Monday, February 15, 2010

Association Lumiere II elects new Exco members

Association Lumiere II, a Yaoundé-based development oriented association has elected Mr. Kouekam Jean Paul as their president. The Yaounde-based Bamilike business magnate was elected during an elective general assembly of the association that took place at the temporary site in Ngousso-Yaounde.

In a highly disputed election, the list that was headed by this business magnate suppressed that which was headed by the incumbent president, Toukam Marcous by a land slide victory. Speaking a few minutes after his election, the president elect said his first challenge will be to secure a site for the construction of the headquarters of the association. He added that he is going to personally contribute 70 per cent of all expenditures that will be incurred in the construction of the headquarters. This he said is because the association that has existed for more than fifteen years has not had any headquarters as they hold their meetings in someone’s house.As if that was not enough, the president elect also announced that he is going to provide uniforms to members of this association even before their installation in the weeks ahead.

To the Secretary General elect, Petoh Valentin, their election is a great challenge but as people who have lived in the quarter for long. “We are confident that we will live up to the expectations of the members of the association as well as inhabitants of Ngousso quarter in the Yaoundé V Subdivision”, he said.

With a two years mandate renewable, the bureau headed by Kouekam Jean Paul is expected amongst other things to increase the fight against insecurity that is a real menace to the inhabitants of the quarter.

Other bureau members elected alongside Kouekam Jean Paul include; the vice presiden, Eyinga Abraham, the secretary General; Petoh Valentin, the vice Secretary; General Kuinou Albert, the treasurer; Taché Levi, the adviser; Lekeufack Edourd and the assistant adviser; Nembot Omer.

By Ndi Eugene Ndi

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