Monday, January 25, 2010

Girl delivered from devilish cult narrates her story

Severine Tantoh, a student in one of the schools in Bamenda in the North West Region, has told The Vangaurd that she was a Sea Queen after having been initiated into the marine world by her own schoolmate. She made her startling revelations recently at a witchdoctor's residence, Mayah Manja Ajara in Binju Nkambe Central Sub-division in Donga-Mantung Division. As we are always curious to hear strange stories we put her story into ink.

“I went to the kingdom without knowing. We celebrated my arrival and I was given a bangle with 36 nuts”, Severine Tantoh revealed. The bangle was for her to command whatever she wanted and perform mystic feats.

She said it was her very close friend who introduced her into this kingdom and she had least suspected that she belonged to the marine world. Her first mission was to go to the Menchum Falls in Wum to tell the Sea Queen there what she desired most.

At the fall, she requested for more powers to do mischief. Thereafter, she was sent with blood to give to their own queen. She said those of them who were still in the junior levels, that is, level one, two, three and four could not drink the blood but jubilated as their queen and other senior mates drank the blood.

Given her activities, she said, she was crowned to level 666, giving her the powers to go to the Menchum Falls at anytime. Her friend who had brought her in was level 555, and so later became jealous of her fast progress in the kingdom. She started conspiring against her. This was worst because her friend had to pass through two other queens before seeing her.

Severine Tantoh said she rose to level 666 after having watched a film in the kingdom titled 666 loaded with a lot of destruction. This intensified her activities, especially killing people and taking their blood to their supreme queen. She confirmed having killed 42 people and was later on uplifted to level 999 which is the highest and last rank of queenship in the kingdom. She was named Jezebel and appointed to control the kingdom of Vampire and the kingdom of beautiful souls.

At this rank, one is expected to cause many accidents so as to spill much blood. She disclosed that in her kingdom, she had many children, companies and vehicles. She denied having made children with any man but that she could just command any number as the need arose. She further revealed that she used to transform into her mother and romance the father and whenever he was about to make love to her, she will revert to her real self. The father, she said, was worried but could not help it. And that she used to conjure money for their sisters to use. And mysteriously took money from her father and anyone with money.

One of the difficulties she faced in the human world was that she could not move closer to someone with garlic or closer to food prepared with garlic. She said anyone initiated into the evil world must always be affected by the scent of garlic. It provokes mystical or unnatural behaviour in the person. Some of her activities scared her school mates and teachers, even her parents. This, she said, caused her to drop out of school.

Sea Queen and The Miracle Pastor

Severine Tantoh told The Vanguard that, her parents who were very much worried about her state took her to a Pastor in Baforkum in Tubah Sub-Division, Mezam Division. This Pastor, Pastor Solomon Wara, was believed to be performing miracles and deliverance. Each time they went there she would hang her evil spirit outside before getting into the prayer hall.

During one of the midnight prayer sessions the pastor prayed and her mystical bangle cut and fell on the ground and was rolling on the floor. Nobody saw the bangle safe the pastor. When he came to pick it up, it burnt his hands and he only had to throw but Holy Water on it. The Rev. Pastor was still nursing the wound. However, since the bangle was neutralized with Holy water, she lost the powers of disappearance. After the pastor's prayers and deliverance, she would still come out and meet her spirit.

She admitted that Rev. Pastor Solomon Wara was faith, and since she had no belief in what he was doing, there was no change and that is why her parents brought her at Dr/Mrs Manja Ajara. At Manja Ajara, she had been completely seized from the marine world and was her normal self. All her mystical powers had been stripped off.

During her first days at Dr. Ajara her evil mates came severally to convince her to go back with them but when she told the "Doctor" the condition she gave her drove them for once. “I regret what I had done. I regret the people I've killed and what I used to do to my own father,” Severine said with pity and remorse. She said she was very thankful to Madam Manja Ajara for liberating her from the demonic world.

She then advised the youths especially students to be contented with the little they had, they should shun fashionable things, for it was through such things that they are easily initiated. She expressed her burning anxiety to go back to school but not in Bamenda because she was already stigmatized.

Remains the questions on our editorial desk: what is a Sea Queen doing in a place where there is no sea? Wum is inland high up in the mountains. Next to it, going back to school after confessing you've committed 42 murders? Is anybody paying any attention?

By our 'very oddly' desk, Wamey Panky

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