with true partners in development. Keeping this in mind, investors are good when it comes to generating benefits for their institution. Hence, we could better bargain when we initiate and appraise our industrial potentials in line with a rational and mutually beneficial discussion.

The week of excellence of scientific research and innovation in the North West Region dubbed JERSI –NorthWest Region is lighting the candles of its second edition. The central theme this time is “industrialization of the NWR contribution of scientific research and Innovations”. Undeniably, this is a dream topic; but for some skeptics minds, the questions of why and how remain to be answered

It’s time that we stop eating the fish given to us by the former colonial powers and learn how to fish ourselves. As long as we keep on importing products from abroad and exporting our young talents to pursue the Europeans Dream but African Nightmare, others make high profits and we stay poor and economical enslaved. It’s time to get wise and do it ourselves. So who’s to blame? Shame on you if you fool me once, shame on me if you fool me twice…

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Forjindam Jailed for 12 years

Houses and cars seized, six bank accounts frozen. News received with mixed feelings in Santa. How it happened, Forjindams own testimony, lawyers to appeal judgment; with what chances of success? Why Biya could not rescue him…

By Chifu Edward - The sentencing of Forjindam Zacheus has been received with mixed feelings in his native Santa sub division. While others are smiling in their stomachs some are wailing the frustration of their breadwinner.

It will be recalled that Forjindam’s political demise with some of his Santa elite started when he used his economic prowess to impose change of name of his quarter in Santa to ‘Monfebe’. The reason for the change is best understood by him.

That notwithstanding, the political antagonism between him and some elite became very tense when he made abortive attempts to enshrine one George Town into the political limelight as Section president of CPDM Mezam II Santa during the re-organization of wing in 2007.

George stood election with almighty John B Nde who taught him a serous political lesson. In spite of all attempts by George’s sympathizers to twist the vote count, John B Ndeh carried the day with a good chunk of votes in his favour.

On that fateful day George Town demonstrated his intellectual limitations by hanging on a picture of a man carrying and elephant and trying to seize a cricket from two young boys. The literary and political interpretations of the picture told his own story.

It was not until the end of the exercise that this reporter was made to understand that George was a mere dancer in the road while Forjindam was the drummer in the bush. That particular exercise of ahead of July 22, 2007 municipal and legislative election marked a turning point in the life of Forjindam as his political ambitions antagonized him with the political barons of the Sub Division, Fru Johnathan and others, who at first played the fox, realized himself and repented.

Yet Forjindam who at that time was hailed by the Head of State, saw himself a man mounting and saw himself at the top of the subdivision forgetting that the ‘the grinding stone says you must kneel to my authority’.

This explains why there were mixed feelings in Santa. Most elite The Vanguard contacted refused to comment on his sentence because the ‘issue is very delicate’

The long-awaited judgment on the the case of Zahceus Forjindam and a dozen others finally came out last Thursday October 28, 2010. But contrary to press speculations that Forjindam would be freed, he was given a 12-year jail term and ordered to pay varied sums of money, for instance 848million FCFA to Chantier Naval.

All his property in Douala, Bamenda and Santa including houses and cars are to be confiscated while his bank accounts would be frozen. If he and wife signed a marriage agreement of joint property, it means his wife’s property will also be frozen.

The judgment took the world by surprise not only because the written press, especially newspapers of North West origin predicted his release. Forjindam's declarations in Court and those of his lawyers gave the impression that all would be well.

Forjindam’s own testimony sounded quite convincing: in it he presented himself as an honest, upright and God-fearing person and his testimony as plain truth. He expressed surprise at the manner in which he had been treated after all what he had done since 1996 to bring the company Chantier Naval to the state in which it was.

“Big is indeed my surprise that despite all good sense and reasoning, I was refused an opportunity by the Board of Directors to this company to constitute my defense in July 2006 with the complicity of the Chattered Accountant, preferring to Judge and condemn me without listening to my own side of the story”.

He regretted that the Judgment was done behind closed doors although he was on seat. “And this was done by persons who had a manifest interest in kicking me out of the place (M Bikoro Antoine) who was fighting for the position of D.G”. He said he was paying the price of honesty, hard work and patriotism, which qualities he had exhibited while performing the tasks assigned him by the Head of State.

“Today I am paying the price of these achievements and the vaulting ambitions of certain persons”.

Forjindam failed his detractors for finally stopping the execution of one of the objectively promising Greater Ambitions Projects. The villains, he said, had done everything to prove President Biya wrong for heaping praises on him. He noted that the report of he Supreme State Control on which other Courts had depended while judging other directors in Court had been ignored in his own case. Even the mission orders of this Supreme State Control officials had not been paid. All because these officials had confirmed that he had not embezzled. He recalled that the international donors who had accepted to finance the Limbe Shipyard Project had visited him at New Bell and told him they were not accusing him of embezzling any franc put at his disposal for the Limbe Shipyard project.

