Monday, February 1, 2010

CPDM Noun Centre Sign Oath for 2011 Paul Biya

Militants and sympathisers of the ruling CPDM party in Kourom, Bangourain Sub Division of the Noun Division, West Region , have declared president Paul Biya their natural candidate for the 2011 Presidential Election. This decision was arrived at during their first ever joint conference of the CPDM sub sections in Kourom recently.

Addressing the militants, the Section President of Kourom, Njakouo Lamere, lauded the massive turnover of the militants. He called on all the militants to rally behind the CPDM party with President Paul Biya as their chairman. He noted that a true militant is he/she who respects and masters the basic texts of the party. He called on the militants to register in the voters’ register so that they can give the CPDM 100% vote come the 2011 presidential elections.

The Noun centre Section President said the endorsement of the Head of State as their natural candidate is a must. He said it should be considered as an oath. This, he attempted to justify, was due to the president’s spectacular achievements since he came to power. Thus considering the political posture and atmosphere, they should endorse him as their natural candidate in the 2011 presidential election. He announced to the militants that by the end of January 2010, rural roads and rural electrification of Kourom would have been completed.

Speaking on behalf of the elite’s, Abdou Chilli, who doubles as divisional officer for Bafoussam III division said it was another CPDM history making event in Kourom and the Noun division as a whole. The elite spokesman said that Kourom was unflinchingly behind president Paul Biya, reason why they have endorsed him their natural candidate. D.O. Abdou Chilli called on the CPDM resident militants to join the morning train or regret when time comes.

Present at the occasion were the three sub section presidents of the different wings of the CPDM party of Bangourain, the representative of the sultan of Foumban legalised political parties, local government , traditional , religious administrative authorities of the Noun Division.

By Wambo Emmanuel with field reports from Bangourain

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