Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mboua Massok on 1200 km Protest Trek - demands Cameroon’s complete liberation from France

The initiator of the “Operation Ghost Towns” phenomenon that almost paralysed the country in Cameroon in 1990, Mboua Massok, has embarked on a 1200 km nationwide one-man protest march in demand for the complete liberation of Cameroon from France.

In an exclusive interview with this reporter, Mboua Massok after declaring his candidature for the 2011 Presidential elections lamented that all decisions in Cameroon were influenced by France. He vowed to fight tooth and nail to ensure the total liberation of Cameroon from France.

“It’s regrettable that although we say we are independent,
France has been influencing the decisions
of Cameroon for 50 years running
and we want to celebrate 50 years
of our independence.
This is hypocrisy”.

The politician had already marched through six regions of the country. He distributed tracts as he marched along calling on the total liberation of Cameroon from France and free, fair and transparent elections in Cameroon. The tracts observed that if the 50th anniversary is celebrated because French speaking sector of Cameroon got its independence in 1960, “then 49th anniversary should equally be celebrated for the English-speaking sector of the country which got her independence in 1961”.

Mboua Massok was in Bamenda from January 26 to 27, 2010 for the same exercise. In the early hours of January 27, Mboua Massok was arrested by some elements of Gendarmerie of the Brigade Ter in front of Pelican Hotel, Ntarinkon, Bamenda where he passed the night. He was later taken to the Gendarmerie Legion headquarters, Up Station Bamenda.

After several hours of interrogation over his mission to the North West Region at this time when the Region is preparing to receive the Head of State, he was released. According to the forces of law and order they feared the radical politician’s presence in Bamenda “because he is very unpredictable”.

Before Mboua Massok left Bamenda for Babadjou in the West Region trekking in protest, he distributed tracts to the population all over the town. The tracts entreated Government to embark on the massive registration of voters to ensure that at least 10 out the 18 million Cameroonians are registered before the 2011 Presidential elections. They equally enjoined Government to publish the population census results for Cameroon to know their numbers establish election cards and hand over to voters, computerise all electoral processes, institute unique ballot papers for each candidate and institute 70 years as age limit for the candidates at the Presidential elections.

The tract titled; “National Campaign of Sovereignty” entreated Government to change ELECAM’s configuration and institute voting age at 18 years.

By Munki Michael

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