Wednesday, February 24, 2010

SDF: consistently inconsistent

It is an open secret that the SDF party is experiencing serious diminishing returns as a consequence of hideous political blunders made by the leadership of the party since 1992.

Fru Ndi’s role in the demise

He, Fru Ndi, is a good orator, very eloquent in public utterances and a charismatic leader, such that even his political enemies would lend him that credit. Unfortunately, leadership is not only about charisma but the ability to act rationally based on any given situation.

Regrettably, SDF, symbolised by Fru Ndi, is too colonial and unflinching in its political decisions. Beside, good leadership requires a high degree of consistency. SDF will take a decision today and seek redress or regret the next day, albeit quietly. In short, the party has become consistently inconsistent.

The inconsistency of the party could be traced from 1992 when on the eve of the legislative elections of March 1992, the Quinbus flestrins (Man Mountain) of the party John Fru Ndi announced that SDF would not take part in the election because of bad electoral laws. “No good laws, no elections”. Other opposition parties like UNDP, UPC, CDU, and MDR took part in the elections and obtained a total of 92 parliamentary seats, thereby winning the legislative elections by a bare majority.

The party realised, albeit too late, it had made grievous political blunders or miscalculations. Smarting from the blunders, Fru Ndi immediately announced that SDF would take part in future elections no matter how bad the laws were. What a contradiction? That is why the SDF took part in the October 11, 1992 Presidential elections. Although Biya was declared winner by 39% and Fru Ndi followed with 36%, the fact that the Supreme Court President, Dipanda Mouelle, declared that there were some irregularities, as he openly declared “my hands are tied”, predicates that the SDF candidate might have performed better. Such a percentage would have encouraged Fru Ndi and his party to participate in all future elections.

That was not the case. Inversely, the party boycotted the October 11, 1997 Presidential elections after participating in May 17, 1997 legislative elections in which she obtained 43 seats. Even after taking part in the parliamentary elections, Fru Ndi wanted the SDF candidates, who won, to boycott parliament. This resulted in a heated controversy which almost split the party as winners were anxious to enter the National Assembly. Will they ever learn from their mistakes?

In 2002, SDF participated in the elections and grasped only 22 seats down from 43 in 1997, with the same electoral laws hitherto considered bad. In 1992, the regime had not mastered the rigging machinery. This explains why the UNDP, MDR and UPC parties were able to grab 92 seats in parliament. This happened to have been the right moment for the SDF to triumph the regime but the party blundered. Many people who voted for the UNDP and other parties did so out of frustration. They would have voted for the SDF! Indubitably, this was the zenith of Fru Ndi’s political triumphs, as since then the SDF has only been falling from the sublime to the ridiculous. The lion’s share of the blame goes to the short-sightedness and inconsistency of the hierarchy.

Fru Ndi’s conflict with Ben Muna over Diboule’s murder case was only another proof of the SDF Chairman’s inconsistency was. The SDF Chairman who seems to have been practically dictating moves in the party instructed that Ben Muna, who had since resigned from the SDF and gone to Rwanda, should be readmitted. Muna was even allowed to challenge Fru Ndi in the primaries to select SDF’s candidate for the 2004 Presidential Elections. Fru Ndi beat Ben Muna hands down. But when the SDF was to hold an elective convention in Bamenda, Fru Ndi vowed that Ben Muna would not contest. Frustrated by that, Ben Muna, supported by late Ngwasiri, decided to hold a parallel Convention in Yaoundé. The result of which was a clash between Fru Ndi and Ben Muna’s supporters which resulted in the death of Diboule Gregoire, SDF Administrative Secretary for the Centre –a resolute supporter of Ben Muna.

In an attempt to exonerate himself, Fru Ndi declared he sent nobody to disrupt the Yaoundé convention alleging that those who took part in the fighting were all Muna’s supporters. He further insinuated that they fought over money. But when John Ngu, one of those arrested at the scene of fighting died in detention in Yaoundé, Fru Ndi went to Yaoundé, took his corpse to Bamenda and proceeded to Mbengwi for burial. If he didn’t send anybody to Yaoundé, then why did go to ferry home Ngu’s corpse? Why did he not leave Ben Muna to do it? If it were purely for humanitarian reasons, he should have declared at the funeral, but he did not.

Another episode which demonstrated the consistency of the SDF, is when Biya announced the amendment of the Constitution in his 2008 New Year speech. SDF – Fru Ndi spat fire, vowing that it would not happen. Civil society activists supported him and held meetings to that effect. All ended as hot air.

Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu, SDF Littoral Regional Chairman and SDF Parliamentary Group Vice President was prepared to lead a demonstration in Douala, Fru Ndi surprisingly left Douala two days ahead of the demonstration claiming that he was in a hurry to attend a Socialist Youth Forum in Bamenda. The forum held two days later i.e. after the day of the demonstration. Fru Ndi could have led the Douala demonstration and still attended the forum.

Whereas Fru Ndi had always told his MPs to boycott Parliamentary Elections when unpopular decisions were to be taken, he ordered that all SDF MPs should not attend the session where the bill for amendment was to be voted. Mbah Ndam, obviously acting on his instructions even facilitated the passing of the bill by tabling private members bill suggesting which portions of the 1996 constitution should be amended. This was facilitating the process because the stand of the party was originally that no amendment at all should take place. The CPDM went ahead and voted the bill with the justification that the front-line opposition party supported the amendment idea.

The most recent proof of inconsistency of the SDF chair and his party is their decision on Biya’s imminent visit to Bamenda for the 50th Anniversary of the Army. At first he and some MPs castigated the visit giving it all sorts of names. Threatening that the visit was going to spark fire as President Biya risk being assassinated (by who?). They advised Biya to change the venue of the military anniversary. Few days later, during the NEC meeting, the party decided that militants could attend the occasion but not in party’s uniform! What are the mayors supposed to do on that day? Be part of the occasion or not? SDF party hierarchy should reread the law and correct them selves before Biya arrives. The fact that the party resolved that militants could attend the occasion is already a political weakness. Rational politicians should always take the temperature before making utterances.

