Saturday, January 30, 2010

Road Maintenance Association elects new president

African Road Maintenance Funds Association (ARMFA) elects new president. The administrator of the Cameroon Road Fund, Samuel Donatien Nengue is new president of the African Road Maintenance Funds Association (ARMFA) for a two-year mandate (2009-2011). He was elected recently at the end of the 8th general assembly of ARMFA that held in Yaounde from the 12-15th of October, 2009.

During the general assembly that was presided at by the Minister of Urban Development and Housing , Clobert Tchatat, workshop participants discussed ways of managing road maintenance funds through good governance in Africa. Experts gave lectures on the stakes and impediments of integrating African economies and ways of overcoming the obstacles so as to enhance development especially in the sector of transport and transit. Given that the world today is threatened by financial crisis, papers were also delivered on the effects of the financial crisis on the financing of road maintenance in Africa.

Stressing the importance of dialogue and sharing of experience out-gone president, Ioly Robinson said, “ARMFA has been able to maintain the existence of dialogue and the sharing of experience between bodies involved in the financing of road maintenance in Africa”

Quizzed on the achievement of the association under her era, Ioly Robinson told The Vanguard that since their election in Antananarivo in 2007 they have been able to complete the drawing up of a development plan, change from RMF1 to RMF2, maintained and strengthened relations with partners and sister associations. To her, she has done her part within the two years mandate and it is high time for someone else to take over as per the association’s constitution.

On his part, the new president, Cameroon-born Samuel Donatien Nengue told the press that the first thing he is going to do as president will be - revising the constitution. “We have to revise the constitution of the association in order to enlarge the association to cover the whole of Africa,” As administrator of the Cameroon Road Fund, Samuel Donatien NENGUE hopes that ARMFA will remobilise the whole of Africa to build road funds in order to ensure road maintenance in the continent.

By our news desk, Ndi Eugene Ndi.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Abakwa FM Radio Manager and Chief of Program

Peterson Yuh and Azinwi Terence Niba, respectively Station Manager and Chief of Programs at Abakwa FM Radio, one of Bamenda’s leading local radio stations, have been fired. Grace Che Ngwafor of CRTV Bamenda has been tipped new Station Manager while Ambe Forkwa has been appointed new Chief of Programmes.

Their dismissal is allegedly due to professional misconduct and non-respect of rules and regulations of the said station, a dependable source from Abakwa FM has hinted the Vanguard.

According to our source; the proprietor of the radio station indicted the Station Manager Peterson Yuh for inability to generate funds to run to the radio. Meanwhile, Peterson Yuh had hitherto been in very good records from genesis of the radio station. It is not clear why he suddenly ran into operational recession that could have led to his replacement. The pluralism of many private radio stations might have contributed to the low income now generated by the radio, Yuh sympathizers have opined.

As for Azinwi Terence he is said to have committed numerous professional gaffs that affected the administration of the radio. Prior to his dismissal, he is said to have received two queries from the administration of the radio over unethical issues.

By our news desk, Nyassa Julius

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CAMCCUL GM Recommends Efficiency, Dedication for BATOCCUL Staffs

The General Manager of the Cameroon Co-operative Credit Union League Limited (CAMCCUL) Ltd, Jonas Tientchou, has recommended efficiency and devotedness to the working staff of the Bafoussam Town Co-operative Credit Union Limited (BATOCCUL) as the only way of attaining their objectives of efficacy and performance. Jonas Tientchou made the recommendation while receiving New Year wishes from the personnel of the co-operative UNION at the co-operative’s newly acquired headquarters building at Tougang Ville, in Bafoussam recently.

Present to cheer the event among others was The National Projects and Marketing Manager for CAMCCUL, Joseph Wifoke; the Board of Directors for BATOCCUL West, Claude Kue Kamdem; CAMCCUL Regional Supervisor, Alhamdou and Vice BOD Chair TASOG Nchang Celestine.

Addressing the cross-section of the BATOCCUL personnel, Mr Jonas Tientchou maintained that competence, technical know- how and dedication to work were major qualities required for all the personnel. The GM did not fail to remind the personnel and the temporary workers of BATOCCUL that efficiency and dedication to work map the way forward in the promotion of the individuals.

Talking about CAMCCUL, the GM reminded the personnel that CAMCCUL remained the only answer to any true banking with its over 200 affiliates. He regretted that some time back in 1990 when credit Agricole and Meridian BIAO bank were liquidated by the Cameroon government, the co-operative suffered some financial setback of FCFA (one billion two hundred and fifty million) own CAMCUUL. He said all is well because the co-operation is on in a good footing all because of efficiency and devotedness.

Welcoming the GM earlier on behalf of BATOCCUL Bafoussam; the branch manager of BATOCCUL Bafoussam, Nokam Germaine, expressed satisfaction with the GM’s presence for the New Year wishes. This is proof of the importance CAMCCUL attaches to BATOCCUL Bafoussam.

The Branch Manager recounted to the GM the successes BATOCCUL had registered after some of the failures the co operation had faced a year back. The successes included the upgrading of the staff from 9 to 14; recruitment of some 6 temporary revenue collecting workers; the recovery of loans which was 29% in December 2008 has dropped drastically to 3% in 2009 making a recovery of 26%; a total of 516 new members joined the co-operative in 2009.

He noted that from the previous results of the co-operative in 2008 and 2009, it has changed from negative to positive. The co-operative account has increased from 314.126.212 to 553.678.865f.

Mr Nokam Germaine sincerely thanked the GM of CAMCCUL for the credit of 500.000 Frs each month to permit them put up the permanent head office of BATOCCUL in Bafoussam. He promised hard work with his personnel in the year 2010.

Speaking after, the chairman of the BATOCCUL Board of Directors for the West, Claude Kue Kamdem promised the personnel of BATOCCUL West that CAMCCUL have chosen BATOCCUL for the Golden Loan to this year 2010.