Forjindam also regretted that the net turnover of 40billion FCFA when he left at Chantier Naval had dwindled down to 8billion FCFA because of mismanagement. “The company today is characterized by strikes of all sorts and the management of the company leaves much to be desired. This regret is the more worrisome given the perspective for the creation of 5000 additional jobs within the framework of the Limbe Shipyard project are vanishing as funders have withdrawn their financing since my departure from Chantier Naval.

Forjindam felt disturbed that the funds reserved for the Limbe Shipyard project could be diverted to other countries because of poor management at Chantier Naval. He described himself as a strict manager, brought up in the fear of God and by strict parents and that his personal morality could not allow him to embezzle public funds. He pleaded to the Judge to listen only to the dictates of her conscience and render him justice because he was innocent of the charges leveled against him. Despite this appeal the Court still went ahead to sentence him.

The questions on many lips are many and varied. How can a man President Biya praised so often as an excellent manager be treated in this way? A man who in two months provided a floating bridge over the Moungo River after the original bridge collapsed cutting the South West off from rest of the world?

Forjindam performed this engineering feat when the Minister of public works and that of transport were at a loss what to do. The floating bridge made movement from the South West to the rest of the country possible until a permanent bridge was constructed over the Moungo three years after.

Why couldn’t President Biya intervene to rescue a man whom he had not only praised, but whose 187billion FCFA Limbe Shipyard project the Head of State had okayed? Forjindam had persuaded the African Development Bank, ADB, and other donors to provide more than three quarters of the funding. How come that Forjindam provided all the documents required to prove his transparent management of Chantier Naval, yet was sentenced.

The most surprising of all, how come that the Supreme State Control attached to the Presidency carried out an audit at the end of which they declared that Forjindam embezzled no franc, yet he was jailed. Is Biya truly in control or is there a strong mafia that he cannot control?

During the trial it was revealed that Charles Kooh II is the controversial head of Cameroon Audit Counseil, CAC, which carried out the audit which nailed Forjindam. He is a former prisoner at Kondengui Maximum security prison who was released and sent to Chantier Naval by a strong Bassa/Beti Mafia to work towards Forjindam’s nailing. The mafia was bent on unseating Forjindam and taking over the management of the 187billion Limbe Shipyard project. Since Forjindam left Chantier Naval the donors are contemplating investing elsewhere and the mafia is angry with him for discouraging the donors.

Forjindam is in fact, paying the price of his ingenuity. His enemies are not only the Bassa/Beti mafia hinted. The santa Mafia is said to have also conspired with his enemies to destroy him. That is why he drove away some of them who went to visit him during his first at New Bell.

At the time of writing Forjindam’s lawyers are contemplating filing an appeal within ten days as stipulated by law. But many deem that the appeal would rather aggravate than lessen the sentence, considering how formidable the Bassa/Beti mafia is.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christian Anti Corruption Synergy: Panacea to Corruption in Cameroon!

By Chifu Edward - Any right thinking Cameroonian can not dispute the fact that Cameroon is morally bankrupt and plagued by political and economic problems caused by mismanagement of state funds. People without probity and consciences have taken advantage of the Head of State’s leniency and looted the economy. Most Cameroonians live below poverty level and dying in their numbers due to inadequate health logistics.

Cameroon by virtue of its location and rich natural resources is suppose to be the bread basket of Africa but unfortunately we craved to be recognized as the poorest country in the universe to solicit aid from the western countries who inversely have grown rich from our resources.

Until the churches go back to the drawing board, embark on their traditional role of moral education and vulgarize crusade against corruption, Cameroon will continue crawling under the colonial dictate for economic survival. The West enjoys impoverishing Africa so we would remain subservient to their selfish expansionist colonial policies.

For Africa and Cameroon in particular to rebuild the falling economy, main stream churches should come together and denounce corruption in all its forms. Statesmen who loot the economy should not be allowed to corrupt the pastors or take prominent positions in churches. Rev. Fathers, Pastors alike should refrain from hypocrisy and corruption so that their flock can adhere to gospel and their dogma.

It is on this premise that the move taken by the renowned Northwest peace crusader Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle to create a Christian Synergy for the fight against corruption was highly solemnized by positive thinkers. As a staunch admirer of John F. Kennedy who inculcated the spirit of patriotism in Americans by urging them to first “Ask not what your country can do for you; but what you can do for your country”, so instead of asking question why only now, why Barrister Ntumfor Nico Halle etc,main stream churches should rather be reflecting on how to harness the idea to save the nation from crawling economy and breeding political tension.

