Sunday, March 7, 2010

BAPCCUL charts poverty alleviation measures

The president of the Bamenda Police Credit Union, Mr. Musa Shey Nfor, in double capacity as CAMCCUL president has announced innovative measures adapted to reduce poverty and improve on the lot of BAPCCUL members. He made the declaration on Saturday January 16, 2010 at the Bamenda Congress Hall during the Annual General Assembly of BAPCCUL.

Musa said the Bamenda branch apart from Sunday depositing services will provide possibilities for traders, taxi men and other members to get money on Sundays when ‘hard up’. He said BAPCCUL as part of CAMCCUL networks will create a conducive environment which shall not only favour the poor but also for those identified with the dilemma of the underprivileged in the poverty reduction scheme. Musa overwhelmed members with the announcement that rebates shall be given to members who borrow money and pay interest. He further disclosed that measures have been taken to enable ‘small’ truck pushers to obtain huge loans to build big houses and buy cars because they too deserve such ‘comfort’.

The General Assembly was presided over by the Divisional Officer for the Bamenda II Mr Guiakam Dzutchuyim Jacques. Over 1500 Members were in attendance. Marveled by the tenacity of the union, the D.O. lauded BAPCCUL for the meaningful services being rendered to members over the years thus improving on their living standards.

After audited reports, Members hailed officials for assiduity which has made them proud of the union even at International levels. Elections were conducted and Mr. Musa was re-elected president by acclamation. Mr. Ngwang Elvis was voted into the Board of Directors. Mrs. Fortingo Justine was re-elected into the Supervisory Committee while Mrs. Yengi Delphine was voted again into the Women’s Committee.

The re-elected president, Musa Shey Nfor, recalling that Bamenda Police Cooperative Credit Union is not only for police reminded members that with the confidence bestowed. On him the board and other committees, the members should continue to expect more from BAPCCUL as a source of reassurance. Musa hailed the spirit of togetherness and urged elected officials to work for the interest of the members.

By Chifu Edward

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