Friday, March 26, 2010

NUDP in full gear for future elections

The National President of the National Union for Democracy and Progress (NUDP), Bello Bouba Maigari, says his party is more than ever before determined to grab more seats in parliament and more councils in upcoming elections. Bello Bouba was speaking at the party’s headquarters in Yaoundé recently in a ceremony to exchange New Year wishes with militants of his party.

With six Parliamentary seats, twelve councils and about 1300 councillors all over the national territory, the NUDP party is the third largest party in Cameroon after the ruling CPDM and the main opposition party, the SDF.

“The NUDP is not only preparing to participate in future elections like any other party but to win more parliamentary and council seats”. NUDP National President, Bello Bouba Maigari addressing militants.

He called on NUDP militants to continue the fight to promote party activities as it is only through the relentless fight that their dreams of grabbing more parliamentary and mayoral seats can come true.

Amongst the NUDP militants who came to wish happy New Year to their National President was a powerful delegation from Donga Mantung division that was led by the divisional co-ordinator, Alhadji Palalo who told The Vanguard Newspaper in Yaoundé that they will not spare any efforts in rallying Donga Mantung for the NUDP in upcoming elections.

Speaking earlier in a welcome speech on behalf of the NUDP militants, the Centre Regional co-ordinator of the NUDP party, Essoga Etogo Albert called on the NUDP National President to use his portfolio as Minister of State for Transport to secure jobs for militants of his party.

Talking to the press after the reception of New Year wishes, the NUDP National President Bello Bouba Maigari said since creation the NUDP has always been represented in national elections. Hence given that they will continue to be represented in upcoming elections, “I will expect my militants to ensure that those they are putting in to head various basic organs of the party are those who will prepare the party well for future elections”, the National President said.

NUDP party status examined

As part of the reforms to ensure that the party is fully ready for the upcoming elections, Central Committee members of the NUDP have met in Yaoundé to examine the party’s status. Talking to the press, the NUDP National Communication Officer, Kuma Peter Kombain, said the Yaoundé meeting was to examine and adopt party’s status and regulations drawn up during the general assembly of the meeting that took place in Bertoua in 2007.

Also on the agenda of the NUDP Central Committee meeting that held in Yaoundé was the reorganisation of the basic organs of the party, the National Communication Officer told the press. After the Yaoundé meeting, a new party constitution was adopted with the number of exco members of each sub section of the party reduced from 15 to 12. According to Kuma Peter, the new constitution has reinforced the functioning of the regional bureau, the section and sub sections of the party.

NUDP mayors drilled on decentralisation

Given that the decentralisation process has gone operational in Cameroon with several reforms, mayors and their deputies of the NUDP have been schooled on the decentralisation process in Cameroon which is still a disturbing factor to many a Cameroonian.

The municipal authorities received lectures from the chairman of the party who was accompanied by some party executives like the SG, Pierre F. Ngayap and the Vice President Mongo Leon who gave exposés on decentralisation and administrative management of councils respectively.

Talking to The Vanguard Newspaper in Yaoundé, the National Communication Officer of the NUDP, Kuma Peter said: “As one of the first political parties to start clamouring for decentralisation, it was necessary for our municipal authorities to be versed with the skills now that the process is ongoing”, Kuma Peter said.

By NDI Eugene NDI

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