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Dear Editor,

I read with shock and consternation a front page story titled “Fuh Culistus sets Misaje CPDM on fire: Goes into hiding”. Also highlighted on the front page was the sub heading “Misaje CPDM crises caused by Fuh Culistus, scares militants”.

He begins the story with a number of quotes attributed to the Minister. The paper also refers to Dr. Fuh Calistus as saying crises or no crises in Misaje, CPDM or no CDPM, no one can cause his sacking as member of government. That with his good friend, Yang Philemon as Prime Minister, he is sure, of becoming a full minister in the next cabinet shake up. That in the whole of Donga-Mantung Division, he remains the best candidate than Ngafeson and Shey Jones Yembe for the job.

Finally, that the post of Secretary of State is bleeding him white as he runs the ministerial department from his pocket

The first proof of viciousness is that Dotta does not state on which occasion(s) Dr. Fuh Calistus made these declarations. Was it at a public occasion or during an interview with Dr. Fuh? If at a public occasion, which? And if during an interview, he Dotta, as a journalist should have published it verbatim in his Watchdog Newspaper. Lack of these two smacks of fabricated lies to soil the Secretary of State and antagonise him with other Donga Mantung elite.

The opening sentence of the essay is not a historical statement, but a comment “Anyone who is not afraid of a rattlesnake should fear Fuh Calistus Gentry”. He, however, contradicts himself in the very next statement. “Fuh Calistus of Misaje has been rated as a political novice of the highest degree, according to sample survey conducted in the streets, bars and liquor houses in Misaje Subdivision recently”.

Anybody who is as dangerous as a rattlesnake must be a tough and knowledgeable person, not a novice. Novices are inexperienced persons. Villains or dangerous people are clever people. A sample survey in journalistic terms is a vox pop or opinion sampling. For it to be credible, the writer should mention names. He says Fuh Calistus, after setting the CPDM party on fire, went into hiding. How? Where? Dr. Fuh lives and works in Yaoundé.

Dotta, has not said he went to his house or office, but didn’t see him. Who is hunting for him to make his going into hiding necessary? Dotta said Dr. Fuh Calistus sent his private secretary with one million FCFA to use in rigging elections in favour of a certain Njinke Philip, a primary school teacher. He claims Dr. Fuh made several phone calls at GP-DERUDEP instructing that Thomas Ntoban who stood against the rigging be sacked. Whom did Dr. Fuh phone in GP DERUDEP? We assume he means Mr. Muluh Gregory, Director of GP DERUDEP because he is the most competent person in that setup to sack anybody.

Again, he says, Dr. Fuh created the Misaje CPDM crisis. He does not tell us how. But he goes on to ramble on the allegation that he is using intrigues to remain in government at the expense of other Misaje elites Dr. Which of the elites is complaining? Dotta forgets that at the beginning of his essay he mentioned Ngafeeson Emmanuel and Shey Jones Yembe as rivals whom Dr. Fuh is bent on outsmarting. When an editor highlights a story, he is expected to elaborate on it. He doesn’t do so because his vicious mind is too preoccupied with soiling Dr.Fuh’s reputation tha he forgets the tenets of the journalism profession.

All in all, he leaves us with one impression that he is out to knock the heads of one Donga-Mantung elite against another. He mentions real names only to give his diatribe an iota of credibility, but ends up bungling the whole issue with statements he can’t back up and allegations he is unable to substantiate. We don’t need to ask if he is a journalist or a politician, given his vaulting ambition to become CPDM Section President.

Dotta claims in his mischievous write up that Fuh Calistus who is Secretary of State in the Ministry of Mines and Technological Development, is incompetent. Who told him so?President Biya who appointed him, Prime Minister Philemon Yang or the Minister of Mines and technological Development under whom Dr. Fuh works. On the contrary, Prime Minister Yang has confidence in him. Proof being the successful civic reception for the PM in the Northwest organized by Dr. Fuh. The fact that Dr. Fuh survived one last shake-up is enough proof of incompetence. What a contradiction.

