Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Noni and Oku cement ties

The people of Noni and Oku living in Nkambe have been entreated to remain law abiding, brotherly and each others’ keeper, more so, to remain together like one man’s children. The call was simultaneously made by the Presidents of the Noni and Oku communities in Nkambe recently during the New Year celebration organised by the Noni community in Nkambe at their usual meeting venue.

Addressing those present, the Vice President of Nshii Noni Nkambe, Mr. Wamey Pancrasuis Nyonufon said, the essence of the celebration was to thank God collectively and individually through sharing, for the good things He had been doing to them. He cited that for all of them to have met the New Year and in good health were enough to thank God. He said the most essential way to thank God was coming together and sharing in food and drinks like one man’s children. He appreciated them for last year’s activities and wished that this year should be more vibrant in manifesting brotherly love and their culture.

Mr. Wamey took time to praise the constituted Delegation of the Oku people in Nkambe for heeding to their invitation. Although he regretted the absence of the Nso people in Nkambe they invited, he sounded that the Noni, Oku and Nso people were historically, administratively, and culturally condemned to live together especially when out of home. He said it was their desire that the union of the trio grow from strength to strength to yield more lucrative and long lasting fruits.

On his part, the President of the Oku Cultural and Development Association (OCDA) Nkambe branch, Mr. Moses Kingah thanked the Noni people. He said they had been bothered about it and wished it grow to fruition. He prayed for a wider forum in the nearest future that would boost the brotherly relationship and the culture of the Nso, Noni and Oku people. He begged on the people to respect the laws of the state and those of the land where they live; and that they should help each other where and when necessary.

Mr. Kingah Moses praised the Noni youths and students for their special commitment to their meeting. He told them the benefits of sitting often amongst their parents and elders were abounded and immeasurable. He reminded them that a meeting of such magnitude was a social-cultural classroom with much to learn.

Talking on behalf of the youths, their Vice President, Adeline Adamu entreated the youths to take the challenge and be regular at meetings. She thanked the parents for their usual support pleading with them not to relent their efforts in directing them. She told the student-youths that the greatest challenge was to pass their examination well. The occasion ended with extensive feasting and a cultural animation.

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