The Genesis of the SDF and Fru Ndi
the Anglophone problem

The SDF was conceived by Albert Mukong as a forum to articulate the Anglophone problem. At least, Mukong says so in his autobiography “My stewardship in the Cameroon struggle” But soon after its launch Fru Ndi started talking of national integration.

Fru Ndi is a member of the Southern Cameroons Advisory Council (SCAC) according to Mukong, yet does not want the independence of Southern Cameroons which is the raison d’être of the SCNC. This is sheer contradiction. It should be recalled that soon after coming out of his two months’ house arrest in 1992 Fru Ndi vowed to teach Biya a lesson as an Anglophone. Southern Cameroons Activists rejoiced at the announcement “They expected Fru Ndi at AAC1 which held in Buea in April 1993 three months after his release. He was not there. Neither did he attend AAC II in Bamenda in April - May1994.

Fru Ndi and the Western powers

Fru Ndi has also been very inconsistent in his dealings with Western powers who have influence over Cameroon. In 1991 there was a call for the boycott of French goods. This was a form of protest against French policy in Cameroon. This call was intensified when Fru Ndi was under house arrest. Fru Ndi all along condemned the French for obstructing Cameroon’s democratic process and economic development. But today PMUC, the French gambling company, money sucking monster that have exploited and rendered thousands of Cameroonians miserable is harboured by Fru Ndi in his Tower Building along the Bamenda Commercial Avenue. Fru Ndi can therefore, in the words of IPP (Awilo), said to be “riche a cause de Tierce”?

He is seen in this as consistently in consistent. Fru Ndi, however, defends himself that he leased the house to Amity Bank and took a loan. It was the Bank that leased it to PMUC. This argument convinced no one apart from Fru Ndi and his closest collaborators. That is why angry youths stormed the building during the 2008 February 25 riots and destroyed PMUC paraphernalia.

SDF’s slogan is “Power to the People and equal opportunities”. But when people choose their candidates at Primaries the National Advisory Council NAC disrespects or disregards them and chooses Fru Ndi’s favourites. It is also very strange, even ridiculous that the NAC which should advise Fru Ndi is headed by Fru Ndi himself! He could as well be a player and referee just like elections organised by government and monitored by government officials - a thing SDF has been condemning for decades.

Take the case of mayors, people elect their mayors but the National Investiture Committee rejects and appoints their favoured militants. This was the cause of the rancour in Ndu, Nkambe Babessi, Njinikom, etc. The question many ask is “How can a person advise himself?”

Fru Ndi has a tendency to profess democratic sentiments but does the opposite. He says “Power to the people”, whereas the real power is in the hands of few cronies of the party. When he was going into a coalition with Ndam Njoya in 2004, the impression he gave was that anybody who was chosen as Presidential candidate would be supported by all. But when Ndam Njoya was voted he backed out.

The latest demonstration of inconsistency is in the ELECAM issue. He tells us that SDF will not boycott elections, but says there will be no elections with ELECAM in its present state. If there will be no election then what will SDF take part in?

During the last NEC meeting, Fru Ndi and his collaborators instead of applying 8.2 for anti-party activities on Kwemo Pierre 1st Vice President and Noumba Serge, West MP, the party simply decided they will not take part in future elections. It didn’t say whether or not they have been suspended from their functions. The SDF Chairman is therefore, not only guilty of inconsistency but also of ambiguity and double talk.

He wrote to Biya requesting for dialogue. When Biya announced that he would come to Bamenda, he should have embraced the announcement and even invited the President for breakfast as he did to Joseph Owona. It should be Biya to refuse. On the contrary, he says Biya should not come to Bamenda. The question many are asking is “If Biya also says Fru Ndi should never set foot in Yaoundé, what would he do?

To conclude, Fru Ndi speaks without reflecting
and that is why he contradicts himself so often

The SDF does not deserve a leader who carries fire and water in the same mouth. He calls his party - political organisation a front. Organisations like the Patriotic Front in Liberia and Islamic Salvation Front in Algeria were confrontational. The SDF Chairman spits fire but does not act boldly as in the 1990s. It does not make sense talking tough when no concrete action can be taken. Martin Nkemngu made this point when he openly put on CPDM uniform and crossed carpet from SDF to CPDM. He said there was no point being SDF by day and CPDM by night as Fru Ndi and collaborators were doing.

Thomas Takang Tabenyang, a former SDF Chairman for the South West, who also dumped the party, summed up the character of Fru Ndi in the following words “This is a man who could not distinguish between politics and liberation struggle and faded in both”.

By our editorial desk.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

SDF Split over Biya’s visit to Bamenda

Debate loiters over Southern Cameroons palaver
Loss of presidential elections, francophone militants feared (one pix) Fru Ndi

President Biya’s planned visit to Bamenda early this year to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Armed Forces has not gone down well the throats of SDF party hierarchy. It is feared it could be a political Waterloo for the Social Democratic Front party-SDF. This explains why the party’s hierarchy has, since the announcement, been making frantic efforts to stall the visit. Some of these gimmicks have been characterised by threats of life.

Unfortunately, the National Executive Committee of the party meeting that held on Saturday January 29, 2010 to elaborate strategies to combat the visit ended in a fiasco. Militants were split over the party’s worries over Biya’s visit to Bamenda. A good majority of the militants were for the visit, arguing that Paul Biya is the President of Cameroon and has the prerogative to decide where to visit at any time.

