Saturday, January 2, 2010

PM's Visit sparks mass resignations from SDF to CPDM

Coming on the heels of the PM's visit and many political blunders the Social Democratic Front party the SDF, 520 militants decamped from SDF to the ruling Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement, CPDM in Nkambe on November 6. Although the catch was attributed to the tireless hunt for militants by the Section President Paul Ngabir, and the YCPDM Section President ELHJ Burno, most political decisions of the people are reportedly caused by the appointment of Yang Philemon a North westerner to the post of the PM head of government.

The Vanguard gathered that the political mayhem of SDF of the party in Nkambe and other areas has also contributed to the unprecedented change of mentality of militants. Speaking during the anniversary in Nkambe the Section President Paul Ngabir recounted the achievements of the New deal government and the development projects realized in the Division during Biya's mandate. It was for this reason that Nkambe people he said had every reason to celebrate the 27th and rally behind President Biya to gain more.

On his part H. E. Ngafesson Emmanuel Secretary of State for Justice in charge of Penitentiary Administration, hailed those who saw the light in the CPDM and encouraged them to remain loyal to the party as only CPDM remains the guarantor of development. He warned against the past said to have stagnated development of the division. Marveled by the massive resignation of militants from the opposition camp to the CPDM, Ngafesson dished out over one hundred pieces of CPDM party's uniforms to the new comers.

The unprecedented change of mentality towards the CPDM in the Northwest seems to have been caused by the recent appointment of Yang Philemon as PM. Apparently due the political stagnation of the region following the dominance of the opposition, the region according elite and pundits have understood the role of the game and want to maintain the post the Prime Minister by supporting Biya's government.

Such indicators were also exhibited on the visit of the PM to the region on Nov 4.The turn out of the population at the Bamenda Congress hall was indicative of the love people have for the PM and Biya's government.

Although no important declaration or promise was made by the PM there indicators that President Biya is going to address the worries of the region as soon as possible.

It was with this in mind that the PM exhorted his fellow countrymen to be loyal and desist from wrong political choices. Northwest political barons on their own addressed a good will message to the Head of State and enjoined him to again stand as their natural candidate in up-coming presidential elections. A motion to this effect was then addressed to the president.

The SDO for Donga Mantung seized the opportunity to urge the population collaborate with the administration to clamp down on men of the underworld. He told the population that security of the town was a collective effort. He warned those concealing information about bandits in the area. He lamented that the long international boundary between Nigeria and Cameroon is open and prone to invasion. It was on this note that he urged the population to complement government security efforts.

Hon Tamfu Samuel member of the political bureau of the party called on Nkambe to remain loyal to Biya the soul guarantor of Donga Mantung Division development.

By our news desk, Chifu Edwards

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