Sunday, March 14, 2010

16 Detained for SCNC Activities

Some 16 activists, six women included, of the secessionist Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC), now operating as the United Nations State of Cameroon, arrested in Nwa Sub-Division of Donga Mantung Division recently are presently languishing in the Nkambe prison awaiting trial.

According to security sources 16 activists of the United Nation State of Cameroon were arrested in the Nfeh village in Nwa sub-division at the residence of their leader, a certain Mr. Nwunzah Musah. The Vanguard was hinted that the 16 were holding a meeting upon their arrest.

As per the order from the Nkambe State Counsel, one of the women who was seemingly mental was released, leaving the cell with 10 men and 5 women with one of them pregnant, The Vanguard learned.

It is said that the steam of the secessionists was coming more from some disgruntled Cameroonians settled in the neighbouring Nigeria. These people have been pressurising the United Nations Organisation to cede to them the former British Trust Territory Northern and Southern Cameroons.

They continue to blame the United Nations for their untold sufferings for arbitrating a faked independence between the Federal State of Southern Cameroons and the la République du Cameroun.

They further begrudge Nigeria for bias treatment. Given its closeness to Nigeria and the hardship borne by the people, Nwa Sub-Division in Donga Mantung Division has been noted for secessionists’ activities. From the Southern Cameroon National Council (SCNC) to now the United Nations State of Cameroon, the people are turning on the same idea of seceding.

Sources from the Nkambe High Court state that, the 15 activists languishing in the Nkambe Prison awaiting trial shall face charges of secession and disruption of public peace. When The Vanguard stopped at the prison to see the detained activists, it was faced with much stiffness as the Prison’s Superintendent vowed that no pressman could talk to any of them except with permission from his Regional boss. Efforts to reach the Regional boss failed.

A warder on duty The Vanguard cornered on condition of anonymity confided that the detainees were living in very bad and painful conditions. With pity, he regretted that the female detainees despite their old ages were sleeping on the bare floor: not like it was the intention of the prison authorities but because such facilities were not available. On when these people would be tried in the court of law, remained a one dollar question.

Talking to The Vanguard in his office, the Senior Divisional Officer for Donga-Mantung, Mr. Mbiwan Nchaffu frowned strongly at such activities aimed at jeopardizing the most enjoyed peace in the Division and Cameroon as a whole. He described the activities as dumfounding and absolute. He said he had often pleaded with the people to live in peace but anyone who interrupts peace should be ready to through the same sufferings.

By Wamey Panky

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