Some Anglophones argued that the French Cameroun and English Cameroons did not have independence on the same date, January 1, 1960. Re-echoing the protest words of the Southern Cameroons National Council – SCNC, some argued it was politically unfair for Biya to commemorate the independence of Cameroon in the Northwest Region (English-speaking part of Cameroon) as if they had independence on the same day and year.

Logically, they argued, the French-speaking part of Cameroon had their independence on January 1, 1960 while the English-speaking (British Cameroons) got theirs in 1961, albeit through ‘Unification’ with La République in a plebiscite organised under the auspices of the United Nations.

The Francophone militants argued that although history can never be manipulated, President Biya had earlier on made the distinction in his Address of the Nation on December 31, 2009. Commemoration of the day could well be earlier or later based on means available at the time. Apart from this, militants should rather focus on the social and economic importance of the visit to the region rather than on the political ramifications. Politics void of development was baseless, they argued. Besides SDF’s worries would not stop Biya from visiting the region.

“All is hot air owing to the fact that majority of the Northwest population are for the visit,” a Francophone militant, names withheld, told The Vanguard after the meeting. It was therefore going to be a hideous political blunder for SDF to call for a boycott that would not be respected by the population, the Francophone militant continued.

Other sources hinted The Vanguard that it might be because of Fru Ndi’s alleged being a member of the Southern Cameroons’ Advisory Council (SCAC) an organ of the SCNC. Although it was resolved that militants could attend the visit without SDF uniform the place of the mayors was yet to be decided as no statement as to whether they should constitute members of the constituted corps or not. This, to the militants, was papers over cracks and yet another political turn around that would only help to jeopardise the future of the party owing to the fact mayors by virtue of their administrative status were not for SDF militants but the entire population of their municipalities.

This same Francophone militant dared that the SDF was politically naive. He buttressed his point with the fact that apart from Mayors being arms of the administration of Biya’s government, once elected mayor the political portfolio of the militant changed as he, by virtue of that social standing, was an indispensable arm of the government and his rights could not be tempered with by the party to which he belonged. He added that it was equally undemocratic for the party to refuse, not only Mayors, but militants from welcoming the President of the Republic.

Although Fru sees Biya as a usurper of his political glory, he Fru Ndi knows very well that the world knows that Paul Biya is the president of The Republic of Cameroon even if his victory was stolen.

Questioned why SDF was scared of Biya’s visit, the militants hinted that SDF might lose its integrity if Biya responded to the cries of the people of the region, especially by declaring a State University, construction of the Ring Road and other social services that could improve on the lives of the people of the region.

This, they said, would cause the population to see no need supporting the opposition SDF in up-coming presidential elections. He regretted that dictatorship and thoughtless political decisions of the party with regards to Biya’s visit could mark the end of the party or active Francophone militancy as the party hierarchy do not want to live according to changing times.

By Nyassa Julius

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

And again… '419' fraude

And again…. Another '419' mail. Be warned as the phrase goes: 'Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me'.

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By our international desk

Friday, February 19, 2010

Another '419' letter!

Again… You heard of it. Maybe you’re involved in it. Nigerians are infamous for it. And a lot who see it happen have a laugh about it. Worldwide the business of internet fraud is know as ‘419 Scams’.

Named after the article in the Nigerian law. These days internet users in North-America (USA and Canada) and Europe are less targeted as many internet users are getting used to the scam mails. Criminals focus now more on Asia and the Middle East where more and more people get on the internet for the first time.

Their inexperience makes them an easier target. The lion share of internet scam is done by Nigerians, not in Nigeria, but from The Netherlands. To be specific: from Amsterdam Southeast. At the Vanguard we received a fresh new e-mail. We print it here so all of you who never saw any, now are warned: "Don't be stupid, don't be greedy".

Read also our article:

By our International Desk, Auke VanderHoek

Example of a '419' scam letter:

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End of fraude letter.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Northwest Taxation boss promises tough times for defaulters Promises 1.5% interest on late payment of taxes

The North West Regional Inspector of taxes, Joseph Gana, says the 2010 finance law has instituted penalties of 10% plus the 1.5% interest in arrears for late payment of taxes from spontaneous declarations. The Vanguard Cameroon asked him some questions.

We have been informed that the 2010 finance law has some major innovations. Can you throw more light on this to the tax payers?
These have been brought in by the Finance Law of 2010 that has a direct connection with this sector of activity. As to what concerns the retention of VAT and advanced income tax, as from 1st January 2010, only the State proper as a moral person, has the legal ability to retain at sources from the invoices made by contractors and suppliers for the services they render or goods they supply. Administrative public establishments and local collectivities can no longer retain. To that effect, they pay their invoices tax inclusive. It’s therefore incumbent on these service providers to invoice, collect and pay into the taxation treasury after corresponding justified deductions.

Secondly, the exoneration of VAT on certain pharmaceutical and sanitary products, some of which are usually supplied by contractors. Besides, there’s the suppression of the formality of certification of the annual fiscal and statistical declaration before its reception by the tax administration.

For your information, there’s also the exoneration of graduated stamp duty on constitution and prorogation of companies. Here, the constitution documents have to obligatorily be. The registration is gratis.

Any sanctions for tax evaders or late payment of the taxes?
There’s the institution of sanctions for opposition to the right of access of information as a privilege to the tax administration and also institution of penalties of 10% plus the 1.5% interest in arrears for late payment of taxes from spontaneous declarations. This is in a bid to improve on the declarative tendencies and the fiscal or tax culture of tax payers in general.

What is Government doing to relieve economic operators from over taxation?
Government has done a lot in this aspect. This time to begin a business, one has two years’ patent free and free registration of the business. Within this period, the businessman is expected to have been well-established before paying his taxes.

