Monday, February 15, 2010

MP empowers Youths; announces arrival of Industrial Zone

Hon Simon Fobi Nchinda, member of Parliament for Mezam Centre, has started a youth empowerment project in his area of command viz: Bamenda I, II, III and Bali, through parliamentary micro grants. This is being done through assistance to schools and giving money to youths to embark on profitable small scale business ventures.

On January 29, 2010, Hon. Fobi was at G.S Alankie in Mankon, Bamenda II, where he donated several bags of cement to enable the PTA of the school rehabilitate some of the classrooms which had collapsed. He also promised assistance to the school in the days ahead. On Sunday January 31, Hon. Fobi was at the Nkwen Fon’s Palace where over 100 youths were given some financial assistance to encourage them embark in their micro businesses and studies.

Welcoming the gifts, the Headmaster of G.S Alankie, Chi Samuel, lauded the generosity of the parliamentarian and promised that the PTA was going to use the cement for the purpose for which it was intended. He revealed that the school was created some time in 1999 and has already passed out six batches. G.S Alankie as of now has an enrolment of 207 pupils with a staff strength of seven.

Hon Fobi assured the parents and teachers of the school that he will spend his micro project grants to the last franc on the population under his jurisdiction before donating the bags of cement. He boasted that he had promised to bring pipe-borne water to Mankon and did just that to the satisfaction of Fon Angwafo III of Mankon and his subjects.

Amidst a standing ovation, he announced that through his intervention, the Bamenda – Mbengwi road will be tarred this year covering some 20 km with the greatest portion of the road running through Mankon.

Congratulating Hon. Fobi, the Mayor of Bamenda III, Prince Amando, said it was first of its kind in his municipality for an MP to table all his parliamentary grants before the electorate to decide on what projects to execute.

“I am happy that our parliamentarian has decided to embark on the empowerment of the youths this time because it’s said empowering the youths is empowering the entire family. When we talk of change, this is the real change we are witnessing from Hon. Fobi”.

He said Hon.Fobi was very sincere in what he was doing because he is distributing the micro project grants at the time elections are far away and promised that they (Mayors) will emulate his example.

“Hon. Fobi is very consistent in the way he distributes the parliamentary micro project grants. Last year, he constructed culverts, roads, and bridges and donated benches to schools and churches and this time, he has embarked on the empowering of the youths. We are lucky to have sent somebody to parliament who is matching words with actions”,
said corroborating Mayor Amando, the District Chairman for Bamenda III.

He opined that unlike other MPs, instead of people asking Hon. Fobi what he has done with his parliamentary micro projects grants, he is the one asking people what they have done with the grants because he hands every franc he brings from the parliament to the people. The District Chairman called on Cameroonians to give SDF the chance to show good governance. He classified Hon. Fobi as the best SDF MP since the advent of multi-party politics in Cameroon.

The chairman of the Bamenda III micro project grant committee, Mr Asobo Samuel Mbuya, explained that last year, Hon. Fobi handed the sum of 8 million FCFA to his electorates for the four sub-divisions to decide on what to do with the money and this year he has done the same. He said over 100 youths applied for assistance from the 2009 grants and his committee did a transparent selection giving priority to victims and patients of HIV/AIDS.

In order to fight poverty and unemployment amongst the youths, Hon. Fobi said he took the opportunity as a member of the Finance committee of the parliament and caused the creation of the industrial zone at mile 6 Nkwen. According to him, 1 billion FCFA has already been allocated for the project which will take off this year.

“We will make the place attractive to investors by bringing water, electricity and good roads to the place. Already, two big companies have announced their coming”.

He was sure that several youths will be employed when work starts at the industrial zone.
According to the itinerary, Hon. Fobi will be in Bamenda I on February 3, Bamenda II on February 4 and Bali on February 8.

By Munki Michael

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