The chicken change Cameroonians earn as salaries is not enough following increasing cost of living orchestrated by corruption. There are strong signals of a serious economic crisis. Cameroon has been deceived by the West to privatize all sources of revenue. Moreover, the wanton exploitation of the forest and other natural resources by the western world posse a serious threat to the future of this Nation as far as its economic, political and social life is concerned. Only prayers will help this country. Cameroonians should pray for peace, pray for the head of state to twist the colonial grip partly responsible for the falling economy.

Although funny economic projections have been made by government that portrays Cameroon as waxing strong the economy is dwindling. How can the country be waxing strong and the national budget drops by 50 billions? “You can deceive some people some times but you can’t deceive all people all the time,” Bob Marley holds.

Sunday October 17 saw glimpses of the birth of Christian Anti Corruption Synergy under the auspices of the three main stream churches .The Catholic, Presbyterian and the Baptist .The conclave convened by Barrister Ntumfor Nico Halle was aimed at laying the foundation for the formation of Christian Anti Corruption Synergy to complement government’s strife to put the economy on rails.

Ntumfor blamed the economic deadlock and disturbing rate of misappropriation on moral decadence and indifference of the church in state matters. To him, churches are compliments of the state and should not be lukewarm in issues of the state that plunge the society into chaos. .In this regard, the church can not be indifferent to such ills that have eaten deep into the fabric of the society.

To the unrestrained behavior like fraud, blackmail, back stabbing, slander, mudslinging plaguing the nation, main stream churches should vulgarize its traditional responsibility of moral education and denounce even church leaders who preach virtue and practice vice.

“Until we start by cleaning ourselves, then can we cleanse others,” he said.
Participants who were still brainstorming on the format it should take shall be expected to come out with a blue print when they next meet on Sunday January 2011 at Ntamulung Church Center Bamenda. “You need not fear if you stand for the truth and only the truth shall set you free”.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Longue Longue and colonial machination: has Biya yielded to colonial dictat?

By Nyassah Julius - The true independence of a nation is not manifested by fanfare of Golden Jubilee celebration but by independence of spirit demonstrated by the leadership and the people of that nation.

Cote d’Ivore may not be able to spend lavishly on Golden Jubilee like Cameroon but it has greater reasons to boast of independence. More than Cameroon with only mere wealth. Attend a session of Cote d’Ivore Parliament and you would understand the point being made here.

One of the heated issues often debated in Cote d’Ivore’s Parliament is nationalism at the end of which it is generally agreed that France is the greatest enemy of the Ivorian people. But in Cameroon the French are still treated like semi-gods.

This explains why a French court can jail a renowned Cameroonian musician like Longue Longue and the government of Cameroon is silent about it. Otherwise, how can we explain the fact that President Biya has so far not at least tried to persuade the French to allow Longue Longue to serve his prison term in Cameroon if he can’t be released?

The musicians’ and lawyers have appealed but unless there is intervention of the Cameroon government, nothing will come out of it. The French have set the example in this domain of government intervention as the best method to secure the release of persons imprisoned justly or unjustly. That was in the case of some French nationals jailed not long ago in Chad for the alleged kidnap of some 100 children. The Chadian government handed the culprits to the French government under duress. Whether they were serving their term in France or not, is difficult to know and useless to inquire.

Longue Longue was sentenced to a 10 years imprisonment term on allegation that he raped the niece of a Cameroonian woman by name Mbassi who in principle is the Muscian’s wife. We say ‘in principle’ because as the story goes, the musician arranged a fake marriage with the said Mbassi music Icon in order to secure French citizenship and by that means enhance his musical career.

Cameroonians they are,should not be allowed to wash their dirty lenience in a foreign country. This also have a diplomatic impact on the relationship between the head of state and his citizen. But whereas to Longue Longue it was just one of those games smart people play to obtain foreign nationality, the woman actually considered him her husband. The lady was finding her love unreciprocated decided to frame the musician up.

Longue Longue’s supporters think that with his soaring popularity women are rather the ones dying for him and so he doesn’t need to employ rape to get a woman he needs. They argue that a 17 year old girl is not innocent and that it is possible if any sexual act took place that it was the young lady who seduced the musician.

Whichever, President Biya is expected to chase away the kite before scolding the chick which in this case is the subject. Besides Longue Longue, said very good things about Cameroon’s first lady, Chantal Biya. In one of his best songs he names Chantal as one of those whose destiny could not change and says she didn’t use magic to be where she is.

Longue Longue criticizes government’s policy on taxation in his song ‘Trop d’Impotstue Impost/To Many Taxes Kill Taxation’.

In a popular hit song ‘Privatization’ the musician kicks against government’s privatization policy and ends by advising against the possible sale of the Etoudi Palace/Le Palais de Tous les Camerouniase.

There is absolutely no malice in any of these songs which to the fair mind, is only a citizen’s way to caution against excesses in his country’s economic policy. If therefore, government grudges him for it and allows him to be devoured by wolves disguised as prosecutors, then it is unfortunate.

