Saturday, January 30, 2010

Road Maintenance Association elects new president

African Road Maintenance Funds Association (ARMFA) elects new president. The administrator of the Cameroon Road Fund, Samuel Donatien Nengue is new president of the African Road Maintenance Funds Association (ARMFA) for a two-year mandate (2009-2011). He was elected recently at the end of the 8th general assembly of ARMFA that held in Yaounde from the 12-15th of October, 2009.

During the general assembly that was presided at by the Minister of Urban Development and Housing , Clobert Tchatat, workshop participants discussed ways of managing road maintenance funds through good governance in Africa. Experts gave lectures on the stakes and impediments of integrating African economies and ways of overcoming the obstacles so as to enhance development especially in the sector of transport and transit. Given that the world today is threatened by financial crisis, papers were also delivered on the effects of the financial crisis on the financing of road maintenance in Africa.

Stressing the importance of dialogue and sharing of experience out-gone president, Ioly Robinson said, “ARMFA has been able to maintain the existence of dialogue and the sharing of experience between bodies involved in the financing of road maintenance in Africa”

Quizzed on the achievement of the association under her era, Ioly Robinson told The Vanguard that since their election in Antananarivo in 2007 they have been able to complete the drawing up of a development plan, change from RMF1 to RMF2, maintained and strengthened relations with partners and sister associations. To her, she has done her part within the two years mandate and it is high time for someone else to take over as per the association’s constitution.

On his part, the new president, Cameroon-born Samuel Donatien Nengue told the press that the first thing he is going to do as president will be - revising the constitution. “We have to revise the constitution of the association in order to enlarge the association to cover the whole of Africa,” As administrator of the Cameroon Road Fund, Samuel Donatien NENGUE hopes that ARMFA will remobilise the whole of Africa to build road funds in order to ensure road maintenance in the continent.

By our news desk, Ndi Eugene Ndi.

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