By Wambo Emmanuel in Bafoussam

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SDF on the wrong Side of History

The Social Democratic Front (SDF), which was a near religion in most parts of the Northwest Region, is fast becoming a mere shadow of its own self. The indicators are there. Political blunders committed in the past are now playing against the party as the population no longer adheres to the doctrine of the party. Strange for a Bamenda man to have defied instructions of the SDF party!

The doom of the party dates back to 1992 when the party refused to partake in the legislative elections at a time the regime had not mastered the rigging machinery. It was then that Bello Bouba, the old fox, zoomed in and grabbed 68 seats, UPC grabbed 15 and Dakole Daisala's MDR grabbed five. In a cataclysmic U-turn they went in for the Presidentials the same year, without explaining whether their reasons for boycotting the March elections had been satisfied.

That not withstanding, the wanton use of article 8.2 aggravated their woes, denigrated the party and precipitated the departure of antagonized and agonized intellectual pillars of the party, leaving the party with only bootlickers.

The intransigence of the National Chair and his inability to live according changing times has made matters worse. Many believe he has out lived his usefulness and it is time for him to quit the scene. ‘The old order must change, yielding place to the new’ else the party will continue to fall from the sublime to the ridiculous.

For years now turn out at SDF political rallies has tremendously reduced. The population is most often swelled by hired dance groups. Gone are the days when a day for the SDF Rally was a public holiday in Bamenda.

Many significant actions by individuals and many significant events in the life of the party have often been watered down - a staunch militant resigns, it is a non-event; the private secretary resigns, to Fru Ndi, it is a non-event; Biya's visit to Bamenda, it is a non event and should be called off. What a situational irony! Fru Ndi must be ill-advised! If he is tired, he should retire. Of course the population has understood the political gimmicks of most Cameroonian politicians and will hardly fall victim to their mischievous machinations.

This lends credence to the daily emaciation and emasculation of the SDF party. During the heydays of the party lives and limbs were sacrificed. Some of those who lost their limbs are beggars in the streets today. Supreme sacrifice indeed, while the big wigs of the party would hardly allow them even to forage in their dustbins.

Kudos could be given to the chief executive officer of the Region, Governor Abakar Ahamat who in his first official address of the region exhorted the population to live in accordance with the changing times, using the Chameleon for illustration. The mentality of the people with regards to politics has changed. They might have learned from past errors but the SDF seems to have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

As if enough is not enough, the party introduced another unpopular structure called "The Investiture Committee" which only paved the way for key players to settle scores with their enemies (mayors). The appointment of Mayors smacked of barbarism and dictatorship. Mayors were hand picked. The stubborn ones who refused to quit were expelled from the party under the (in)famous article 8.2. The slap in the face was that the local administrators, acting within the ambit of the law, backed the affected councils.

Nkambe, Ndu, Njinikom and Babessi were the affected councils in the Northwest. All attempts by the party to flush the dissident mayors flopped. They should have understood that they are strong but the administration is stronger. We expected SDF to learn and right its wrongs. To make a bad situation worse they instructed the councillors to boycott all the council sessions. To oust the mayors they should instructed their councillors to attend the council sessions and in one of them pass a vote of no confidence on the mayors.

The administrators knew how bad these mayors were, and would easily use this weapon to unseat them. They could not work against the democratic wishes of the people. But without the level-headed intellectuals, who had all been chased away by Article 8.2, they flopped again.

In the most recent case, the Party, on Friday January 16, 2009, at Mankon Municipal Stadium made another attempt to cause the population rise against the Government Delegate's plan to remove all containers along major streets of the town. This of course put the popularity of the party to the test. The call suffered a serious blow as no body adhered.

Before the commencement of the removal of containers on Sunday January 18, 2009 many economic operators had emptied their containers removed the zinc and transported their goods to their homes. Will the party now know its position in the political landscape of Bamenda? Most of the economic operators who were forced to close shop and attend the Friday rally turned a deaf ear to the solicitations of the party through their Provincial Chairman, Mr Kum Henry. Will they (SDF) ever learn?

Who would have believed that a Bamenda man could defy the orders of the SDF to yield to the Government Delegate looked upon as a political hoodoo and usurper of SDF's political glory. Even when the council's heavy equipment moved through the town to clear off empty containers, there was no agitation from the general public. This was a clear indication of political maturity and the impending doom of the SDF.

Although removal of containers still remain a bitter pill for the afflicted as this might mark the end of their business career, some of these containers gave the town an ugly appearance. Some served as hideout for men of the underworld. SDF's call for agitation was out of place and irrational. Can they rise above the administration? The administration remains supreme and people should not be misled to face the wrath of the uniform men while the main actors who reap the political harvest stay behind. People are no longer fools.

Concerning the campaign against Biya's visit to Bamenda it is embarrassing to hear those who have been lambasting Biya for not visiting the North West start campaigning against his imminent visit to the region. Common sense would have expected the National Chairman of the party SDF, John Fru Ndi, to mobilize the population and party militants in particular to turn out in their numbers and receive Biya. They could use this opportunity to express their grievances with placards carrying inscriptions expressing their political worries. This could equally be the opportunity for the SDF National Chair to meet Biya as a sign of political maturity.

If the SDF feels that Biya is not the supreme authority in this country let all the MPs resign from the parliament and all mayors resign from the councils. This would have been the opportunity for the mayors of the town to commune with the Head of state. How will it look like if the SDF mayors boycott Biya's Visit yet operate in councils operating under Biya's government? These are some of the wrong decisions of the party that has caused the recession of the party. How will look like if SDF MP's boycott the visit?

These are some of the ill-advised decisions of the party which, when ignored by intelligent militants like Mayor Njong of Kumbo Council and and the Mayor of Bafoussam Council only help to soil the party. It will be recalled that SDF boycotted May 20 celebrations and exhorted all militants to stay aloof. Bafoussam ignored the order and participated. Of late Mayor Njong was advised to Boycott PM Yangs"s Visit toKumbo but he waved it all because it was irrational for him to stay at home. Will SDF never learn?

