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Man invades Pentecostal Church with machete

Man invades Pentecostal (Christian) Church with machete. Members of a Pentecostal church in a Quartier Non-glacée in Douala Village neighborhood were shaken by fright November 1, 2009 by a man who crashed into the church wielding a cutlass. The electronic technician is reported to have warned his wife several times to desist from attending that church, but she would not heed.

The story goes that on Sunday November 1, 2009, a man whose names The Vanguard got only as Gilbert crashed into this Pentecostal Church at about 9 a.m. when they were in full worship. He was wielding a well sharpened machete. In order to draw attention he dragged the cutlass menacingly on the floor. This attracted the attention of the hitherto concentrated Christians including Gilbert's wife, Mrs. Beltine and children.

When the Christians turned and saw what this man was holding and the expression on his face, everyone was scared to the bone. He added the fright on the people when he gave an ultimatum in a very high voice that he was giving the wife and children only one minute to get out of the church. He will spill blood if that did not happen, the threat continued. Even the Pastor was reportedly more scared than the Christians.

Further reports say Gilbert's daughter, Mireille was the first to jump out through the Church window, knowing her father does not make idle threats. She had been a victim before. The whole church trembled with fear and started shouting and some crying. The pastor lost control. The wife then moved out with the remaining two children.

Inhabitants of that neighborhood told The Vanguard that since that church came to that quarter they have hardly had a moment's rest. Also many unpleasant things have happened. Many homes have broken. The method of worship of the church has literally taken the quarter inhabitants hostage. They do these odd and bizarre things mostly a night. People have concluded that it is and occult gathering pretending to be followers of Christ.

Sources close to Gilbert's family say he had warned the wife several times to stay away from that church. Besides worshipping in this Church to the annoyance of Gilbert, his wife Beltine has devoted all her life to the church leaving her home and house chores to fate. Irked by this the husband now passed this order for her never to step into that church again. This was like throwing water on a duck's back as she continued. It is this stubbornness that provoked the man to act the way he did November 1.

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