Sunday, April 18, 2010

419 crimes

Is it really that we get fan mail? Are we becoming popular? Or is it another form of 419-scamms? Let have some fun. The Vanguard team is going to answer this letter. Stay with us.

The following message wast sent by 'Katrina Barry '' and ''

International desk.

My name is Olga!

We never talk with you earlier. I can tell to you that I would like to get acquainted with you, and probably in the future we can develop friendly relations, and probably and it is more, it can show only time.

I wish to find second half My friends say that I very friendly, beautiful woman. I am a teacher of English in Elementary school!

I like my work because I love children. If it was pleasant to you my photo or what I could write about myself in this small letter then I will be glad if you write to me the letter on my email, OK?

Please reply only to my personal e-mail:

In the next letter I will send to you more of photo that you could see better me. Also I will be grateful, if with your answer will send a photo.

Yours faithfully, Olga."

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