You have instituted an annual information, sensitisation and capacity building workshop for tax payers of this Region. What has so far been the impact?
We have a very positive impact. If we compare the revenue collected in 2009 to that of 2008 before I came here, I think we have an increase of over 15%. Last year, we were supposed to raise 4 billion FCFA but we succeeded to raise about 5 billion FCFA. In fact, we have a significant increase in revenue collection as far as the history of taxation of this Region is concerned. I think hard work, team work, capacity building of my collaborators, information and sensitisation of tax payers attributed to this success story.

People have got to understand that they have to pay their taxes as a civic duty, as a civic responsibility. There’s very serious fight against tax harassment and corruption practices of taxation administration officers.

Government has recently introduced franklin machines to replace movable fiscal stamps in basic education examination registration. Have you noticed any positive impact?
The franklin machines have completely stamped out fraud and embezzlement in the basic education examination registration. In fact, there’s no loss of any one franc this time. We have a significant increase in revenue collected from this sector of about 150 million FCFA whereas originally, it was difficult to have up to 50 million FCFA when movable fiscal stamps were used. You know there were a lot of counterfeited movable fiscal stamps which were used by basic education administrators and so a lot of Government money disappeared. For now, revenue from this sector is very secured.

What would you say are the difficulties your service is facing in this Region?
Means of transportation is the major problem we are facing. Most tax offices are found in Administrative head quarters which might not be the economic strong hold of the Divisions so it makes it difficult for revenue collectors to move over long distances to collect taxes. You know how vast and inaccessible our Region is.

By Munki Michael

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Journalists summoned for commenting on corruption-related legal cases

(JED/IFEX) - JED is concerned by the legal proceedings against a group of journalists from the private press in Douala, Cameroon's economic capital, who have been charged for commenting on ongoing legal proceedings. JED urges the legal authorities to not impede the work of the press when it is investigating allegations of misappropriation of public funds and corruption as Cameroon is ranked among the planet's most corrupt countries.

According to information obtained by JED, journalists Anani Rabier Bindji (Canal 2 International), Thierry Ngogang (STV2), Aboya Endong Manasse (Africa Top secret) and Alex Gustave Azebaze (Aga Media) appeared before the Bonanjo trial court in Douala on 9 February 2010.

The public prosecutor of Wouri department has accused the journalists of commenting on the ongoing legal proceedings related to "Operation Sparrowhawk," which the government launched to track down those who had misappropriated public funds, and the Albatross case, which refers to the presidential airplane acquired in 2004 under conditions that are still unclear. The journalists are alleged to have made the comments during the 1 June 2008 edition of "Carte sur table" (Cards on the table), a programme broadcast by the privately-owned network STV2. The prosecutor's summons mentions the journalists' possession of a confidential document, in this case a copy of the minutes of a hearing of one of the individuals questioned by the legal police in Yaoundé.

Contacted by JED, Azebaze said the case was adjourned until 9 March at the request of one of the defendant's lawyers.

By our international desk, Auke VanderHoek


Two journalists held by intelligence agency freed after seven days

(RSF/IFEX) - Simon Hervé Nko'o and Serge Sabouang, two journalists who were arrested by members of the General Directorate for External Investigation (DGRE) on 5 February 2010 without any reason being given, were finally released on the evening of 12 February.

From our international desk, Auke VanderHoek

Reporters Without Borders

Mboua Massok on 1200 km Protest Trek - demands Cameroon’s complete liberation from France

The initiator of the “Operation Ghost Towns” phenomenon that almost paralysed the country in Cameroon in 1990, Mboua Massok, has embarked on a 1200 km nationwide one-man protest march in demand for the complete liberation of Cameroon from France.

In an exclusive interview with this reporter, Mboua Massok after declaring his candidature for the 2011 Presidential elections lamented that all decisions in Cameroon were influenced by France. He vowed to fight tooth and nail to ensure the total liberation of Cameroon from France.

“It’s regrettable that although we say we are independent,
France has been influencing the decisions
of Cameroon for 50 years running
and we want to celebrate 50 years
of our independence.
This is hypocrisy”.

The politician had already marched through six regions of the country. He distributed tracts as he marched along calling on the total liberation of Cameroon from France and free, fair and transparent elections in Cameroon. The tracts observed that if the 50th anniversary is celebrated because French speaking sector of Cameroon got its independence in 1960, “then 49th anniversary should equally be celebrated for the English-speaking sector of the country which got her independence in 1961”.

Mboua Massok was in Bamenda from January 26 to 27, 2010 for the same exercise. In the early hours of January 27, Mboua Massok was arrested by some elements of Gendarmerie of the Brigade Ter in front of Pelican Hotel, Ntarinkon, Bamenda where he passed the night. He was later taken to the Gendarmerie Legion headquarters, Up Station Bamenda.

After several hours of interrogation over his mission to the North West Region at this time when the Region is preparing to receive the Head of State, he was released. According to the forces of law and order they feared the radical politician’s presence in Bamenda “because he is very unpredictable”.

Before Mboua Massok left Bamenda for Babadjou in the West Region trekking in protest, he distributed tracts to the population all over the town. The tracts entreated Government to embark on the massive registration of voters to ensure that at least 10 out the 18 million Cameroonians are registered before the 2011 Presidential elections. They equally enjoined Government to publish the population census results for Cameroon to know their numbers establish election cards and hand over to voters, computerise all electoral processes, institute unique ballot papers for each candidate and institute 70 years as age limit for the candidates at the Presidential elections.

The tract titled; “National Campaign of Sovereignty” entreated Government to change ELECAM’s configuration and institute voting age at 18 years.

By Munki Michael

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Monday, February 15, 2010

MP empowers Youths; announces arrival of Industrial Zone

Hon Simon Fobi Nchinda, member of Parliament for Mezam Centre, has started a youth empowerment project in his area of command viz: Bamenda I, II, III and Bali, through parliamentary micro grants. This is being done through assistance to schools and giving money to youths to embark on profitable small scale business ventures.

