Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gendarme detains teacher for punishing daughter, students raid Gendarmerie to release their teacher

There is a lesson to be learned here. A teacher of Government High School Misaje, Misaje Sub-Division in Donga-Mantung Division whose names The Vanguard only got as Mr. Nganti was recently arrested and detained by the Misaje Brigade Commander, adjutant-chef Joseph Eyong Eyong for punishing his own daughter.

The story goes that the teacher, Mr. Nganti had given a class assignment, and the Commander’s daughter was among those who did not do the assignment. When the teacher sorted out those who did not do the assignment and asked them to kneel down, the Commander’s daughter who felt she was the commander of the class more than the teacher, refused to kneel. Beside the blunt refusal, she ignored the teacher and continued making noise when the teacher had asked the students to stop making a noise.

The teacher who felt slighted and humiliated resorted to using a whip on her. She then walked out of the class and rushed home. When she informed her father about the situation, Mr. Joseph Eyong Eyong, the Brigade Commander is said to have consoled her daughter with a threat of teaching the teacher a lesson.

The next day, he is reported to have rushed to Nkambe and cajoled a State Counsel who issued him a warrant of arrest. Brandishing this document to the said teacher, the Brigade Commander then arrested him and detained in his cell. The Principal of the school, Mrs. Monica Nchuwa Yuki made trips to the brigade for her teacher to be released but in vain. Some top government personalities and elite intervened and advised the Brigade Commander to release the teacher but he gave them a deaf ear.

Given that it was a Friday, students only got the arrest and detention of their teacher as rumour. It was only on the following Monday that the rumour became a reality to the students when they came to school and waited until 10 a.m. without seeing their teacher. Without any permission from the school authority, it is told; the students abandoned their classes and went on rampage in search of their teacher. They were chanting threatening songs warning whoever was keeping their teacher to release him or face their wrath. They all marched to the Brigade requesting for the unconditional and quick release of their teacher.

The students, who are said to have been looking so wild, carried with them clubs and stones. The said Brigade Commander and some of his elements are reported to have disappeared in thin air. Only one of the Gendarmes who feared approaching the students rushed to the cell and released the teacher but locked-up himself in an office. The students who had enclosed the Brigade hunting for the said Commander, felt disappointed not getting him but quite satisfied seeing their teacher. They sang songs of victory as they escorted their teacher back to school.

The act has been condemned in strong terms by the Divisional authorities of the Cameroon Teachers’ Trade Union (CATTU), the indigenes and other civil servants in the area. The CATTU Divisional Boss, Mr. Pancrasius Wamey threatened that the teachers were not going to take such irresponsible acts any longer from any parent. He rather prayed parents to be open to teachers and cooperate with them for the sake of their children. It was a serious warning to parents who often support their wayward children against the teacher rather than collaborating with these teachers to mend their children.

When contacted to comment on the act, the Divisional Officer for Misaje, Mr. Zachary Ungito Cheiko preferred to seal his lips on the grounds that much had been written against this very Commander but no effect from hierarchy.

It should be noted that Adjoudant-Chef Joseph Eyong Eyong has become rather a thorn in the flesh of the people of Misaje: he is suspected to have had a hand in the burglary of the Misaje Sub-Treasury where money kept under his custody disappeared. He was also involved in a marijuana racket, where he went into financial negotiations with marijuana traffickers asking them to pay him the sum of over four hundred thousand francs (cfaf 400,000frs) before passing with it to Nigeria. This met with the timely intervention of the Company Commander Captain, Michael Sowi, who later transported the said 11 bags of marijuana to the Regional authorities in Bamenda.

Furthermore, in a crucial meeting presided recently by the Senior Divisional Officer for Donga-Mantung, Mr. Mbiwan Nchaffu, with traditional rulers, Fulanies, business operators and the Municipal authorities of Misaje in the S. D. O’s office, the people associated the rampant cattle rustling in the area to the said Brigade Commander. They accused him of direct complicity with the rustlers to completely ruin them in cattle rearing. Many cattle farmers have been frustrated of recent by cattle rustlers.

According to the Misaje D.O, Mr. Zachary Ugito Cheiko, the said commander, Joseph Eyong, often violates his orders with impunity claiming a solid Yaoundé backing. The D.O confirmed that he had made several reports which he thought hierarchy would use to correct him but he is left helpless by the powers that be and so he had refrained from bothering himself writing.

The press was equally hinted that he illegally arrested and detained some six notables of Nkanchi in Misaje Sub-Division and requested them to pay c.f.a 10,000 each. The innocent notables were only rescued by a Nkambe State Counsel, who did not only order for their release but also for the money to be refunded to them. This he did by order.
Most of the indigenes are worried why the powers that be cannot correct such a wayward authority who rather exploits, extorts and give the people but pains. A man who is more interested in serving himself rather than the people left at his disposal.

By our newsdesk

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