2007 twin election still remains a premonition of the doom of the party if the wrongs of the party are not righted before pending election. Fru Ndi will end up watching Biya but on screen in his bed room like a Mickey Mouse when Biya comes visiting.

At their Friday January 16 rally one of their MPs blew hot air warning Biya to call off the trip to Bamenda because it wasn't necessary. Questioned if he was aware of the social- economic importance of the visit, he responded in the affirmative but ended with "but" as he ran short of words and ideas. SDF should not again be on the wrong side of History.

From our opinions desk

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Hardened Bandit Roasted In Donga Mantung

A hardened bandit Elvis Ngala, was roasted to death last October 27, 2009 by a furious mob in Tabenken village in Nkambe Central sub-Division. He was roasted after stabbing Edwin Nchuli Samba to death. It is told that Elvis Ngala, widely known in the area as ‘Terror of Night’ because of his cruel nocturnal activities, broke into one Pa Vincent Kanjo Nchanji's house around the Tabenken Market at around 3 a.m. The over 60 years old man raised an alarm. One of the first neighbors to rush to Pa Vincent Nchanji's house for rescue was Edwin Nchuli Samba, a businessman and a store owner at the Tabenken Market.

Edwin Nchuli reportedly gripped the bandit around the waist in the store and shouted for help. Te bandit pulled out his knife and stabbed Edwin Nshuli's right breast. The victim collapsed crying for help to no avail.

After the macabre act, Elvis then tore the plywood ceiling, climbed the rafters and with the knife, he tore open the zinc and emerged on top of the roof. He then skipped on a nearby roof and then landed on the ground and took to his heels. Those who rushed to the scene, maddened by Edwin's death tracked down the bandit some 400 m from the scene. He was given snake beatings. A the knife and locally-made pistol were seized from him and shattered to pieces.

As the crowd of wailing and furious mob swelled up, they resolved to burn him alive. Tyres were worn around him and petrol smeared on him and set ablaze. Some frightened and concerned youths at about 4 a.m. drove to the Nkambe and reported the matter to Gendarmarie Brigade Commander, Peter Osogo. With only one Gendarme and aware that Elvis Ngala was a gang leader he charged some youths in various groups and assigned them in the various quarters to track down some of the gang-members he was already hinted of.

To his greatest surprise the youths turned around and did not go anywhere. He said their lack of cooperation spirit with the forces of law and order was no surprise because 'the Tabenken people were fond of concealing criminals'. The Brigade Commander said it was under strain that he succeeded to arrest two of the accomplices: Divine Tangwa alias Dibungo (20 years) and Eugene Tanto Tamfu (25 years) whom the people wanted to seize from them to burn. The Gendarme Commander pleaded that they were members of a gang and not part of that morning's bloody act and that he wanted to use them to get the other gang members who have been terrorizing the area.

Eric Nfor, one of them was also caught by some youths and brought to the brigade. At the Nkambe Gendamarie brigade, Elvis Ngala's concubine, one Maris Nformi Nyeh had been arrested and detained some two weeks earlier over the burglary of one Julius Nemnjei's store where he lost over 1.6 million. Some of the stolen items had been found in her house. She had confided that they had been brought in by Elvis Ngala, her lover who was at large.

When the news of Edwin Nshuli's murder reached the Brigade, the Commander immediately confided in her and she named some of the gang members. Talking to The Vanguard in her cell she repeated the list: Divine Tangwa alias Dibungo, Eugen Tanto Tamfu, Eric Nfor (those with her at the lock out already) and a certain Prosper she said lived in misaje and two others who reside in Bamenda - all of them from Tabenken.

Maris Nformi Nyeh revealed to The Vanguard at the Gendamerie that Elvis Ngala was a hardened thief. She said Elvis' gang had been behind all the banditry operations in Tabenken, Ngie and Njap villages and had often operated in other towns like Nkambe and Bamenda.

She disclosed that they were those who broke into Julius Wemnjei's store and made away with FCFA 1.6 million which they shared in her house. In another store in neighboring Njap village they brought two cartons of soap, uncountable number of lotions and other items which he went and sold in Bamenda. She hinted that in one of their last operations, he brought back some CFAF 700,000 for her to keep but two days later he collected it to Bamenda leaving her with 10,000frs.

Maris Njeh regretted her love deal with the bandit complaining that it had strained relationship with her family members. She conjectured that Elvis Ngala used charm on her. She said if given the chance she would advise young women or girls to shun at all cost any man whose wealth is through unclean means. She said the experience was too ugly, quite disgraceful, stigmatizing and too bearing on one's family and person: “In the soup now, I can advise my other sisters better and to tell young men that stealing is the worst profession to think of.”

In Tabenken, with the roasting of Elvis Ngala the people heaved a big sigh of relief. The people said they had suffered a lot of threats and torture from the bandit. One of them confided that on the last market day, Elvis shot at one young man in the market in broad day light for daring to betray his activities but missed. The young man escaped.

Some residents who talked to The Vanguard blamed the protection of the dead bandit on the Fon of Tabenken. They said he had been doing everything to always favor and protect the highway robber who happened to be his nephew. He was also faulted for never collaborating with his people especially when banditry operations were reported to him.
Although the Fon of Tabenken was not on seat at the time of the incidence, some of his close aids condemned the allegations on the grounds that the Fon had written a complaint about the insecurity in his village to the Administration.

They confided that some elements of the Gendarmerie were putting on some masks in the banditry operations in the area. The Brigade Commander said he had few elements and knew them so well. He said accusing the forces of Law and order was but their continuous habit of hiding criminals. He cited a certain Damian Tabah alias Ngum, a notorious cattle rustler whom the entire village knew but they had always helped to thwart their moves in tracking him down. He added that the Second Deputy Mayor of Nkambe, Mrs. Florence Njobe, a native of Tabenken was aggressed by the said Elvis Ngala but she turned down their invitation to give them details about it.

