Monday, January 18, 2010

Fire razes shop to dust in Kumba

Strange fire razes shop to dust in Kumba. The inhabitants of Carrefour BEAUCOUP DES BARS located precisely at Bicec junction in Kumba - considered to be the food basket of the South West Region of Cameroon, recently stood and watched with their eyes wide open as a strange fire raised to dust level a famous bar known as Comche Friendship Club. It was during the early hours of Monday November 9, 2009, that smoke was notice coming out of Comche Friendship Club.

According to eyewitnesses reports, the fire became so intense that many onlookers could not draw closer to the scene. As the fire continued spreading, an eye witness recounted that it was not wrong to say that America is clashing again with Iraq as explosions were heard coming from the club under fire. Many however said the explosions could be as a result of the presence of gas in gas bottles. This in effect scared people the more. Not very long the roof and the walls began collapsing.

Next to the Comche Friendship Club is a hotel which feedback got as name Concorde Hotel. Fire not being a friend of anybody extended it's boundary to the roof of Concorde Hotel. When some smart guys took note of it, they developed themselves into human monkeys and within few seconds they were at the last flat of the hotel to try quenching the fire and also to dismantle part of the hotel roof that had already caught fire. If not for the smart nature of these guys, Concorde Hotel could have as well gone down. Reports say the fire burnt many valuable items that were found in the club like, fridges, chairs and many other types of equipment. All the saves got burnt and the money inside transformed into wood ash by the strange fire. It should be recalled that a few distance up from the Comche Friendship Club are AES SONEL electrical cables which if not for God's mercies could have also caught fire. And if that happened, it could have brought lots of destructions in the City of Kumba. Until present the cause of this fire still remains a mystery to the inhabitants of this area.

It is also interesting to know that this is not the first time a house is brought down by fire in Kumba neither is it a strange experience to the indigenes of the land as the Kumba Main Market had this experience several times with each incident leading to wanton loss of merchandise and property. However the source of these occurrences was trace to faulty electrification, poor management of electrical appliances and negligence on the part of some traders.

It is against the back drop of this that the Government Delegate to the Kumba City Council, Ngoh Nkelle Victor on his letter dated 22nd of September 2009 addressed to all the traders of the Kumba Main Market and Fiango Market said: “As a measure to curbing such occurrences in the future, the Kumba City Council has undertaken to restructure the electricity network in both the Fiango and Kumba Main Markets. This exercise involves the use of industrial meters.”

In addition, during the 2008 February strike, the Taxation and the then central DO's office in Kumba town plus the Treasury were all set on fire. In another occurrence still within the periphery of Meme Division precisely at Kombone Mission, their lone Health Centre was also ravage by fire few weeks ago.

By our news desk, Mulango Valentine K.

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