On January 29, 2010, Hon. Fobi was at G.S Alankie in Mankon, Bamenda II, where he donated several bags of cement to enable the PTA of the school rehabilitate some of the classrooms which had collapsed. He also promised assistance to the school in the days ahead. On Sunday January 31, Hon. Fobi was at the Nkwen Fon’s Palace where over 100 youths were given some financial assistance to encourage them embark in their micro businesses and studies.

Welcoming the gifts, the Headmaster of G.S Alankie, Chi Samuel, lauded the generosity of the parliamentarian and promised that the PTA was going to use the cement for the purpose for which it was intended. He revealed that the school was created some time in 1999 and has already passed out six batches. G.S Alankie as of now has an enrolment of 207 pupils with a staff strength of seven.

Hon Fobi assured the parents and teachers of the school that he will spend his micro project grants to the last franc on the population under his jurisdiction before donating the bags of cement. He boasted that he had promised to bring pipe-borne water to Mankon and did just that to the satisfaction of Fon Angwafo III of Mankon and his subjects.

Amidst a standing ovation, he announced that through his intervention, the Bamenda – Mbengwi road will be tarred this year covering some 20 km with the greatest portion of the road running through Mankon.

Congratulating Hon. Fobi, the Mayor of Bamenda III, Prince Amando, said it was first of its kind in his municipality for an MP to table all his parliamentary grants before the electorate to decide on what projects to execute.

“I am happy that our parliamentarian has decided to embark on the empowerment of the youths this time because it’s said empowering the youths is empowering the entire family. When we talk of change, this is the real change we are witnessing from Hon. Fobi”.

He said Hon.Fobi was very sincere in what he was doing because he is distributing the micro project grants at the time elections are far away and promised that they (Mayors) will emulate his example.

“Hon. Fobi is very consistent in the way he distributes the parliamentary micro project grants. Last year, he constructed culverts, roads, and bridges and donated benches to schools and churches and this time, he has embarked on the empowering of the youths. We are lucky to have sent somebody to parliament who is matching words with actions”,
said corroborating Mayor Amando, the District Chairman for Bamenda III.

He opined that unlike other MPs, instead of people asking Hon. Fobi what he has done with his parliamentary micro projects grants, he is the one asking people what they have done with the grants because he hands every franc he brings from the parliament to the people. The District Chairman called on Cameroonians to give SDF the chance to show good governance. He classified Hon. Fobi as the best SDF MP since the advent of multi-party politics in Cameroon.

The chairman of the Bamenda III micro project grant committee, Mr Asobo Samuel Mbuya, explained that last year, Hon. Fobi handed the sum of 8 million FCFA to his electorates for the four sub-divisions to decide on what to do with the money and this year he has done the same. He said over 100 youths applied for assistance from the 2009 grants and his committee did a transparent selection giving priority to victims and patients of HIV/AIDS.

In order to fight poverty and unemployment amongst the youths, Hon. Fobi said he took the opportunity as a member of the Finance committee of the parliament and caused the creation of the industrial zone at mile 6 Nkwen. According to him, 1 billion FCFA has already been allocated for the project which will take off this year.

“We will make the place attractive to investors by bringing water, electricity and good roads to the place. Already, two big companies have announced their coming”.

He was sure that several youths will be employed when work starts at the industrial zone.
According to the itinerary, Hon. Fobi will be in Bamenda I on February 3, Bamenda II on February 4 and Bali on February 8.

By Munki Michael

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Dear Editor,

I read with shock and consternation a front page story titled “Fuh Culistus sets Misaje CPDM on fire: Goes into hiding”. Also highlighted on the front page was the sub heading “Misaje CPDM crises caused by Fuh Culistus, scares militants”.

He begins the story with a number of quotes attributed to the Minister. The paper also refers to Dr. Fuh Calistus as saying crises or no crises in Misaje, CPDM or no CDPM, no one can cause his sacking as member of government. That with his good friend, Yang Philemon as Prime Minister, he is sure, of becoming a full minister in the next cabinet shake up. That in the whole of Donga-Mantung Division, he remains the best candidate than Ngafeson and Shey Jones Yembe for the job.

Finally, that the post of Secretary of State is bleeding him white as he runs the ministerial department from his pocket

The first proof of viciousness is that Dotta does not state on which occasion(s) Dr. Fuh Calistus made these declarations. Was it at a public occasion or during an interview with Dr. Fuh? If at a public occasion, which? And if during an interview, he Dotta, as a journalist should have published it verbatim in his Watchdog Newspaper. Lack of these two smacks of fabricated lies to soil the Secretary of State and antagonise him with other Donga Mantung elite.

The opening sentence of the essay is not a historical statement, but a comment “Anyone who is not afraid of a rattlesnake should fear Fuh Calistus Gentry”. He, however, contradicts himself in the very next statement. “Fuh Calistus of Misaje has been rated as a political novice of the highest degree, according to sample survey conducted in the streets, bars and liquor houses in Misaje Subdivision recently”.

Anybody who is as dangerous as a rattlesnake must be a tough and knowledgeable person, not a novice. Novices are inexperienced persons. Villains or dangerous people are clever people. A sample survey in journalistic terms is a vox pop or opinion sampling. For it to be credible, the writer should mention names. He says Fuh Calistus, after setting the CPDM party on fire, went into hiding. How? Where? Dr. Fuh lives and works in Yaoundé.

Dotta, has not said he went to his house or office, but didn’t see him. Who is hunting for him to make his going into hiding necessary? Dotta said Dr. Fuh Calistus sent his private secretary with one million FCFA to use in rigging elections in favour of a certain Njinke Philip, a primary school teacher. He claims Dr. Fuh made several phone calls at GP-DERUDEP instructing that Thomas Ntoban who stood against the rigging be sacked. Whom did Dr. Fuh phone in GP DERUDEP? We assume he means Mr. Muluh Gregory, Director of GP DERUDEP because he is the most competent person in that setup to sack anybody.