The neglect of Longue Longue has brought to the fore the whole idea of dual nationality and the Cameroon government’s double stands in dealing with it. When a Cameroonian with a foreign nationality, especially French nationality demonstrates loyalty to the New Deal Government he is praised, deified and protected.

But the moment he/she is seen to be either lukewarm or opposes to the regime that Cameroonian is despised and disowned. Three examples are enough to substantiate the point.

During the OAU submit in Yaoundé President Biya in extending the cultural virtue of Cameroon said Cameroon had produced great writers like Mongo Beti and Ferdinand Oyono. But when Mongo Beti returned to Cameroon declared for the SDF and was prepared to enter parliament on SDF’s ticket the regime disowned him saying the writer was not a Cameroonian but a French man since he had French nationality. Ferdinard Oyono hadn’t such a problem since he was Biya’s loyalist.

Roger Milla has French nationality. But since he has never opposed the Biya regime he is not only a darling of the Biya’s regime but is one of its pillars a roving ambassador.

Those who aren’t the regimes favourites books can’t count on the New Deal for Protection, for instance, long ago. Police (InterPol) agents stormed the Big Mankon Bamenda family compound of the Mubangs and arrested a Cameroonian with American nationality name Theresia Mubang mother of four.

She was alleged to have evaded taxes and tortured another Cameroonian a girl whom she took from Cameroon to the U.S Cameroonian authorities watched her being taken away to serve a 17 year jail term in the U.S. even if Longue Longue was not a supporter of the Biya regime he boosted Cameroon’s cultural image.

His sharpest attacks were directed at colonial masters who exploited Africa. Biya shouldn’t be seen as a stooge of the French bowing to their diktats. He should liberate Cameroon’s economy from the strangle hold of France. He should intervene to liberate the ‘liberator’.

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Editorial: Biya No longer Dread SDF

Dictatorial regimes as a role do not carry out reforms because they think there are not necessary. They usually do so because they are not sure of themselves and dread the unpleasant consequences .That is particularly the case with the Francophone Africa.

Cameroonians who lived the return of multiparty politics in the 90’s can still recall how the Biya regime quacked on hearing the news that a new political party has been launched in Bamenda.

The Divisional Officer of Bamenda did not only ban the planned launch but huge consignment of troops was sent to Bamenda with arms and water-cannons to disperse all those might assemble for the event.

Even after the launch, the regime remained convinced that Fru Ndi the national chair man of the party had foreign backing. Stories circulated to this effect that the Nigerian national anthem was sung in Bamenda and that ten thousand Nigerians took par in the launch.

Besides, Fru Ndi was said to have fled to Nigeria. It was all wishful thinking, all because of the fear Biya had for Fru Ndi. The year 1991 was the golden age of Cameroon opposition. Each time Fru Ndi sneezed Biya caught a cold. There was every reason for Biya to dread the National Chair man of the SDF John Fru Ndi.

Apart from the huge following Fru Ndi had, stories Biya about him pointed to the fact that he was beyond human destruction. In 1992, Fru Ndi proved how formidable he was by beating Biya at the Presidential election of October 11. That year Biya attempted to abdicate.

Today, things are no longer the same. Far from being the source of discomfort to Biya,the president is very at ease with him. In 1990 stories circulated that Fru Ndi rejected a bribe of three billions francs from Biya,we have disturbing accounts of money changing hands between the Regime and the SDF National Chair man Fru Ndi. There was first the allegation that Biya did not only sponsored Fru Ndi,s trip to the U.S. when he fell sick in 1999, but settled his hospital bills.

Fru did has never reacted to this allegations which were made during a CPDM meeting at Bamenda Congress hall. Fru Ndi’s diehard supporters who dismissed the stories saying that it was a malicious fabrication, were tongue tied when the national chair man promptly welcome government intervention when Mrs .Rose Ndi, Fru Ndi’s wife collapsed during a Socialist International meeting in Yaounde. She was evacuated abroad but unfortunately she died.

Tazouchu Asonganyi,former Secretary General of the SDF ran into problem with Fru Ndi and close aids like Mbah Ndam who accepted the money .Asonganyi who was later tried and dismissed from his posts as Secretary General had also told the press that Fru Ndi had permanent contact with the regime and that Fru Ndi has been receiving money from Yaoundé authorities.

There was also an allegation that heavy sums of money close to hundreds of millions was given to Fru Ndi by Biya secretly. The money was to lure Fru Ndi away from the national coalition of Reconciliation and reconstruction with Ndam Njoya and other political parties to confront Biya in 2004 Presidential. Fru Ndi later quit the coalition.

The party witnessed another political setback when the party started receiving subvention from the government as support to political parties represented in the National Assembly. Although in principle it is just support to political parties, it was actually intended to soften the hard lined SDF.

