Monday, March 22, 2010

Leke Confesses having betrayed the SCNC for money

Theodore Leke, one time SCNC activist from Lebialem Division, has confessed having received money from the Cameroon government to betray the SCNC. Theodore Leke made the revelation recently in Limbe to one of the frontline SCNC activists.

In the company of Chief Isaac Oben, Theodore Leke received money from the Minister of justice some time in 2004 to create their own faction of the SCNC so as to go to Banjul and with draw Communication 266/2003 that pitted the secessionist group against La République du Cameroun. Leke’s own share was 15 million francs, which he confesses was never even given all. He failed to reveal Chief Oben’s share.

Once they were contacted by the government agent they moved to Bamenda where they met another group of SCNC activists and attempted to cajole to join them to go and meet the Minister of Justice Ahmadou Ali.

The intentions sounded so pure that a delegation was constituted with late Albert Mukong as one of them. A hitch occurred whereby the members insisted that a certain Mr Mbide Charles must be included in the delegation. Unknown to the group they had already contacted the said Mbide Charles who had turned down the offer. They had equally contacted late Dr Luma’s widow, Kalthuma Luma, to be on their side.

A second attempt to get Mbide to their side failed and when they bent to meet Madame Luma she too refused accompanying them to Yaoundé. On the appointed date Albert Mukong went to Yaoundé but was dribbled and he returned frustrated. However, SCNC sources revealed that Chief Oben was seen moving in an air-conditioned Limousine looking like the owner in Yaoundé.

There they struck a deal and signed a press release that the SCNC was already negotiating with La République du Cameroun. The intention was to take it to Banjul and other important world organs like the ICJ and the UN, given that Kofi Anan had prescribed dialogue between the SCNC and La République du Cameroun in May 2000.

The deal bungled as it immediately leaked. A delegation of government SCNC led by Chief Oben appeared in Banjul in May 2000, pleading that the Communication 266 be withdrawn. They were never allowed even to enter the corridor.

“How can different people sue a matter and different persons come to withdraw it?” the Commissioners wondered. The long and short of it is that despite all the money spent by the Cameroon government Chief Oben and Leke, who was Spokesperson, failed in their mischievous mission.

The money now finished, and Leke apparently feeling the heat of the oncoming independence of Southern Cameroons opted to confess. He asked to be invited to a meeting where he was going to openly confess to everyone. His request was turned down. His moves were still very suspicious, as once a traitor always a traitor.

Chief Oben, who complained around that period that thieves broke into his house and took away important sums of money in different currencies, is yet to make his own confession. He was the Chairman of the government SCNC.

A certain Kinkinen Pius, an ex-convict from Kondengui was the Secretary General, and a certain Dr Tita, Chairman of a certain obscure political party, who lost elections to be President of a vigilante group in the quarter, was the Vice Chairman. They all savoured of the Iscariot’s silver pieces which are now haunting them.

By Nke Valentine

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