Again, he says, Dr. Fuh created the Misaje CPDM crisis. He does not tell us how. But he goes on to ramble on the allegation that he is using intrigues to remain in government at the expense of other Misaje elites Dr. Which of the elites is complaining? Dotta forgets that at the beginning of his essay he mentioned Ngafeeson Emmanuel and Shey Jones Yembe as rivals whom Dr. Fuh is bent on outsmarting. When an editor highlights a story, he is expected to elaborate on it. He doesn’t do so because his vicious mind is too preoccupied with soiling Dr.Fuh’s reputation tha he forgets the tenets of the journalism profession.

All in all, he leaves us with one impression that he is out to knock the heads of one Donga-Mantung elite against another. He mentions real names only to give his diatribe an iota of credibility, but ends up bungling the whole issue with statements he can’t back up and allegations he is unable to substantiate. We don’t need to ask if he is a journalist or a politician, given his vaulting ambition to become CPDM Section President.

Dotta claims in his mischievous write up that Fuh Calistus who is Secretary of State in the Ministry of Mines and Technological Development, is incompetent. Who told him so?President Biya who appointed him, Prime Minister Philemon Yang or the Minister of Mines and technological Development under whom Dr. Fuh works. On the contrary, Prime Minister Yang has confidence in him. Proof being the successful civic reception for the PM in the Northwest organized by Dr. Fuh. The fact that Dr. Fuh survived one last shake-up is enough proof of incompetence. What a contradiction.

Dotta concludes with an editor’s note in which he promises to tell the story of how “Fuh rigged his way to fame, his dubious scholarship scheme, his poorly executed contracts in Ako/Misaje, his evil intention to bring disunity and conflicts amongst the peace-loving and united clans that make up Misaje Subdivision. How many contracts has Dr. Fuh executed and how many have been rejected for poor performance ?

Dotta is on the wrong side of History. Even if he hadn’t the opportunity to attend a school of journalism, Dotta could still make a good writer if he made an effort to learn from his betters or read books on journalism. Unfortunately he has resolved to remain unlettered and uncivilised. He writes trash. That is no journalism. It is doubtful if the union of Cameroon journalists or CAMASEJ is really doing their work.

He says the article is a tip of the iceberg by him Dotta who took “the risk” to go out wild to campaign for him during the twin election of 2007 where he won the election for the CPDM Party and was appointed as a result”.

Added to Dotta’s mention of the fact that he was a candidate in the elections Dr. Fuh allegedly tried to rig, and the fact that he campaigned for the minister during the 2007 polls, the reasons for publishing the article is very clear. He is yearning for payment. Dotta wanted Dr. Fuh to back his (Dotta’s) candidacy. Secondly, he (Dotta) expected to be appointed like Fuh. He promises to publish another damaging article but stupidly lets the Cat out of the bag by stating the substance of that publication. He hopes by this threat to blackmail Dr. Fuh into negotiating with him.


The language used in the write up raises serious concerns about Dotta’s educational and linguistic background which I have already hinted on. Almost every sentence is desperately in need of correction and editing. To mention just a few. Talking about end of year festivities in Misaje Dotta says Dr. Fuh “invited some militants of his Nchaney clan to attend for fear that the angry ands disappointed militants may jeered and boored at him for his immature and clannish politics”

Is he using the simple present or part tense here? Why should an “S” be added to the word “and?” He quotes Dr. Fuh Calistus as saying that “in the whole of Donga-Mantung he remains the best candidate than Ngafeeson and Shey Jones Yembe for the jobs” Ridiculous. The correct expression is “he remains a better candidate than” he needs refresher courses in comparatives and superlatives.

Apart from using hackneyed metaphors Dotta doesn’t seem to know the difference between a phrase and a sentence - a clear proof that he lacks basic knowledge in syntax and phraseology. Hear him” “Like a fly calling itself a bird, Fuh Calistus Gentry, generally referred to as a political novice who foolishly claims that he is CPDM” This is not a sentence; it is a phrase because it hangs.

To continue to rip the whole open and write the reader’s time. The only remark one deems necessary to add here is that he lacks basic knowledge in semantics and syntax; his sentences are quite often winding and confusing, reflecting one confused nature of the writer. At the end he convinces nobody, not even himself. His real crime here, however, is not (that he commits any real harm, but that he intends one Fuh Calistus) is a benefactor from whom he, Dotta, has benefited more than anybody else.

We have a long list of favours Dr. Fuh has rendered him and will be making them public in subsequent editions if his onslaught against Dr. Fuh, the hardworking Secretary of State in the Ministry of Technological Development and other prominent sons of Donga- Mantung continues.

It is worth noting that a suspended five month sentence and a fine of 2.3 million FCFA is hanging over Dotta’s head. This resulted from a defamatory article against the DO of Misaje, Zacharias Ungito. Dotta boasts that Paul Nji Atanga, Special Duties Minister will intervene to ensure he doesn’t pay the money or go to jail.

He even says Ungito will be sacked before the appeal he (Dotta) took against the judgement is heard. So even if Paul Nji Atanga is sympathizing with him, the whole world must hear. Is that not another way of saying Minister Atanga obstructs justice or interferes with judicial procedure?

A minister working in close collaboration with the President of the Republic for that matter. Isn’t that fighting for the downfall of Atanga Nji? (The Vanguard censored a comment that can be read as a threat)

Juwkwi Hyson in Nkambe

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Youth Day Celebrations preparations intensified

The minister of Youth Affairs, Adoum Garoua, has said the national youth week activities will be launched in Maroua in the Far North Region on February 3 and 4. Minister Adoum Garoua was speaking in Yaoundé last Tuesday while chairing a preparatory meeting towards the celebration of the 44 edition of the National Youth day come February 11, 2010.

