Monday, February 8, 2010

Late execution of projects blamed on late awards

The North West Regional Controller of Finance, Mrs. Alice Nouboue, has blamed the late execution of projects in the Region to the late award of contracts by the Tenders Board. Late engagement of some credits, especially those related to public investments, was another cause, she pointed out.

The Finance Controller was speaking during the launching of the 2010 State budget in the North West Region on January 14, 2010. She equally instanced the erroneous treasury stations, software difficulties in confirming the electronic copies for some allocations and frequent failures of the server due to frequent electricity power failures. These failures cause frequent interruptions in the treatment of some files. Other problems, she stressed, included the non-respect of the reception commissions in some localities of the region and dishonesty of some contractors.

Harping on some innovations in the 2010 Finance Law, Mrs. Alice Nobuoue said emphasis has been put on medical equipment which is a sign that Government is paying great attention to the well-being of its citizens.

All recruitment of workers on permanent basis is prohibited except with the express permission of the Prime Minister or the President of the Republic and expenses related to the decentralisation process should be done following Law Nº 2004/017 of 22/07/2004 (orientation of decentralisation), Nº 2007/006 of 26/12/017 (financial regime) and Nº 2009/11 of 10/07/2009”. She corrected that the role of Controller of Finance in the different councils is devolved to the municipal treasurers.

In order to improve on the revenue collection in the North West, the Inspector of Taxes for the North West, Gana Joseph, said his service will strive to broaden the tax base, mobilise personnel to work with a lot of discipline, engagement, probity, patriotism and collaborate with other arms of the administration. He announced that windscreen licences (vignettes automobile) were already on sale in all the tax centres of the Region.

He warned that the deadline for the automobile users to procure the windscreen licence is January 31, 2010 as the penalties that may be attached to late payments might be very embarrassing.

“Note should be taken that not even administrative vehicles are exonerated. As such, all vehicle owners, private or administrative are liable besides, vehicles for the maintenance of law and order by the police and ambulances for hospitals.”

The Chief of taxes said it was thanks to the mass information and sensitisation meetings with different categories of tax payers and the building of their capacities as far as the payment of taxes is concerned that there was improvement of revenue collection in 2009.

He said the taxation sector would have done even better but for the fact that it faces the problem of acute shortage of staff and service vehicles. The flourishing of the informal sector and the acute shortage of trained personnel and most especially the fact that most Divisional Tax Centres are located in the Administrative headquarters which most often are not the economic strong holds of the Division, was another cause.

By Chifu Edward

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