Monday, February 15, 2010

Deeper Life Bible Church Kumba Vandalized

The Deeper Life Bible Church Kumba and its regional secretariat have been vandalised for the third time by men of the under world. It was early Tuesday January 5, 2009 at about 9 a.m. when the thieves suddenly invaded the church compound which is at the same place as its Regional Secretariat.

The thieves, after a careful study of the place barged in during that early period knowing fully well that every one has gone to work. They used iron rods to twist and bend an iron door located behind the church which paved the way for them to gain access into the church.

When they got in, they broke into the guest room, scattered the beds and properties and finally destroyed the door leading to the Regional Pastor’s office. But unfortunately for them they found no money. This angered them the more as they collected some dresses and burnt just besides some ply wood near the guest room, said the Regional secretary of the Church, Mr. Valentine. “If not for God’s intervention, the church would have been transformed into ashes that early morning”, he added

It should be recalled that the first and second attacks on the church late last year led to the loss of property. But during this last attack, no property was taken but few were destroyed deliberately by the attackers who became stranded after they searched and found no money. The perpetrators of these acts are still on the run but investigations are going on.

It shocking to see that when some people fight to break bad habits in the New Year, others instead try to develop and generate bad ones. It should be noted that the holy writings declares that man is a free moral agents and thus has the freedom to choose what ever he pleases but should also keep in mind that every act of man shall be brought to judgement, The Vanguard warns.

By Mulango Valentine K.

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