Monday, January 4, 2010

MP advocates 50 years of Biya rule

The CPDM Section President for Donga Mantung III-Ako, Hon. Ntoi has expressed the wish to see Mr Biya celebrate his Golden Jubilee at the helm of Cameroon. Addressing both militants and non-militants alike the Section President for Donga Mantung III-Ako, reminded them that two years ago President Biya celebrated his Silver Jubilee and began a journey towards another adding that, it is their wish that he celebrates his golden jubilee as President of the Republic of Cameroon.

Although traveling on the “path” from Nkambe to Ako is a nightmare, this did not stop celebrations marking President Paul Biya's 27 years at the helm of the Nation to be exceptional. From all the nooks and crannies of the Sub Division and beyond, CPDM militants all gathered at the Ako municipal Grandstand last November 6, 2009 to join their counterparts' nationwide in celebrating 27 years of “Greater Achievements” by President Paul Biya.

According to Hon Ntoi Joseph President Paul Biya has for the past 27 years proven that he is a peace loving president hence “Militants of the National great party should avoid illegal operations like the so called SCNC which is an impediment to peace, tranquility and development”, Hon Ntoi Joseph reiterated. Rather than jeopardizing the peace of Cameroon, Hon Ntoi Joseph urged militants: “To join hands with President Biya in his well-calculated principles of New Deal to situate Cameroon in an enviable position of an Island of peace loving people in a world of violence and turbulence.”

Expatiating on President Paul Biya's achievements within his 27 years at the helm of Cameroon, Hon Ntoi enumerated many. The Section President cited the peaceful recovery of the Bakassi Peninsula by Cameroon, the creation of ENS, and ENSET Bambili and the appointment of Philemon Yang as Prime Minister. For Ako Sub Division, the Ako town pipe-borne water, the creation of new schools like G.SS Dumbo, Mbande, Buku and G.T.C Jevi amongst others like achievements under the Biya's Government. But like Oliver Twist, Hon Ntoi called on Government to grand the Savannah Region for Donga Mantung, provide service vehicles to the Frontier Police Post, District Hospital, Custom Office of Abongshie, hasten the provision of TV and Radio signals and yearly attention to the Nkambe -Ako- Abongshie road.

On his part, the CPDM Central Committee head of delegation to Ako, Ngi Christopher Ntoh, did not sound different. He said for his 27 years at head of the Nation, President Biya has proven that he is a man of dignity despite allegations from foreign NGOs like the CCFD aimed at tarnishing his image. Ngi Christopher said the ongoing work on the Buku - Abafum road, the Ako- kuta road as well as the electrification of Ako town are indications that President Biya has Ako sub division at heart.

The 27th anniversary celebration in Ako ended with the reading a motion of support addressed to President Biya calling on him to be Presidential candidate in the 2011 presidential polls as well as a solidarity march led by the central committee resource person to Ako and the section president.

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