Biya has achieved this purpose. In 2002, subvention given by government for their political campaign almost caused the collapse of the party. Militants indicted Fru Ndi for confiscating a huge amount for his accrued salary and other chunk for the purchase of his deluxe Land Cruiser. For militants it was unnecessary.

Maidadi Seydou then National Vice Chairman who was sent to the Northern Region for campaign allegedly pocketed another good chunk of the money in anger. Maidadi later resigned alongside Alhaji Sani and others because of greed for money.

SDF MPs and Mayors have also contributed to weaken the party through collaboration with the Regime. Mayors need to be on good term with the supervising authorities. The SDF’ is manipulated by the Minister of territorial administration and Decentralization (MINAT). This explains why Jones Mangoh and four others of the SDF mayors who were dismissed after the 2007 Municipal elections for getting themselves elected in defiance of party instructions were maintained in their position. The party had to re-admit them after realizing that it couldn’t get them out of the councils.

The situation is worse in Parliament. These guys most especially bureau members live in affluence earning millions of francs as salaries, with numerous advantages like automobile grants estimated at over 45million and car-repair budget.

They lobby and get contracts for their family members and other favourites. Ask the MPs and Mayors to quite to make the party strong and get their reactions. Fru Ndi once expressed fears in a chat with this newspaper that SDF would collapse if MPs and mayors are requested to quite. Asked why he can not allow some of the MPs to be appointed, he said most of them will turn against the party as they would be corrupted with money .This is exactly what is happening today.

Most MPs are indifferent to ELECAM and supporting the boycott of the Presidential election but would not boycott 2012 election for fear that they loss their positions in parliament in spite the bad laws. The party would have been very strong if she were not in parliament that does not favour them.

When SDF was still feared government would pay some money in the accounts of the most vocal. They would collect the money quietly thinking it was a mistake. The moment they tried to make noise they would be reminded of the money they saw in their accounts and quietly withdrew it knowing it was not theirs.

Others would be dribbled and sent on mission with huge sums of out station allowances to prevent them him from addressing sensitive sessions.

Article 8.2 Besides their compromising position in parliament, SDF most dreaded Article 8.2 has greatly weakened the party. Through the misuse of this weapon most of the great-brains of the SDF have been sent away. Many have resigned, some join the CPDM. Through this, most party secrets have been leaked to the ruling party.

CPDM now enjoys 9 parliamentary seats and 18 councils from the North West, the life of SDF and all but one parliamentary seat in the West and South West and only two in the Littoral in 2007. As indicated in previous editions an SDF inconsistent policy has also scared militants who decamp to the CPDM at every given opportunity.

Instead, of using soft words to woo the militants back, Fru Ndi as the Bible recommends in the parable of the Good Shepherd and his cohort claim that their departure leaves the party stronger. Politics is a game of numbers. The decline in the number of SDF militants and councils has greatly weakened the party, reason why Biya no longer dreads Fru Ndi and his SDF.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

A new political party launched in Yaounde faces censorship

By Ndi Eugene Ndi - A new political party known as Republican Forum (FORE) has been launched with major challenge to oust the CPDM in the 2011 presidential elections. Legalised last April 7, 2010, the party was officially launched in Yaoundé recently.

Speaking at the press conference the National Moderator of the party, Roland Roamin Kouotou said the Republican Forum party is a new political platform with a vision of making Cameroon a new powerful and emerging nation with new moral values and new socio professional structures.

A country with more than 60 percent of its youths unemployed, Roland Romain Kouotou added that his party has emerged to find solutions to problems these youths face which has turned out to be a collective cry of all Cameroonians.

The Press Conference was also an opportunity for the National Moderator to denounce the tribalism that exists in Cameroon since the ascension to the supreme magistracy of President Paul Biya, averring that his own party will have to abolish it as Cameroonians are one.

Roland Romain Kouotou also used the press conference to condemn the ‘independent electoral body’ ELECAM. Saying no free and fair elections can be conducted by ELECAM as its members are constituted of CPDM militants. Thus one of the challenges of the party would be to fight out ELECAM from managing any future elections.

The National Moderator of FORE called on Cameroonians to cease from being passive observers of a dying Cameroon and accomplices to mediocrity but to rather be actors who will take the challenge. He added that: “The desire to change and the destiny of our nation is in our hands, it is then our challenge”

He concluded that: “We have given enough time. 50 years proves maturity and one has to tell a story. But what story can someone tell about Cameroon 50 years after independence?”

Security guards try to censor en stop the press conference

The press conference could have been stopped just within the first 6 minutes as security guards of the Djeuga Palace hotel accompanied by an official of the said hotel entered the hall asking everyone present to stop what ever thing he or she was doing.

They seized the microphones, threatened to seize cameras if cameramen who wanted to take images of their action. Asked on why they had to behave irresponsibly, they started by saying the hall was not paid for in advance. But the National Moderator of FORE had his receipts showing he had paid for the hall.

