Thursday, January 28, 2010

CAMCCUL GM Recommends Efficiency, Dedication for BATOCCUL Staffs

The General Manager of the Cameroon Co-operative Credit Union League Limited (CAMCCUL) Ltd, Jonas Tientchou, has recommended efficiency and devotedness to the working staff of the Bafoussam Town Co-operative Credit Union Limited (BATOCCUL) as the only way of attaining their objectives of efficacy and performance. Jonas Tientchou made the recommendation while receiving New Year wishes from the personnel of the co-operative UNION at the co-operative’s newly acquired headquarters building at Tougang Ville, in Bafoussam recently.

Present to cheer the event among others was The National Projects and Marketing Manager for CAMCCUL, Joseph Wifoke; the Board of Directors for BATOCCUL West, Claude Kue Kamdem; CAMCCUL Regional Supervisor, Alhamdou and Vice BOD Chair TASOG Nchang Celestine.

Addressing the cross-section of the BATOCCUL personnel, Mr Jonas Tientchou maintained that competence, technical know- how and dedication to work were major qualities required for all the personnel. The GM did not fail to remind the personnel and the temporary workers of BATOCCUL that efficiency and dedication to work map the way forward in the promotion of the individuals.

Talking about CAMCCUL, the GM reminded the personnel that CAMCCUL remained the only answer to any true banking with its over 200 affiliates. He regretted that some time back in 1990 when credit Agricole and Meridian BIAO bank were liquidated by the Cameroon government, the co-operative suffered some financial setback of FCFA (one billion two hundred and fifty million) own CAMCUUL. He said all is well because the co-operation is on in a good footing all because of efficiency and devotedness.

Welcoming the GM earlier on behalf of BATOCCUL Bafoussam; the branch manager of BATOCCUL Bafoussam, Nokam Germaine, expressed satisfaction with the GM’s presence for the New Year wishes. This is proof of the importance CAMCCUL attaches to BATOCCUL Bafoussam.

The Branch Manager recounted to the GM the successes BATOCCUL had registered after some of the failures the co operation had faced a year back. The successes included the upgrading of the staff from 9 to 14; recruitment of some 6 temporary revenue collecting workers; the recovery of loans which was 29% in December 2008 has dropped drastically to 3% in 2009 making a recovery of 26%; a total of 516 new members joined the co-operative in 2009.

He noted that from the previous results of the co-operative in 2008 and 2009, it has changed from negative to positive. The co-operative account has increased from 314.126.212 to 553.678.865f.

Mr Nokam Germaine sincerely thanked the GM of CAMCCUL for the credit of 500.000 Frs each month to permit them put up the permanent head office of BATOCCUL in Bafoussam. He promised hard work with his personnel in the year 2010.

Speaking after, the chairman of the BATOCCUL Board of Directors for the West, Claude Kue Kamdem promised the personnel of BATOCCUL West that CAMCCUL have chosen BATOCCUL for the Golden Loan to this year 2010.

By Wambo Emmanuel in Bafoussam

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