The S.D.O. for Donga-Mantung, Mr. Biwan Nchaffu who expressed his condolence to the unfortunate family that lost their innocent son, strongly condemned the act and frowned at the Tabenken inhabitants for the uncooperative attitude especially towards their own well-being. He charged that if Edwin Nshuli had not been murdered the administration would not have heard about the robbery. The SDO exhorted the people to give maximum collaboration to the forces of law and order and the Administration for sake of their own security and development. He vowed that peace must reign in Donga-Mantung at all costs. While Elvis Ngala's ashes were disposed of, the corpse of Edwin Nshuli Samba was conveyed to the Nkambe District Mortuary pending some burial arrangement. Edwin Nshuli Samba leaves behind a young wife and kid, his parents, relatives and friends to mourn him.

By our news desk, Wamey Panky

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Girl delivered from devilish cult narrates her story

Severine Tantoh, a student in one of the schools in Bamenda in the North West Region, has told The Vangaurd that she was a Sea Queen after having been initiated into the marine world by her own schoolmate. She made her startling revelations recently at a witchdoctor's residence, Mayah Manja Ajara in Binju Nkambe Central Sub-division in Donga-Mantung Division. As we are always curious to hear strange stories we put her story into ink.

“I went to the kingdom without knowing. We celebrated my arrival and I was given a bangle with 36 nuts”, Severine Tantoh revealed. The bangle was for her to command whatever she wanted and perform mystic feats.

She said it was her very close friend who introduced her into this kingdom and she had least suspected that she belonged to the marine world. Her first mission was to go to the Menchum Falls in Wum to tell the Sea Queen there what she desired most.

At the fall, she requested for more powers to do mischief. Thereafter, she was sent with blood to give to their own queen. She said those of them who were still in the junior levels, that is, level one, two, three and four could not drink the blood but jubilated as their queen and other senior mates drank the blood.

Given her activities, she said, she was crowned to level 666, giving her the powers to go to the Menchum Falls at anytime. Her friend who had brought her in was level 555, and so later became jealous of her fast progress in the kingdom. She started conspiring against her. This was worst because her friend had to pass through two other queens before seeing her.

Severine Tantoh said she rose to level 666 after having watched a film in the kingdom titled 666 loaded with a lot of destruction. This intensified her activities, especially killing people and taking their blood to their supreme queen. She confirmed having killed 42 people and was later on uplifted to level 999 which is the highest and last rank of queenship in the kingdom. She was named Jezebel and appointed to control the kingdom of Vampire and the kingdom of beautiful souls.

At this rank, one is expected to cause many accidents so as to spill much blood. She disclosed that in her kingdom, she had many children, companies and vehicles. She denied having made children with any man but that she could just command any number as the need arose. She further revealed that she used to transform into her mother and romance the father and whenever he was about to make love to her, she will revert to her real self. The father, she said, was worried but could not help it. And that she used to conjure money for their sisters to use. And mysteriously took money from her father and anyone with money.

One of the difficulties she faced in the human world was that she could not move closer to someone with garlic or closer to food prepared with garlic. She said anyone initiated into the evil world must always be affected by the scent of garlic. It provokes mystical or unnatural behaviour in the person. Some of her activities scared her school mates and teachers, even her parents. This, she said, caused her to drop out of school.

Sea Queen and The Miracle Pastor

Severine Tantoh told The Vanguard that, her parents who were very much worried about her state took her to a Pastor in Baforkum in Tubah Sub-Division, Mezam Division. This Pastor, Pastor Solomon Wara, was believed to be performing miracles and deliverance. Each time they went there she would hang her evil spirit outside before getting into the prayer hall.

During one of the midnight prayer sessions the pastor prayed and her mystical bangle cut and fell on the ground and was rolling on the floor. Nobody saw the bangle safe the pastor. When he came to pick it up, it burnt his hands and he only had to throw but Holy Water on it. The Rev. Pastor was still nursing the wound. However, since the bangle was neutralized with Holy water, she lost the powers of disappearance. After the pastor's prayers and deliverance, she would still come out and meet her spirit.

She admitted that Rev. Pastor Solomon Wara was faith, and since she had no belief in what he was doing, there was no change and that is why her parents brought her at Dr/Mrs Manja Ajara. At Manja Ajara, she had been completely seized from the marine world and was her normal self. All her mystical powers had been stripped off.

During her first days at Dr. Ajara her evil mates came severally to convince her to go back with them but when she told the "Doctor" the condition she gave her drove them for once. “I regret what I had done. I regret the people I've killed and what I used to do to my own father,” Severine said with pity and remorse. She said she was very thankful to Madam Manja Ajara for liberating her from the demonic world.

She then advised the youths especially students to be contented with the little they had, they should shun fashionable things, for it was through such things that they are easily initiated. She expressed her burning anxiety to go back to school but not in Bamenda because she was already stigmatized.

Remains the questions on our editorial desk: what is a Sea Queen doing in a place where there is no sea? Wum is inland high up in the mountains. Next to it, going back to school after confessing you've committed 42 murders? Is anybody paying any attention?

By our 'very oddly' desk, Wamey Panky

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Journalist investigating corruption detained, threatened

(JED/IFEX) - JED condemns the detention and mistreatment of a journalist in Yaoundé, the capital city, by agents of the State Secretariat for Defence (Secrétariat d'Etat à la Défense, SED) while she was investigating a case of misappropriation of funds.

According to information obtained by JED, Nadège Christelle Bowa, a journalist with the Yaoundé-based daily "Le Messager," was kept in custody on 17 January 2010 for nearly two hours at the SED after being thoroughly searched and submitted to a harsh interrogation including threats against her. Her documents and reporter's notes were seized.

Bowa told JED that she went to the SED to meet Thierry Michel Atangana, a former secretary-general of the presidency, who was detained there for misappropriating public funds. The journalist was trying to get Atangana to confirm information contained in a document in her possession.