Many questioned why the hotel officials had to put banners and chairs in the hall indicating even at the entrance that there is a press conference there meanwhile the hall had not been paid.

In a mode of rioting, security guards and the hotel officials said the Republican Forum had no authorisation from the Divisional Officer to hold the press cvonference. The said authorisation was forgotten in the National Moderator’s vehicle which he quickly called the driver to bring and it was brought. Ignoring the fact that nobody needs authorisation to hold a press conference, it’s a human right protected by article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

It is not yet clear whether these security guards were sent by someone to disrupt the conference or by the hotel officials.

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Alarming prevalence of HIV Blamed on Military

By Wamey Panky - Dr. Enongene a medical Doctor serving with the NKAMBE District Hospital has blamed alarming spread of HIV AIDS in Donga-Mantung Division on the Military noted for neglect of protected sex spree. He laments that Donga mantung keeps toping the chart in the prevalence of HIV-AIDS due of the presence of the military among other factors. The Doctor made this revelation recently while presenting a paper on the state of HIV-AIDS in Donga –Mantung Division during the 1st anniversary celebration of the Savannah Frontier Radio (SFR) NKAMBE presided over by the first Assistant senior Divisional Officer (SDO) for Donga-Mantung Lawrence Diyen Jam.

In his presentation, Dr. Enongene revealed that Donga-Mantung Division with the population close to a million has been topping the chart of HIV-AIDS prevalence with 8% rate in the region. He blamed this on the presence of the 62nd Motorized Infantry Batalion in Nkambe. He said from their professional formation, the soldiers are made to understand that all of their profession is risk-taking for instance, when going for war is risk-taking; And so, this mentality is carried into their social existence and exercised in the opposite sex.

He further explained that by the nature of their work, they are often deployed in areas far off from their families and very often they are forced to let their emotions quite loose. He counted that the rate of contracting sexually transmissible diseases during peaceful moments was 5 times than their civilian counterparts given that during this period, the soldiers are idle and what occupies them remain sexual activities and rampant drinking that is a risky activity towards the acquisition of HIV-AIDS. And that during war the situation is alarming as most of them indulge in indiscrimination sex and rape.

Dr. Enongene took time to expose the other most vulnerable groups within the population. He disclosed that women were the most vulnerable group by nature of their function, physiology and anatomy. He said comparatively, women had about 8.1% while men 4% transmission possibilities. He explained that women from nature were too emotional than men and had seducing body build.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Three Police Inspectors arrested for Extortion in Bertoua

By Nyassa Julius - Some three police officers are currently under detention in Bertoua Central Prison for extorting money from two Korean investors. The two Koreans, names withheld for safety reasons, according to our source were in the East region to chart introduction of modern machines to replace traditional method of cocoa farming in some villages cocoa farmers are still using crude means to process cocoa.

While in a Hotel in Bertoua three police inspectors who reportedly forced their way in at night and confronted the two Korean asking for their passports and other travel credentials. The inspectors allegedly demanded FCFA 3million “liberation fee”. The Koreans pleaded the amount be reduced until they finally accepted FCFA 300.000.

An unidentified source in the hotel secretly alerted the police and a squad under the leader-ship of Senior Police Superintendent Daniel Burke Nintai, stormed the Hotel and arrested the inspectors and charged them with attempted extortion. The following day the police inspectors were arraigned and reports on the matter sent to hierarchy in Bertoua and Yaoundé.

Police Superintendent Nintai is said to have attested that he was under duress from some highly placed security officials from Yaounde but refused commenting any further. He rather referred those interested in the matter to the East Regional Delegate for National Security. “I have submitted a report to the delegate”, he reportedly stated, “You have to see him for whatever information require”.

He also declined neither naming the callers nor the names of the three inspectors under detention. The Senior Police Superintendent is alleged to have received calls reproaching him of exposing the police force and helping the harassed Koreans to seek legal redress. It is alleged those who are reproaching him say Superintendent Nintai should have inaudibly sanctioned the policemen. Some callers are said to have requested for his immediate transfer to an obscured post somewhere.

The East Regional Delegate for National Security, Aloysius Alemgia, whom our informant accosted to comment on the issue also refused to remark on the case. “I cannot speak about the case”, he said matter was sensitive. The State Counsel also refused to make any statement on the premise that the matter was in court. In this regard, it was needless to talk about it.

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East Governor’s wife wrongly accused for car-theft

By Chifu Edward - Contrary to news paper reports that the wife of East Governor Lele L’afrique recent investigative reports holds that the said woman did not steal. Rather she bought a car that was impounded and auctioned by Cameroon custom on the premise that the car got to Cameroon via illicit means.

