Monday, February 8, 2010

Hon. Ayah Paul condemns 2010 state budget of Cameroon

Says it is bloated and unnecessary expenditure.
Over CFA 40 Billion allocated for fuel for SGs

The CPDM Member of Parliament for Akwaya, Hon. Ayah Paul Abine, has described the 2010 state budget as unnecessary expenditure. This follows a close to 103 billion CFAF allocated by government on the budget as fuel and mission allowances to his members of government for next year.

The MP was speaking at the national assembly in Yaoundé during a plenary session to adopt the 2010 Finance bill lasted from November 31 to December 1, 2009. In an objection to the budget, Hon. Ayah condemned the bill saying that heavy amounts have been allocated for fuel and mission allowances to members of government in the 2010 budget. According to the CPDM MP for Akwaya, the allocation of heavy sums to these two areas is not reasonable given that Cameroon is a heavily indebted poor country.

To illustrate his arguments, Ayah Paul begins with fuel and says the credits set aside for 37 Secretaries General is 1.339.500.000 CFA F, according to Ayah’s analysis. Of that amount, he went on, the Secretaries General of the Executive arm of government share 98.5 %. The Legislature has nothing while the judiciary (the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Court) has 1.5 %, he complained.

To him, such arbitrary allocation of fuel credit shows the predominance of the Executive and the relegation to the background of the National Assembly that votes the credits. Hon. Ayah expressed disappointment that the total appropriation for 74 persons in the various ministries would be FCFA 2.679.000.000. This represents 1.6 percent of the total colossal allocation of FCFA 40.892.494.000 for fuel for the entire nation.

To make his analysis more realistic, Ayah Paul said unlike Ministers, Secretaries General work essentially within Yaoundé. Hence no one of them can say he is able to use fuel for CFA 10 million F per year driving from his house to the office and back. It is therefore very difficult, if not impossible, to justify that a Secretary General needs 6 million CFA F for fuel in one month.

Going by statistics, Ayah cited the Secretary General at the presidency of the republic with 782.5 million CFA F for fuel followed by the SG of Public works with 50 million and the SG at the PM’s office and Economy with 35 million each. As for the minister’s cabinet, the Ministry of Finance tops chart with 135 million for fuel followed by Public Works and Economy with 130 each. The Ministry of Scientific Research comes at the end of the classification table with 8 million.

On a general classification table, MINATD comes first with an envelop of 13 billion CFA F followed closely by the Ministry of Defence with 7 billion and the presidency of the Republic with 3 billion.( All of these for fuel only for one year). For missions, the Ministry of sports and Physical Education comes first with 8.5 billion followed by Secondary Education with 5 billion and thirdly Finance with 3.6 billion.

According to Ayah’s analysis, if government reduces the general allocation for fuel by 50%, it creates more employment opportunities for youths. To this effect, boost production will be increased. If such a reduction is effected, Ayah Paul deduced, it could save FCFA 20.446.355.000. These savings, according to his analysis, would provide grants of FCFA 1.200.000 each to 17,000 youth as capital for opening 17.000 small scale farms. Such a move would be a great victory for youth unemployment.

After pointing out all these failures of the 2010 bill, Hon Ayah moved that the bill be rejected for the corrections to be effected. But the overwhelming majority of CPDM MPs ignored his pleas and adopted the draft bill that stands at 2.570 billion CFA F. It should be noted that it is for these acts considered “dirty” by Hon. Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine that he resigned from his post as president of the External Relations Commission of the National Assembly last year.

By NDI Eugene NDI

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