Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Misaje SDF Faults CPDM For Frustrating Biya's Political Ambitions

The Militants Of The Misaje District of the social democratic front (SDF) party, in Misaje sub-division of Donga-Mantung division have lambasted and mocked at the militants of the Cameroon People's Democratic Movement (CPDM) in that locality for frustrating the political ambitions of their National party chair, Paul Biya. This was recently during the Misaje SDF District conference.

In addressing a mammoth crowd of over 3.000 militants and sympathizers of the party at the Misaje Market square, the SDF Cohorts regretted that Paul Biya's ambition of sustaining multi-partism to speed up Democracy in Cameroon; encouraging national unity and integration and the spirit of encouraging self-reliant development were being frustrated in the area by the very CPDM disciples. They condemned their politics of divide-and-rule which puts people at loggerheads rather than unite them.

In the same vein, they criticized one of theirs, His Excellency Dr. Calistus Fuh, Secretary of State for Industries, Mines and Technological Development for shying away from his responsibilities as their illustrious son but preferring only the party. They cited that ever since his appointment, his only achievement was facilitating the appointments of his CPDM henchmen without his own capable brothers and sisters at home. They prayed that all of them should adopt the politics of unity and development.

In his speech, the District Chairman for Misaje electoral district, Mr. Donatus Lamnyam reminded his people that politics was not war. He said although it was not yet time for political campaigns, certain issues that concerned their welfare must be mentioned. While thanking his militants for their massive turn out he entreated them to remain law-abiding; to adopt the politics of tolerance, friendship and development.

“Given that development knows no color I call on you to be development-oriented and watch keenly the development brought to us by our brothers of the CPDM party who have the opportunity now”, he told them.

Furthermore, Mr Donatus Lamnyam called on the Militants to continue to profess party discipline and her values of freedom, tolerance, transparency, accountability and development. He also called on them to respect the clean -up campaign instituted by the Sub Divisional Officer, Mr. Zacharia Ungito, by keeping their surroundings clean.

On his part, Mr. Isaac Maah, the SDF ‘Parliamentarian-attempted’ boasted that despite their stolen victory at the 2007 elections he was still waxing strong in the party. He described those who resigned from the party shortly after the elections as vultures and political prostitutes. He said these were people who wanted to forcefully change nature by expecting to sow and harvest at the same time. He regretted that nature would rather treat them shabbily for having sold their consciences.

With remorse, Mr. Isaac Maah said the very CPDM cohorts who stole their elections were the very ones who started announcing that the SDF was already dead in Misaje. He challenged them to witness the crowd at the conference to know that even if all of them were killed, the spirit of the SDF would continue to live in area. He further frowned at the CPDM gurus in the area for making lives of civil servants sent to serve the population quite miserable. By this he said civil servants who were not toeing the CPDM line were not only threatened but also petitioned for being anti-government.

He called on the civil servants to do only their work and forgive the CPDM Militants for they did not know what they were doing. He said, they could not draw a line between the party and the government and they were ignorant of the civil code which gives the civil servant the right to militate in any political party of his choice and even the option of not belonging to any.

He told the militants that the conference was named ‘the conference of optimism’ because they intended to leave greater hopes about the party in its militants. He advised them to leave their campaign strategies in their pockets until the time comes but that the error in 2007 would not be repeated. He boasted that their numbers were indicative that the SDF will take back all the five councils and the four parliamentary seats in the next elections.

Other speakers who instilled hope and gave more steam to the militants were, the visiting District chairman of the Nkambe Wilfred Mbeh Shey; the former Misaje Mayor, Joseph Ndongo and the Divisional coordinator, Mr. Climent Kimbi Tata over 30 traditional dance groups and 15 choral groups animated the occasion.

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