Monday, February 15, 2010

Taxi driver kidnapped two children in Kumba

Taxi driver arrested for kidnapping two children who boarded his taxi for Kumba Station. According to their testimony, they boarded the taxi from Fiango Kumba to Station, but instead the driver took them to Mbonge Road Kumba. Reaching Mbonge Road, one of them told the driver in a loud tone: “We said Station not Mbonge Road ”.

But the driver turned deaf ears to the little child’s plea. Instead he sped the more. The child having developed mental capacity opened one of the doors and jumped out of the taxi leaving his brother behind.

This attracted the attention of curious onlookers who became very inquisitive in knowing what is transpiring meanwhile the driver has maintained a steady speed Down Hill Mbonge Road with the kid’s brother.

After recounting the story, smart guys immediately went after the kidnapper. Reaching Down hill, the other child also succeeded in escaping from the vehicle and the driver stopped only to find himself in the midst of a mass of people. He was immediately arrested and taken to the National Gendarmerie located at Buea Road Kumba for proper interrogations.

Until now, it is not yet known where he was taking these children to.

By Mulango Valentine K.

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