Dotta concludes with an editor’s note in which he promises to tell the story of how “Fuh rigged his way to fame, his dubious scholarship scheme, his poorly executed contracts in Ako/Misaje, his evil intention to bring disunity and conflicts amongst the peace-loving and united clans that make up Misaje Subdivision. How many contracts has Dr. Fuh executed and how many have been rejected for poor performance ?

Dotta is on the wrong side of History. Even if he hadn’t the opportunity to attend a school of journalism, Dotta could still make a good writer if he made an effort to learn from his betters or read books on journalism. Unfortunately he has resolved to remain unlettered and uncivilised. He writes trash. That is no journalism. It is doubtful if the union of Cameroon journalists or CAMASEJ is really doing their work.

He says the article is a tip of the iceberg by him Dotta who took “the risk” to go out wild to campaign for him during the twin election of 2007 where he won the election for the CPDM Party and was appointed as a result”.

Added to Dotta’s mention of the fact that he was a candidate in the elections Dr. Fuh allegedly tried to rig, and the fact that he campaigned for the minister during the 2007 polls, the reasons for publishing the article is very clear. He is yearning for payment. Dotta wanted Dr. Fuh to back his (Dotta’s) candidacy. Secondly, he (Dotta) expected to be appointed like Fuh. He promises to publish another damaging article but stupidly lets the Cat out of the bag by stating the substance of that publication. He hopes by this threat to blackmail Dr. Fuh into negotiating with him.


The language used in the write up raises serious concerns about Dotta’s educational and linguistic background which I have already hinted on. Almost every sentence is desperately in need of correction and editing. To mention just a few. Talking about end of year festivities in Misaje Dotta says Dr. Fuh “invited some militants of his Nchaney clan to attend for fear that the angry ands disappointed militants may jeered and boored at him for his immature and clannish politics”

Is he using the simple present or part tense here? Why should an “S” be added to the word “and?” He quotes Dr. Fuh Calistus as saying that “in the whole of Donga-Mantung he remains the best candidate than Ngafeeson and Shey Jones Yembe for the jobs” Ridiculous. The correct expression is “he remains a better candidate than” he needs refresher courses in comparatives and superlatives.

Apart from using hackneyed metaphors Dotta doesn’t seem to know the difference between a phrase and a sentence - a clear proof that he lacks basic knowledge in syntax and phraseology. Hear him” “Like a fly calling itself a bird, Fuh Calistus Gentry, generally referred to as a political novice who foolishly claims that he is CPDM” This is not a sentence; it is a phrase because it hangs.

To continue to rip the whole open and write the reader’s time. The only remark one deems necessary to add here is that he lacks basic knowledge in semantics and syntax; his sentences are quite often winding and confusing, reflecting one confused nature of the writer. At the end he convinces nobody, not even himself. His real crime here, however, is not (that he commits any real harm, but that he intends one Fuh Calistus) is a benefactor from whom he, Dotta, has benefited more than anybody else.

We have a long list of favours Dr. Fuh has rendered him and will be making them public in subsequent editions if his onslaught against Dr. Fuh, the hardworking Secretary of State in the Ministry of Technological Development and other prominent sons of Donga- Mantung continues.

It is worth noting that a suspended five month sentence and a fine of 2.3 million FCFA is hanging over Dotta’s head. This resulted from a defamatory article against the DO of Misaje, Zacharias Ungito. Dotta boasts that Paul Nji Atanga, Special Duties Minister will intervene to ensure he doesn’t pay the money or go to jail.

He even says Ungito will be sacked before the appeal he (Dotta) took against the judgement is heard. So even if Paul Nji Atanga is sympathizing with him, the whole world must hear. Is that not another way of saying Minister Atanga obstructs justice or interferes with judicial procedure?

A minister working in close collaboration with the President of the Republic for that matter. Isn’t that fighting for the downfall of Atanga Nji? (The Vanguard censored a comment that can be read as a threat)

Juwkwi Hyson in Nkambe

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