According to the diatribe articles published by Mutations stating the East Region Governor’s wife was caught driving a stolen vehicle. The wild and devastating news that hit the waves plunged the public into questing why and how the wife of such an eminent personality and civic official could rub her self into mud by stealing a vehicle. It was not until when a source close to the East Governor Lele L’Afrique explained how it all happened to a source of ours.

According to the source the governor’s wife the car bought during an auction sale at the Douala seaport. All necessary check are said to have been made with ports authorities to ensure the car’s real owner would not stake claim in future, but it was shocking to hear the breaking news that the very car was impounded by uniform men who claimed that the car was rather a stolen car.

He explained Genesis of the hullaballoo:The JEEP, model Liberty, bearing a chassis number GL58K93W577631, manufactured in 2003, and the first owner yet to be identified individual was imported into Cameroon from the West and was abandoned at the Douala seaport for longer than the law allowed. Ports authorities then auctioned it as prescribed. The first lady of the East Region,Madam Carine Lele Ezouda Fobete Wife of the East Governor bought it.

Unfortunately for her the fate twisted as the document of her esteemed Jeep’s were fortified. All three appropriate documents were lopsided. In spite all odds the Auction certificate No. 008470 of 25/11/2007, treasury receipt No. 04410387 of 12/12/2007 and receipt No. 18619 of 25/11/2007 vindicated her from all accusations as the purchase documents were genuine, indicating the jeep was bought from the custom officials at the port.

East Chief of Customs, Inspector Emmanuel Efoufole, also explained the documents of imported vehicle were not apt. In this regard, the vehicle is considered a “contraband” import and thus subject impoundment .This is contained in report No. 039/MINEFI/DGD/SDE of 21 December 2009 and the vehicle confiscated under ordinance No. 12/ORD/PTGI/BI of 17 May 2010.

The question as to who imported the car is yet to be known. Pundit holds that the car might have been stolen from Europe and shipped to Cameroon.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Ntumfor Nico Halle Calls for befitting reception For Biya

By Chifu Edward - Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle, the pacifist and illustrious son of the region, has called on all and sundry to reserve a befitting reception for the Head of State, President Paul Biya on his visit to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Armed Forces in Bamenda. He said Biya deserves kudos for the relative peace Cameroon enjoys in spite of minor social hitches which are but normal for any emerging economy.

He averred that if President Biya was not a shrewd and peace-loving Head of State, Cameroon and Nigeria would have had bloody confrontation over the Bakassi Peninsular. He also hailed the former president of Nigeria Ulosogun Abasanjo for pacifism. He was speaking at the Presbyterian Church centre.

Fight against all forms of societal ills
Beside that, he challenged The Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC) National Committee for Men’s Work (NATCOM) under over-lordship corroborate Cameroon government vigorously fight against all forms of societal ills, election rigging, corruption, embezzlement and unemployment in the country. This was arrived at during the 2010 PCC NATCOM meeting in Bamenda from Wednesday August 25.

He regretted some of his members
I the NATCOM meeting which has as theme; In Times of Crisis Seek God’s Power – Daniel 2:20-22, the CMF National president, Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle, emphasized that government has been fighting corruption alone “…And if the church is the conscience of the society, it ought to champion the fight against corruption, bribery, election rigging, embezzlement and unemployment”. He regretted that some of his CMF members were very involved in these societal ills and so the fight against these ills and should holistic for them to be nib in the bud.

Mobilize CMF
NATCOM, Ntumfor said, will mobilize CMF and other facets of the PCC to fight the societal ills “So that tomorrow we will have a legacy to hand to our children”. It beat his imagination that Cameroon which is known by all as the Switzerland of Africa with all natural resources and intellectuals was plugged by poverty and misery.

Peace reigns
Ntumfor promised that CMF and the PCC will be involved and do all to ensure that peace reigns before, during and after the occasion. “We will wage a war against anybody who shall attempt to disrupt that special occasion”. He lauded the army who managed the Bakassi crisis in such a way that it did not escalated into a full-blown war which should have led to the lost of lives and property.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NW Basic Education boss replaced

By Nyassah Julius - The North West Regional Basic Education boss, Mr Boma Christopher, was recently replaced to enjoy a befitting retirement after a virtually whole career of bossing all institutions to which he belonged. Boma Christopher wrapped up the Regional Sectoral Conference meeting and about an hour later he was replaced by the Mezam Divisional Delegate for Basic Education, Mrs Fon Susan, who herself was in the Sectoral meeting.

Although Boma Christopher’s replacement was long awaited because he was due retirement a year ago, participants at the Sectoral meeting thanked God that news about his replacement did not meet him when he was presiding over the meeting else he would have collapsed. Just like John B Ndeh, who got the greatest shock of his life some years back when he was fired from the post of Transport Minister en route to Bamenda to launch North West Development Organisation so was Boma recently.

