Saturday, January 2, 2010

Frontier Police Commissioner threatens to Resign

In Ako like elsewhere in the Nation, the lack of personnel in the Police barracks and Gendarmerie brigades has led to an incessant in insecurity most part of our towns international boundaries and boarder towns. Stressed by this mishaps the commissioner the frostier Police Post in Ako Commissioner Ndamsa Michael is threatening to resign if urgent measures are not taken to transfer more police men to tha area to add to two others - Second Grade Police Officer, and Constable Mbamu Emmanuel he will quit the service.

To curb the rising crime wave in the area, one young man Nthaka Terence Ethemy decided to render voluntary services to the corps he talking to The Vanguard last November 7th, 2009 in Ako. He explained that the number of police men transferred to serve in the area is very insignificant. This accounts for the alarming rate of insecurity in the are “the 28years old young man now code name (Police Inspector) without a uniform told this reporter that his services to the corps has been highly appreciated by both the police authority and the population. He continued that every where he passed people come to him with complains. “We have been able to reduce the rate of stealing in Ako Sub Division and my contribution cannot be undermined”, Terence said.

He lamented that land disputes and adultery as well are rampant in the Ako .The result of which is matrimonial problems amongst couples and broken families. “Police Inspector” also regretted that his temporal job has been very tempting as many people have been trying to corrupt him conceal some of their odds or facilitate false judgments. But as a determined and honest Citizen, he claimed to have always been giving deaf ears to these people. Nthaka told the Vanguard that he is not being paid for the services he is rendering the police, his means of survival is therefore questionable.

The chief of post, second grade police commissioner Ndamnsa Mihael, told the Vanguard that he has been very lonely and cut off from the rest of the country since his transfer to Ako two years back. In spite the economic potentials Ako possess the boarder subdivision is so enclave. Apart from the lack of personnel which he sees it as a nationwide problem, Ako is not connected to the rest of Cameroon both road and by cable communication as reception of the National Radio CRTV and is sporadic thanks to The Donga Mantung Community Radio brain child of one of the illustrious sons of Donga mantung Division - Chifu Edward. “If there is an attack here that I need to call for reinforcement it will hardly work because of the telephone network is not good”, the commissioner said. With the lack of personnel, the frontier police chief of post says it difficult for them in a boarder town like Ako which is characterized by high crime wave to completely accomplish their mission.

It should therefore be noted that the problem of Lack of Personnel is not only experienced in Ako but all over the Nation. It is in this light that the government announced the recruitment of more Personnel for five years consecutively since 2007.

By our news desk

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