Thursday, January 28, 2010

Abakwa FM Radio Manager and Chief of Program

Peterson Yuh and Azinwi Terence Niba, respectively Station Manager and Chief of Programs at Abakwa FM Radio, one of Bamenda’s leading local radio stations, have been fired. Grace Che Ngwafor of CRTV Bamenda has been tipped new Station Manager while Ambe Forkwa has been appointed new Chief of Programmes.

Their dismissal is allegedly due to professional misconduct and non-respect of rules and regulations of the said station, a dependable source from Abakwa FM has hinted the Vanguard.

According to our source; the proprietor of the radio station indicted the Station Manager Peterson Yuh for inability to generate funds to run to the radio. Meanwhile, Peterson Yuh had hitherto been in very good records from genesis of the radio station. It is not clear why he suddenly ran into operational recession that could have led to his replacement. The pluralism of many private radio stations might have contributed to the low income now generated by the radio, Yuh sympathizers have opined.

As for Azinwi Terence he is said to have committed numerous professional gaffs that affected the administration of the radio. Prior to his dismissal, he is said to have received two queries from the administration of the radio over unethical issues.

By our news desk, Nyassa Julius

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