Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bafoussam I SDF Adopts New Political Strategies

Committee members of the Social Democratic Front party (SDF) of the Bafoussam I Electoral District in the Mifi Division of the West Region have adopted another new political strategy in order to combat attempts by heavy weight CDPM to seize the three councils from the SDF in the division.

They met at the SDF region’s secretariat last Sunday January 17, 2010, under the District Chairperson, Deffo Oumbe Sangong. Also present were: Barrister Joseph Tsapy, resource person who also doubles as Legal Adviser to the National Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi. It was an opportunity for the ward chairmen and women to evaluate activities of their party in the 2009 year and adopt new ones to better the party that was in a stage of collapse.

Speaking to the committee members the District Chair praised the SDF ward chairs for their stewardship to the party. Though detractors had put all mechanisms to steer the party apart, they will remain leaking their wounds because as a God-sent party the wind is past Deffo confirmed.

Reacting to some public statements made during meetings and rallies by some CPDM big-wigs that history will never repeat itself over the winning of the three councils and one of the two parliamentary seats of the Mifi by the opposition, Deffo said all measures are being put in place in their new plan of action to arrest any attempt of election rigging by the CPDM as was the case with the one parliamentary seat which he won.

He cautioned the militants through their ward chairs to be more vigilant with any move by the CPDM. He cited the case where ID cards were collected from motor commercial riders in a bit to offer them free helmets. This could be another mechanism of rigging Sangong insinuated during a heated debate with committee members on the proper functioning of the district in 2010. For the party to function well in the district, a finance committee was voted and assigned up to 7th February 2010 to present a budgetary report.

On his part, Barrister Joseph Tsapy expressed bitterness and surprises why a CPDM member of parliament should leave his constituency and think of sharing micro-project grants in another one. This in itself has been described by Barrister Joseph Tsapy as sun on a rainy day. Coupled with a stretch of one kilometre of road contract won from by Hon Jean Keutcha from Carrefour Auberge to Fire Lajou Bafoussam, Barrister Joseph Tsapy reminded his comrades that the said road company was driven in Yaoundé because of poor road execution. The 10 km of road to be graded by Hon. Jean Keutcha free was also said to be already earmarked to be executed with HIPC funds.

The SDF Bafoussam I Committee members were also drilled on the counter reaction of the Head of State’s message on the 31st December to the nation by the Second National Chairman, Joshua Osih. Copies of the counter address by the Second National Chairman were handed to ward chairs to keep their militants on the alert.

By Wambo Emmanuel.

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