When she tried to retrieve her identity card after meeting Antangana, Bowa was detained by officers and taken to the judicial investigations branch.

JED considers this detention to be an act of intimidation against journalists and media outlets who take an interest in "Operation Sparrowhawk," which was put in place by the government to fight corruption. JED urges the security service to unconditionally return the documents and notes that were confiscated so as not to impede the work of journalists.

From our international desk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

B.P. 633 - Kinshasa 1
374, av. Col. Mondjiba
Complexe Utexafrica, Galerie St Pierre, 1er niveau, Local 18 Kinshasa/Ngaliema
République Démocratique du Congo
direction (@)
Phone: +243 81 99 29 323
Fax: +44 20 7900 3413

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When Lions Roar

Carthage Lions, Tunisia, vs Indomitable Lions, Cameroon. The results of the final playing day of the first round of the ongoing African Nations Cup in Angola only prove that Gabon had labored in vain. Zambia, defeated them 2-1 to grab the second place in their Zone D, upsetting all of Gabon’s hopes of forging ahead.

This was a wonderful opportunity for the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon who were gasping for survival as the Carthage Lions of Tunisia suffocated their vital zone until they had to score themselves putting the Carthage Lions one goal above them. Mustering courage Eto’o Fils and his boys equalized. They tenaciously held on to their 2-2 tie until the referee blasted his final whistle.

With Zambia’s defeat Gabon’s impressive 1-0 defeat over the Lions of Cameroon in the first match came to naught as Gabon ended with four points but with a -one goal difference. Zambia clutched four points with a nill goal difference as well as Cameroon. In the final analysis Cameroon topped their group, avoiding the clash with the dreaded Arab Warriors of Egypt for the next quarter finals encounter. They will play the Eagles of Nigeria.

The competition gets onto its second phase on Monday January 24, 2010 with host country Angola locking horns with Ivory Coast in Luanda and Nigeria vs Ghana in Cabinda. The next day Cameroon will clash with Nigeria in Benguela while Egypt clashes with Zambia in Lubango. The matches promise to be fireworks, especially as there were so many early surprises in the first round.

By our news desk, Nke Valentine

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Three Detainees escape from Mbengwi prison

Three Detainees escape from Mbengwi prison. Apong F. from Ngie , Toh P. from Njah Etu village and Ndzi E. - Gunekwo village all in Momo Division, Sunday November 15, 2009 reportedly escaped from the Mbengwi prison through the walls of the kitchen.

Apong was reportedly trapped at Alabukam on his way to Bamenda while his two accomplices are still at large. The suspected bandits, who were awaiting trial for alleged aggravated theft, sneaked out via the porous kitchen wall just when they were about making their entrance into the yard back from the church.

The bandits are said to have made over three months in detention without trial. The application of the new Criminal Procedure Code as far as their case is concerned is not clear. Justice delayed is justice denied it should be recalled.

The Vanguard gathered that the Warder on guard was helpless at the time of the escape as he was all alone.It is alleged that escape of prisoners from Mbengwi prison is growing at alarming proportions due to the poor prison conditions and porous security.

By our news desk, Nyassa Julius

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Journalist released from prison after paying heavy fine

(JED/IFEX) - JED expresses its satisfaction following the 13 January 2010 release of Jean Bosco Talla, publication director of "Germinal," a privately-owned weekly based in the capital Yaoundé. JED welcomes the decision of the Cameroon prison authorities, who did not invent a pretext to prolong unduly Talla's time in prison. However, JED finds the amount of the fine demanded from the journalist for his release to be excessive.

Talla has just spent a month in Kondengui prison in Yaoundé, where he was detained for "insulting" President Paul Biya. On the afternoon of 13 January, Talla's lawyers paid the court clerk's office the sum of 3,154,000 CFA Francs (approx. US$6,800) so that he would be released.

Talla was prosecuted for "insulting" the president of the republic following his newspaper's publication of an extract from a book by Ebale Angounou, entitled "Sang pour Sang" (Blood for Blood), which spoke of homosexuality at the highest levels of the state.

The journalist was sentenced on 28 December 2009 to a one-year prison term, suspended for three years, along with a fine of 3,154,000 CFA Francs, including legal fees.

From our international news desk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Man invades Pentecostal Church with machete

Man invades Pentecostal (Christian) Church with machete. Members of a Pentecostal church in a Quartier Non-glacée in Douala Village neighborhood were shaken by fright November 1, 2009 by a man who crashed into the church wielding a cutlass. The electronic technician is reported to have warned his wife several times to desist from attending that church, but she would not heed.

The story goes that on Sunday November 1, 2009, a man whose names The Vanguard got only as Gilbert crashed into this Pentecostal Church at about 9 a.m. when they were in full worship. He was wielding a well sharpened machete. In order to draw attention he dragged the cutlass menacingly on the floor. This attracted the attention of the hitherto concentrated Christians including Gilbert's wife, Mrs. Beltine and children.

When the Christians turned and saw what this man was holding and the expression on his face, everyone was scared to the bone. He added the fright on the people when he gave an ultimatum in a very high voice that he was giving the wife and children only one minute to get out of the church. He will spill blood if that did not happen, the threat continued. Even the Pastor was reportedly more scared than the Christians.

Further reports say Gilbert's daughter, Mireille was the first to jump out through the Church window, knowing her father does not make idle threats. She had been a victim before. The whole church trembled with fear and started shouting and some crying. The pastor lost control. The wife then moved out with the remaining two children.

Inhabitants of that neighborhood told The Vanguard that since that church came to that quarter they have hardly had a moment's rest. Also many unpleasant things have happened. Many homes have broken. The method of worship of the church has literally taken the quarter inhabitants hostage. They do these odd and bizarre things mostly a night. People have concluded that it is and occult gathering pretending to be followers of Christ.