The meeting brought together representatives of partner ministries, youth associations, the National Youth Council as well as the forces of law and order. The launching this year will be marked by a tree planting exercise in Maroua. The Minister will among other issues meet with leaders of youth associations, and hand over donations to youths in prison in Maroua.

For this edition, which coincides with the anniversary celebrations a special square will be constituted of youths who will be distinguished by their prowess in different domains. Organisers are determined to ensure a hitch-free commemoration of the National Youth Day. The last preparatory meeting will take place on January 19.

By Ndi Eugene Ndi

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MIPROMALO adopts 2010 budget

The budget of the Local Materials Promotion Authority, MIPROMALO, for the 2010 financial year stands at FCFA 1, 368,500, 000. This was adopted by board members of MIPROMALO during their board meeting that took place at the headquarters of MIPROMALO in Yaounde last January 8, 2010.

With this budget the director said, MIPROMALO envisages amongst other actions for 2010 to foster partnership with the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing in the construction of some 10,000 low-cost houses around the country; reinforcing training of personnel; recruitment of researchers and award of labour medals to meritorious workers.

Meantime the Board Chair of MIPROMALO, Justin Njomatchoua, on his part, hailed the collaboration in 2009 which led to diverse successes witnessed by the institution including the FCFA 20 million scientific research competition prize. He said MIPROMALO would continue to carryout its mission in line with the policies defined by President Paul Biya.

It should be noted that that a budget of FCFA 891, 500, 000 was voted by the board members but because some finances for the institution were disbursed at the end of 2009, it has augmented the budget for 2010 to FCFA 1,368, 500, 000

By Ndi Eugene Ndi

Association Lumiere II elects new Exco members

Association Lumiere II, a Yaoundé-based development oriented association has elected Mr. Kouekam Jean Paul as their president. The Yaounde-based Bamilike business magnate was elected during an elective general assembly of the association that took place at the temporary site in Ngousso-Yaounde.

In a highly disputed election, the list that was headed by this business magnate suppressed that which was headed by the incumbent president, Toukam Marcous by a land slide victory. Speaking a few minutes after his election, the president elect said his first challenge will be to secure a site for the construction of the headquarters of the association. He added that he is going to personally contribute 70 per cent of all expenditures that will be incurred in the construction of the headquarters. This he said is because the association that has existed for more than fifteen years has not had any headquarters as they hold their meetings in someone’s house.As if that was not enough, the president elect also announced that he is going to provide uniforms to members of this association even before their installation in the weeks ahead.

To the Secretary General elect, Petoh Valentin, their election is a great challenge but as people who have lived in the quarter for long. “We are confident that we will live up to the expectations of the members of the association as well as inhabitants of Ngousso quarter in the Yaoundé V Subdivision”, he said.

With a two years mandate renewable, the bureau headed by Kouekam Jean Paul is expected amongst other things to increase the fight against insecurity that is a real menace to the inhabitants of the quarter.

Other bureau members elected alongside Kouekam Jean Paul include; the vice presiden, Eyinga Abraham, the secretary General; Petoh Valentin, the vice Secretary; General Kuinou Albert, the treasurer; Taché Levi, the adviser; Lekeufack Edourd and the assistant adviser; Nembot Omer.

By Ndi Eugene Ndi

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Notorious thief set on fire in Kumba

A notorious armed bandit whose names The Vanguard got only as Ebako was recently arrested and partially burnt in Kumba. Ebako has been a terror to many in the city of Kumba but recently fell prey to a lady who put up a fight.

A source hinted The Vanguard that Ebako attempted buggery in a lady’s house at Metta Quarters otherwise called “pulletin” quarters. When this lady noticed the presence of a thief in her house, she tiptoed gradually and suddenly found herself few centimetres behind the criminal without his notice. With an immediate action, she firmly gripped Ebako just like any other iron lady will do. This erupted into a battle.

It ended few minutes later when the lady in question cried out for help. It was an 'either you kill me or I kill you today' battle, according to a source. The inhabitants of Metta Quarters on hearing the cry quickly rushed to the battle ground and it became very populated just in the twinkle of an eye.

Seeing the crowed, Ebako lost spirit and weakened. Noticing Ebako to be a notorious Criminal; the angry mob used it as an opportunity to set him on fire. If not for the timely intervention of some good Samaritans, Ebako would have been buried to ashes.

Jungle justice and criminality is almost becoming a tradition in Kumba as a young man was thoroughly beaten to death in Fiango. Few days later another gentleman was assaulted, beaten and wounded with knives on his way to perform his morning duty at station. A source also revealed that his money was taken away. This should be seen by the forces of law and order as a sign to double their efforts in reducing or better still eradicating criminal activities in the city.

By Mulango Valentine K

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Taxi driver kidnapped two children in Kumba

Taxi driver arrested for kidnapping two children who boarded his taxi for Kumba Station. According to their testimony, they boarded the taxi from Fiango Kumba to Station, but instead the driver took them to Mbonge Road Kumba. Reaching Mbonge Road, one of them told the driver in a loud tone: “We said Station not Mbonge Road ”.

But the driver turned deaf ears to the little child’s plea. Instead he sped the more. The child having developed mental capacity opened one of the doors and jumped out of the taxi leaving his brother behind.

This attracted the attention of curious onlookers who became very inquisitive in knowing what is transpiring meanwhile the driver has maintained a steady speed Down Hill Mbonge Road with the kid’s brother.

After recounting the story, smart guys immediately went after the kidnapper. Reaching Down hill, the other child also succeeded in escaping from the vehicle and the driver stopped only to find himself in the midst of a mass of people. He was immediately arrested and taken to the National Gendarmerie located at Buea Road Kumba for proper interrogations.

