Monday, February 1, 2010

Bafoussam: Eco-Bank 100 Gabage Cans to Bafoussam City Council

In their on way of contributing to the campaign of hygiene and sanitation to the Bafoussam City Council, officials of Eco-Bank Cameroon have officially handed 100 garbage cans to the Bafoussam City Council. The official reception was done by the Government Delegate, Emmanuel Nzete, recently. This, the officials expect might go a long way to uplift Bafoussam City from the previous classification as worst and dirty town to the best and cleanest town of the West Region.

The 100 garbage cans were handed over by the Cameroon Eco-Bank GM’s representative Pierre Etienne Tam. Present at the ceremony was the HYSACAM Regional Manager, Joseph Nzomo; Bafoussam Ecobank Manager Tatchou Ghislain; and quarter heads of the Bafoussam City at the city council banquet hall Monday, January 4, 2010.

Handing over the garbage cans to the Government Delegate, Eco-Bank Cameroon GM’s representative said Eco-Bank Cameroon was supporting the Government Delegate to fulfil the promise he made during his installation to giving the town a new facelift. He had promised to erase the stigma of the dirtiest town from Bafoussam after the town had been classified as the dirtiest in the region. He said Eco-Bank was, in this way supporting the Cameroon government in the process of true decentralisation. Their dream was to reach all the Councils in Cameroon with the same gesture.

Receiving the gifts, the Bafoussam Government Delegate, thanked Eco-Bank Cameroon for the gesture. He called on other establishments, institutions or companies to emulate the example of Eco-Bank Cameroon so that hand-in-hand, they would succeed in making Bafoussam City a place to be.

The Government Delegate equally frowned at the population which does not respect the monthly Thursdays set aside for clean-up campaign day for the town of Bafoussam. He said instead of the cleaning, the people prefer to close their market places, bars, shops, and stores and sit beside doing nothing. He warned anyone caught in the dirty eating habit of sugar cane, bananas or groundnuts. The donation of the garbage cans followed with a working session between the Government Delegate, officials of Eco-Bank Cameroon, HYSACAM and quarter heads of the Mifi Division of the West region.

By Wambo Emmanuel in Bafoussam

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