Sources close to Gilbert's family say he had warned the wife several times to stay away from that church. Besides worshipping in this Church to the annoyance of Gilbert, his wife Beltine has devoted all her life to the church leaving her home and house chores to fate. Irked by this the husband now passed this order for her never to step into that church again. This was like throwing water on a duck's back as she continued. It is this stubbornness that provoked the man to act the way he did November 1.

From our news desk.

Fire razes shop to dust in Kumba

Strange fire razes shop to dust in Kumba. The inhabitants of Carrefour BEAUCOUP DES BARS located precisely at Bicec junction in Kumba - considered to be the food basket of the South West Region of Cameroon, recently stood and watched with their eyes wide open as a strange fire raised to dust level a famous bar known as Comche Friendship Club. It was during the early hours of Monday November 9, 2009, that smoke was notice coming out of Comche Friendship Club.

According to eyewitnesses reports, the fire became so intense that many onlookers could not draw closer to the scene. As the fire continued spreading, an eye witness recounted that it was not wrong to say that America is clashing again with Iraq as explosions were heard coming from the club under fire. Many however said the explosions could be as a result of the presence of gas in gas bottles. This in effect scared people the more. Not very long the roof and the walls began collapsing.

Next to the Comche Friendship Club is a hotel which feedback got as name Concorde Hotel. Fire not being a friend of anybody extended it's boundary to the roof of Concorde Hotel. When some smart guys took note of it, they developed themselves into human monkeys and within few seconds they were at the last flat of the hotel to try quenching the fire and also to dismantle part of the hotel roof that had already caught fire. If not for the smart nature of these guys, Concorde Hotel could have as well gone down. Reports say the fire burnt many valuable items that were found in the club like, fridges, chairs and many other types of equipment. All the saves got burnt and the money inside transformed into wood ash by the strange fire. It should be recalled that a few distance up from the Comche Friendship Club are AES SONEL electrical cables which if not for God's mercies could have also caught fire. And if that happened, it could have brought lots of destructions in the City of Kumba. Until present the cause of this fire still remains a mystery to the inhabitants of this area.

It is also interesting to know that this is not the first time a house is brought down by fire in Kumba neither is it a strange experience to the indigenes of the land as the Kumba Main Market had this experience several times with each incident leading to wanton loss of merchandise and property. However the source of these occurrences was trace to faulty electrification, poor management of electrical appliances and negligence on the part of some traders.

It is against the back drop of this that the Government Delegate to the Kumba City Council, Ngoh Nkelle Victor on his letter dated 22nd of September 2009 addressed to all the traders of the Kumba Main Market and Fiango Market said: “As a measure to curbing such occurrences in the future, the Kumba City Council has undertaken to restructure the electricity network in both the Fiango and Kumba Main Markets. This exercise involves the use of industrial meters.”

In addition, during the 2008 February strike, the Taxation and the then central DO's office in Kumba town plus the Treasury were all set on fire. In another occurrence still within the periphery of Meme Division precisely at Kombone Mission, their lone Health Centre was also ravage by fire few weeks ago.

By our news desk, Mulango Valentine K.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Misaje SDF Faults CPDM For Frustrating Biya's Political Ambitions

The Militants Of The Misaje District of the social democratic front (SDF) party, in Misaje sub-division of Donga-Mantung division have lambasted and mocked at the militants of the Cameroon People's Democratic Movement (CPDM) in that locality for frustrating the political ambitions of their National party chair, Paul Biya. This was recently during the Misaje SDF District conference.

In addressing a mammoth crowd of over 3.000 militants and sympathizers of the party at the Misaje Market square, the SDF Cohorts regretted that Paul Biya's ambition of sustaining multi-partism to speed up Democracy in Cameroon; encouraging national unity and integration and the spirit of encouraging self-reliant development were being frustrated in the area by the very CPDM disciples. They condemned their politics of divide-and-rule which puts people at loggerheads rather than unite them.

In the same vein, they criticized one of theirs, His Excellency Dr. Calistus Fuh, Secretary of State for Industries, Mines and Technological Development for shying away from his responsibilities as their illustrious son but preferring only the party. They cited that ever since his appointment, his only achievement was facilitating the appointments of his CPDM henchmen without his own capable brothers and sisters at home. They prayed that all of them should adopt the politics of unity and development.

In his speech, the District Chairman for Misaje electoral district, Mr. Donatus Lamnyam reminded his people that politics was not war. He said although it was not yet time for political campaigns, certain issues that concerned their welfare must be mentioned. While thanking his militants for their massive turn out he entreated them to remain law-abiding; to adopt the politics of tolerance, friendship and development.

“Given that development knows no color I call on you to be development-oriented and watch keenly the development brought to us by our brothers of the CPDM party who have the opportunity now”, he told them.

Furthermore, Mr Donatus Lamnyam called on the Militants to continue to profess party discipline and her values of freedom, tolerance, transparency, accountability and development. He also called on them to respect the clean -up campaign instituted by the Sub Divisional Officer, Mr. Zacharia Ungito, by keeping their surroundings clean.

On his part, Mr. Isaac Maah, the SDF ‘Parliamentarian-attempted’ boasted that despite their stolen victory at the 2007 elections he was still waxing strong in the party. He described those who resigned from the party shortly after the elections as vultures and political prostitutes. He said these were people who wanted to forcefully change nature by expecting to sow and harvest at the same time. He regretted that nature would rather treat them shabbily for having sold their consciences.

With remorse, Mr. Isaac Maah said the very CPDM cohorts who stole their elections were the very ones who started announcing that the SDF was already dead in Misaje. He challenged them to witness the crowd at the conference to know that even if all of them were killed, the spirit of the SDF would continue to live in area. He further frowned at the CPDM gurus in the area for making lives of civil servants sent to serve the population quite miserable. By this he said civil servants who were not toeing the CPDM line were not only threatened but also petitioned for being anti-government.

