Monday, February 15, 2010

Bike tire cuts baby’s leg in Kumba

A seven (7) months old child has lost one of his legs in a tragic accident that occurred in Kossala, Kumba recently. Reports say the motorcycle that carried a mother and her 7 months child was in motion when the back tire began twisting her loin. This process continued for a while without her or the rider’s notice.

It only came to their knowledge after the loin had carried the child’s leg in between the spokes of the motorcycle. Before a rescue operation, the child had lost one of his legs. The child was immediately rushed to a near by hospital. On reaching there, it was discovered that the two leg pieces could not be joined again since the affected area was exposed to much air which led to the weakening of the nerves, a nurse told The Vanguard and added: “I doubt if the child will survive.”

This sad episode irritated the many eye witnesses. As a result, they decided to burn the motor bike to ashes. This decision could not be carried out because of two reasons: The first reason was how come the tire twisted the mother’s loin without her noticing that something of that sort was going on and the second was, how come the child’s leg found itself between the spokes. These two reasons made many who were present at the scene to attribute the accident to witchcraft, and not the lack of common sense of the mother and driver, and thus the bike rider’s life was saved as they did not hold him accountable. Nursing mothers, and in general all adults, should see this as an eye opener to deceased from boarding motor bikes when taxis are available all over town.

By Mulango Valentine K.

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Anonymous said...

Witchcraft, wichcraft, witchcraft… is it not a clear sign of stupidicy of the driver and the mom to take a baby on a, by definition already dangerous, motorbike?