Foresaw his retirement
While John B Ndeh’s ill fate was masterminded by his political adversaries who saw his launching of the North West Development Organization as a political threat to their Prime Ministerial post, Boma Christopher was caught by his age. Although retired Boma is not tired. As smart as you can think Boma foresaw his retirement and started preparations by creating a Teacher Training College ‘St Andrew’.

Biya regime: replacing people
Replacing people while they are presiding over meetings is nothing new in the Biya Regime. One time Minister of National Education was replaced during the 1 p.m. news when he was presiding over a meeting. One time North Delegate of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr Mbipe Pius Sidiki was sacked when he was busy distributing fertilizers to farmers in Santa. His coup plotters are now enjoying his position.

Prepared for the retirement
However, the North West Basic Education Personnel at the meeting told The Vanguard that Boma Christopher was well prepared for the retirement. They said he is proprietor of about three private teachers training colleges all in the North West Region including mansions he has to his credit. “He therefore has anything to worry about during his retirement but for the fact that he will no longer manage millions of FCFA.

Appointment was not a surprise
As for his successor who hails from the PM Philemon Yang’s Village – Oku in Bui Division, her appointment was not a surprise to many who read newspapers. The CHRONICLE newspaper, had earlier on tipped her as Regional Delegate for Basic Education after Boma Christopher. Beside her level – headedness, she is God-fearing and hardworking nature. The CHRONICLE Newspaper saw her as possible replacement of Boma Christopher given that her God-father, Prime Minister Yang Philemon, also hails from Oku and wouldn’t have been indifferent to her appointment.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Fon narrowly escape lynching in Lanad Clash

By Tandap Samuel - The Fon of Ngarum in Ndu Sub Division and his seven followers narrowly escaped lynching in a land clash. The unfortunate incident occurred as a result of land dispute between a Mborroro family, who had lived in Ngarum for over 40 years, and the villagers. The Mborroro family headed by Ahmadou bought this piece of land of close to 1900 hectares from the late Fon of Ngarum for rearing cattle.

Following the recent out break farm land crisis, the new Fon wrote to the Divisional Officer of Ndu Sub Division on the land crises in his village. The Divisional Office reduced the Mbororo’s piece of land by about 70%. The Mborroro family did not complain, since their cattle had over the years reduced.

Fon instructed to demolish compound
A few weeks later, the Fon came back and this time around demanded to have the whole area for himself and his people. He did not care this time to consult the administrative authorities of the area; neither did he even consult the owner. He ordered the natives to demolish the Mborroro man’s compound.To add salt to injury he instructed the natives to butcher six bulls before burning down the house and 14 sheep.

Reinforcement from relatives
Ahmadou solicited and obtained reinforcement from relatives from neighboring village. A serous scuffle break out and Ahmadou sustained several wounds and his son’s left ear was cut off by a machete.The Fon of Ngarum narroely escaped a bullet directed at him. Peace only returned with the intervention of law enforcement officers from Ndu.

At press time there was an uneasy calm.The Mborroro man vowed that he was not move an inch out of the land. Opinions however are divided on the Fon’s action. The Administration is yet to decide the fate of the matter.

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Angry mob drives 6-inches nail into alleged thief’s head

By Tandap samuel - Shey Weyi, from Luh Village in Ndu Sub Division was recently beaten and a 6-inches nail driven into his head before he died. The man was a prison graduate from the Bamenda Prison and had been in jail several times. He had become a real headache to the villagers as he stole just anything that came his way.

Shey Weyi, who was married, discovered an abandoned house belonging to one dead man in Kufluh village in Bui Division. There he succeeded in doing away with 50 sheets of corrugated iron roofing sheets (commonly known as ‘zinc’). Surely another command came after he sold the first fifty sheets and he equally needed some school fees for his children as well as a drink.

Mother awake
As fate would have it, he returned to the same compound for another deal. This time around he was not as lucky as before. Although it was drizzling one nursing mother was awake, awaken by her baby who needed some breast milk for its feeding.

Pleaded to be beaten
The strange noise from the dead man’s compound did not leave her indifferent. Immediately she heard the noise, and recalling that some sheets of the roofing sheets had previously been stolen, she woke the husband from his sweet slumber. Courageously the man tiptoed and alerted the neighbors who instantly laid an ambush. Noticing that he had been caught red-handed Shey Weyi pleaded to be beaten and allowed to go but not killed.

Dumped the corpse
He was allowed to climb down but the adrenaline in the mob had already risen to an uncontrollable level. They gave him a snake beating before driving a 6-inches nail through his head from the left ear to the right one. When he finally died they carried his corpse out of Kufluh and dumped in nearby Luh village.

Missing dead body
Unfortunately, and perhaps for fear of the unknown the ‘killers’ decided to hide the corpse. When the relatives were informed by a passer-by of the death they rushed to collect the corpse for burial but did not find it. At press time they are still searching for the missing dead body.

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