He called on the civil servants to do only their work and forgive the CPDM Militants for they did not know what they were doing. He said, they could not draw a line between the party and the government and they were ignorant of the civil code which gives the civil servant the right to militate in any political party of his choice and even the option of not belonging to any.

He told the militants that the conference was named ‘the conference of optimism’ because they intended to leave greater hopes about the party in its militants. He advised them to leave their campaign strategies in their pockets until the time comes but that the error in 2007 would not be repeated. He boasted that their numbers were indicative that the SDF will take back all the five councils and the four parliamentary seats in the next elections.

Other speakers who instilled hope and gave more steam to the militants were, the visiting District chairman of the Nkambe Wilfred Mbeh Shey; the former Misaje Mayor, Joseph Ndongo and the Divisional coordinator, Mr. Climent Kimbi Tata over 30 traditional dance groups and 15 choral groups animated the occasion.

From our news desk

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Complains about Debts by Goverment

CAMCCUL complains about debts by Goverment. The National President of Cameroon Credit Union League (CAMCCUL) Mussa Shey Nfor, has expressed worries over circa FCFA (one billion two hundred and fifty million) owed CAMCUL by the Cameroon Government since the liquidation of Credit Agricole du Cameroon (CAC) and Meridian BIAO Bank as a result of the 1990 bank crises.

He lamented that thousands of rural men and women have died of the frustration while those still living are languishing in their old age and socially paralyzed by the long financial holdup.

The President was speaking during celebrations marking the 61st International Credit Union Day in Bafoussam, Saturday 17th October 2009 attended by Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Jean Nkuete the Governor Pascal Mani, Governor of the West Region, Religious, Administrative and Traditional authorities from across the national territory and over 1000 Credit Union, stake holders.

The theme of the celebration 'your money, your choice, your credit union' according to the President is so logical because it came amidst combined world financial and food crises, responsible for protracted health crises.

In spite of debts owed them; the president appreciated the government through the Prime Minister for the meticulous implementation of government action in favour of the poor. The laudable initiative of the Ministers of Finance of the CEMAC Sub Region to face the current world financial instability, the key successes of the partnership of CAMCCUL with ADPAM Project with MINEPIA, SOWEDA Project, Microcredit using CAMCCUL Credit Union during the FIMAC Project were some of the joys of the President.

He gave a special recommendation to the activeness of women who constitute over 91% of agriculture producers and 68% of the rural women who contribute over 40% of the national economy.

Speaking earlier, the Government Delegate to the Bafoussam City Council, Emmanuel Nzete, lauded the effort by CAMCCUL in alleviating poverty in Cameroon. An effort he said must be copied by some micro-finance institutions.

In response the Vice Prime, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Jean Nkuete, lauded the economy and social contributions made by CAMCCUL both at national and in the CEMAC Zone. He said such contribution to the nation-building should be copied by other Micro-finance institution to assist government in nation-building. He enjoined the management of CAMCCUL, not relent in its global initiative geared towards poverty alleviation.

The colorful event was spiced with march-past and traditional dances.

By our news desk

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Newspaper publisher receives suspended prison sentence, fine

On 28 December 2009, a Yaoundé court sentenced newspaper publisher Jean-Bosco Talla to a suspended one-year jail term, three years of probation, a fine of 3 million CFA francs (approx. 4,500 euros) and court costs of 154,000 CFA francs (approx. 234 euros) on a charge of insulting the president.

Talla, who has been detained since 10 December, was taken back to Yaoundé's Kondengui prison after the hearing pending payment of the fine and costs. His lawyer, Jean-Marie Nouga, said he intended to appeal.

"The sentence is a relief inasmuch as Talla will not have to spend months in prison but he will have to live with a permanent threat that will force him to censor himself," said Reporters Without Borders, which urges the Cameroonian authorities to fully decriminalise press offenses. "We hope that payment of the fine will allow him to be freed without delay."

Source: RSF/IFEX
By our international desk, Auke VanderHoek

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Monday, January 4, 2010

MP advocates 50 years of Biya rule

The CPDM Section President for Donga Mantung III-Ako, Hon. Ntoi has expressed the wish to see Mr Biya celebrate his Golden Jubilee at the helm of Cameroon. Addressing both militants and non-militants alike the Section President for Donga Mantung III-Ako, reminded them that two years ago President Biya celebrated his Silver Jubilee and began a journey towards another adding that, it is their wish that he celebrates his golden jubilee as President of the Republic of Cameroon.

Although traveling on the “path” from Nkambe to Ako is a nightmare, this did not stop celebrations marking President Paul Biya's 27 years at the helm of the Nation to be exceptional. From all the nooks and crannies of the Sub Division and beyond, CPDM militants all gathered at the Ako municipal Grandstand last November 6, 2009 to join their counterparts' nationwide in celebrating 27 years of “Greater Achievements” by President Paul Biya.

According to Hon Ntoi Joseph President Paul Biya has for the past 27 years proven that he is a peace loving president hence “Militants of the National great party should avoid illegal operations like the so called SCNC which is an impediment to peace, tranquility and development”, Hon Ntoi Joseph reiterated. Rather than jeopardizing the peace of Cameroon, Hon Ntoi Joseph urged militants: “To join hands with President Biya in his well-calculated principles of New Deal to situate Cameroon in an enviable position of an Island of peace loving people in a world of violence and turbulence.”

Expatiating on President Paul Biya's achievements within his 27 years at the helm of Cameroon, Hon Ntoi enumerated many. The Section President cited the peaceful recovery of the Bakassi Peninsula by Cameroon, the creation of ENS, and ENSET Bambili and the appointment of Philemon Yang as Prime Minister. For Ako Sub Division, the Ako town pipe-borne water, the creation of new schools like G.SS Dumbo, Mbande, Buku and G.T.C Jevi amongst others like achievements under the Biya's Government. But like Oliver Twist, Hon Ntoi called on Government to grand the Savannah Region for Donga Mantung, provide service vehicles to the Frontier Police Post, District Hospital, Custom Office of Abongshie, hasten the provision of TV and Radio signals and yearly attention to the Nkambe -Ako- Abongshie road.