Until now, it is not yet known where he was taking these children to.

By Mulango Valentine K.

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Deeper Life Bible Church Kumba Vandalized

The Deeper Life Bible Church Kumba and its regional secretariat have been vandalised for the third time by men of the under world. It was early Tuesday January 5, 2009 at about 9 a.m. when the thieves suddenly invaded the church compound which is at the same place as its Regional Secretariat.

The thieves, after a careful study of the place barged in during that early period knowing fully well that every one has gone to work. They used iron rods to twist and bend an iron door located behind the church which paved the way for them to gain access into the church.

When they got in, they broke into the guest room, scattered the beds and properties and finally destroyed the door leading to the Regional Pastor’s office. But unfortunately for them they found no money. This angered them the more as they collected some dresses and burnt just besides some ply wood near the guest room, said the Regional secretary of the Church, Mr. Valentine. “If not for God’s intervention, the church would have been transformed into ashes that early morning”, he added

It should be recalled that the first and second attacks on the church late last year led to the loss of property. But during this last attack, no property was taken but few were destroyed deliberately by the attackers who became stranded after they searched and found no money. The perpetrators of these acts are still on the run but investigations are going on.

It shocking to see that when some people fight to break bad habits in the New Year, others instead try to develop and generate bad ones. It should be noted that the holy writings declares that man is a free moral agents and thus has the freedom to choose what ever he pleases but should also keep in mind that every act of man shall be brought to judgement, The Vanguard warns.

By Mulango Valentine K.

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Bike tire cuts baby’s leg in Kumba

A seven (7) months old child has lost one of his legs in a tragic accident that occurred in Kossala, Kumba recently. Reports say the motorcycle that carried a mother and her 7 months child was in motion when the back tire began twisting her loin. This process continued for a while without her or the rider’s notice.

It only came to their knowledge after the loin had carried the child’s leg in between the spokes of the motorcycle. Before a rescue operation, the child had lost one of his legs. The child was immediately rushed to a near by hospital. On reaching there, it was discovered that the two leg pieces could not be joined again since the affected area was exposed to much air which led to the weakening of the nerves, a nurse told The Vanguard and added: “I doubt if the child will survive.”

This sad episode irritated the many eye witnesses. As a result, they decided to burn the motor bike to ashes. This decision could not be carried out because of two reasons: The first reason was how come the tire twisted the mother’s loin without her noticing that something of that sort was going on and the second was, how come the child’s leg found itself between the spokes. These two reasons made many who were present at the scene to attribute the accident to witchcraft, and not the lack of common sense of the mother and driver, and thus the bike rider’s life was saved as they did not hold him accountable. Nursing mothers, and in general all adults, should see this as an eye opener to deceased from boarding motor bikes when taxis are available all over town.

By Mulango Valentine K.

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MIPROMALO join forces with MINTP to promote local materials

Following a Prime Ministerial circular signed March 12, 2007 which stated that 50 per cent of public buildings should be constructed with local material, the Local Material Promotion Authority, MIPROMALO in partnership with the Ministry of Public Works, MINTP has organised a training workshop for public works controllers in the various regions. The first in a series of many opened in Yaoundé at the headquarters of MIPROMALO with some 23 public works controllers drawn from the Centre South and East regions.

Speaking at the opening of the seminar in Yaoundé, the Sub Director of Expertise and Local Materials in the Ministry of Public Works, Nguimdo Augustave, who sat in for the Minister, said the seminar is the first in a series which will be held nation-wide. He revealed that the second of its kind had to take place in Bamenda from the 14-18 of December 2009 for delegates from the North West and South West regions. According to the Sub Director, the use of local materials will help reduce the dependence on imported building materials like sand cement.

Speaking earlier at the Yaounde session, the Director of MIPROMALO, Prof. Uphie Chinje Melo, had told participants that the training had as major objective was aimed at acquainting public works controllers with the basic notions of construction using local material so as to enable public works staff effectively control constructions made with local material. This was because if someone did not master construction made with earth materials he or she could not effectively control it. The trainings she said fell within an agreement signed between the Ministry of Public Works and MIPROMALO.

Talking to the press after the opening ceremony in Yaounde, Prof Uphie Chinje Melo said the project was funded by the Ministry of Public Works to train the controllers on the field given that this ministry was responsible for new constructions in the country. She said in the six months road map of the Prime Minister to the Minister of Public Works it is stated that 50% of all constructions should be done with local materials.

Cognizant of the fact those public works controllers are used to sand cement blocks; the ministry thought it wise that they be trained on local materials. As local material promoters therefore, they had been solicited to carry out the training.

On how the training would ensure nation-wide coverage, the Director said MINPROMALO had decentralised centres in Bamenda and Garoua and moreso they had signed contracts with some 15 producers from all the 10 regions to make sure that they served as technology transfer centres in order to assure that these materials were available. Prof. Uphie also disclosed that MINPROMALO had mobile equipment that was at the disposal of those who wanted to build.

Even with this the Director said it was still not enough to satisfy every body. She was however optimistic that government will still finance some projects linked to that.
Like the director of MIPROMALO, the representative of the Minister of Public Works, NGUIMDO Augustave said the Ministry of Public Works, following the Prime Ministerial circular of the 12 of March 27 had decided to reinforce the capacity of its staff.

He admitted that the controllers from the ministry were not used to local materials and hence the seminar workshop was timely given that they will acquire some knowledge on how to control buildings with local materials. He added that houses constructed with local material did not absorb too much heat and therefore consumed less energy. Nguindo Augustave said his ministry would continue sensitisation efforts to contractors by 2011 so as to set up a local material production industry in Cameroon.

By Ndi Eugene

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