On his part, the CPDM Central Committee head of delegation to Ako, Ngi Christopher Ntoh, did not sound different. He said for his 27 years at head of the Nation, President Biya has proven that he is a man of dignity despite allegations from foreign NGOs like the CCFD aimed at tarnishing his image. Ngi Christopher said the ongoing work on the Buku - Abafum road, the Ako- kuta road as well as the electrification of Ako town are indications that President Biya has Ako sub division at heart.

The 27th anniversary celebration in Ako ended with the reading a motion of support addressed to President Biya calling on him to be Presidential candidate in the 2011 presidential polls as well as a solidarity march led by the central committee resource person to Ako and the section president.

By our news desk

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Frontier Police Commissioner threatens to Resign

In Ako like elsewhere in the Nation, the lack of personnel in the Police barracks and Gendarmerie brigades has led to an incessant in insecurity most part of our towns international boundaries and boarder towns. Stressed by this mishaps the commissioner the frostier Police Post in Ako Commissioner Ndamsa Michael is threatening to resign if urgent measures are not taken to transfer more police men to tha area to add to two others - Second Grade Police Officer, and Constable Mbamu Emmanuel he will quit the service.

To curb the rising crime wave in the area, one young man Nthaka Terence Ethemy decided to render voluntary services to the corps he talking to The Vanguard last November 7th, 2009 in Ako. He explained that the number of police men transferred to serve in the area is very insignificant. This accounts for the alarming rate of insecurity in the are “the 28years old young man now code name (Police Inspector) without a uniform told this reporter that his services to the corps has been highly appreciated by both the police authority and the population. He continued that every where he passed people come to him with complains. “We have been able to reduce the rate of stealing in Ako Sub Division and my contribution cannot be undermined”, Terence said.

He lamented that land disputes and adultery as well are rampant in the Ako .The result of which is matrimonial problems amongst couples and broken families. “Police Inspector” also regretted that his temporal job has been very tempting as many people have been trying to corrupt him conceal some of their odds or facilitate false judgments. But as a determined and honest Citizen, he claimed to have always been giving deaf ears to these people. Nthaka told the Vanguard that he is not being paid for the services he is rendering the police, his means of survival is therefore questionable.

The chief of post, second grade police commissioner Ndamnsa Mihael, told the Vanguard that he has been very lonely and cut off from the rest of the country since his transfer to Ako two years back. In spite the economic potentials Ako possess the boarder subdivision is so enclave. Apart from the lack of personnel which he sees it as a nationwide problem, Ako is not connected to the rest of Cameroon both road and by cable communication as reception of the National Radio CRTV and is sporadic thanks to The Donga Mantung Community Radio brain child of one of the illustrious sons of Donga mantung Division - Chifu Edward. “If there is an attack here that I need to call for reinforcement it will hardly work because of the telephone network is not good”, the commissioner said. With the lack of personnel, the frontier police chief of post says it difficult for them in a boarder town like Ako which is characterized by high crime wave to completely accomplish their mission.

It should therefore be noted that the problem of Lack of Personnel is not only experienced in Ako but all over the Nation. It is in this light that the government announced the recruitment of more Personnel for five years consecutively since 2007.

By our news desk

PM's Visit sparks mass resignations from SDF to CPDM

Coming on the heels of the PM's visit and many political blunders the Social Democratic Front party the SDF, 520 militants decamped from SDF to the ruling Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement, CPDM in Nkambe on November 6. Although the catch was attributed to the tireless hunt for militants by the Section President Paul Ngabir, and the YCPDM Section President ELHJ Burno, most political decisions of the people are reportedly caused by the appointment of Yang Philemon a North westerner to the post of the PM head of government.

The Vanguard gathered that the political mayhem of SDF of the party in Nkambe and other areas has also contributed to the unprecedented change of mentality of militants. Speaking during the anniversary in Nkambe the Section President Paul Ngabir recounted the achievements of the New deal government and the development projects realized in the Division during Biya's mandate. It was for this reason that Nkambe people he said had every reason to celebrate the 27th and rally behind President Biya to gain more.

On his part H. E. Ngafesson Emmanuel Secretary of State for Justice in charge of Penitentiary Administration, hailed those who saw the light in the CPDM and encouraged them to remain loyal to the party as only CPDM remains the guarantor of development. He warned against the past said to have stagnated development of the division. Marveled by the massive resignation of militants from the opposition camp to the CPDM, Ngafesson dished out over one hundred pieces of CPDM party's uniforms to the new comers.

The unprecedented change of mentality towards the CPDM in the Northwest seems to have been caused by the recent appointment of Yang Philemon as PM. Apparently due the political stagnation of the region following the dominance of the opposition, the region according elite and pundits have understood the role of the game and want to maintain the post the Prime Minister by supporting Biya's government.

Such indicators were also exhibited on the visit of the PM to the region on Nov 4.The turn out of the population at the Bamenda Congress hall was indicative of the love people have for the PM and Biya's government.

Although no important declaration or promise was made by the PM there indicators that President Biya is going to address the worries of the region as soon as possible.

It was with this in mind that the PM exhorted his fellow countrymen to be loyal and desist from wrong political choices. Northwest political barons on their own addressed a good will message to the Head of State and enjoined him to again stand as their natural candidate in up-coming presidential elections. A motion to this effect was then addressed to the president.

The SDO for Donga Mantung seized the opportunity to urge the population collaborate with the administration to clamp down on men of the underworld. He told the population that security of the town was a collective effort. He warned those concealing information about bandits in the area. He lamented that the long international boundary between Nigeria and Cameroon is open and prone to invasion. It was on this note that he urged the population to complement government security efforts.

Hon Tamfu Samuel member of the political bureau of the party called on Nkambe to remain loyal to Biya the soul guarantor of Donga Mantung Division development.

By our news desk, Chifu Edwards