Monday, April 19, 2010

CPDM house on fire

There is panic, pandemonium, hullabaloo, fear and uncertainty within the ranks of the political organization, called the CPDM. When the centre cannot hold again things fall apart, says Chinua Achebe.

The spate of partisan arrests and incarcerations of pot-bellied CPDM juggernauts that use the undue advantage of their position in government or CPDM party to impoverish Cameroonians and enrich themselves has not gone unnoticed. It is a shame to those who preach virtue and practise vice. A cursory glance at all those who are the uneasy guests of the dingy cells of Kondengui, New Bell and Bamenda prisons, shows that they were and are members of the ruling CPDM Political Bureau, Central Committee or Section Presidents of Biya’s party. Most of them are guilty of embezzling State funds, corrupt practices, graft and profligacy.

Now the house is on fire and the dog has now turned round to eat dog. It is now clear that in 27 years, Cameroonians have been governed, ruled and directed by crooks and people of doubtful integrity. Curiously these are the very people who stood on roof tops and called on their Cameroonian brothers and sisters to be patriotic. To be in the opposition meant you were not a patriotic Cameroonian or even a citizen. With the arrest of these CPDM hoodlums, the contrary has been proved. No SDF man has been arrested. One is patriotic as long as he holds a high post of responsibility in the CPDM.

The much criticised article 8.2 of the SDF is a lesser evil than frisking and pushing militants of the CPDM into tiny cells and prisons. It is like a venereal disease compared to full blown AIDS. These are the people who blamed all the economic failures of Cameroon on the SDF. The country needs some moral reorientation if it must turn the economy around. This is a system where meritocracy is trampled upon while mediocrity and crookedness are enthroned. Tribalism which is the mother of impunity has pushed the country into this beautiful mess. The country has been left in the hands of “chop broke pot” for too long.

To restructure Cameroon demands the stepping on jigger-toes of seemingly powerful and influential groups, individuals and cliques. This can only happen if democracy is given a chance. A leader who does not uphold and live by moral standards devalues politics and endangers mankind which is what is happening now. Cameroon needs a meaningful sense of direction and purpose. The arrest and trial of embezzlers should continue with greater intensity.

The question that arises is what becomes of the money recovered fro embezzlers? The SDF in their recent NEC meeting suggested that a special Bank account be created in which money recovered from embezzlers or the sales of confiscated property could be put and the public well informed through the mass media on its management. Even though the suggestion comes from the enemy opposition party, it is good to be given a favourable consideration.

The problem of Cameroon today is the CPDM with its bad governance and not of the SDF as some renegades want us to believe. It is a cover up of the inability of whimsical Cameroonians to effect a change of leadership that they try to hang the coat of defeat on the shoulders of the SDF. Granted that the SDF has not succeeded to change the Beti Oligarchy because of the infiltration of Taliban agents in to its ranks, what about the Trade Unions, Civil Society and people power? These are groups that could also effect a change of government.

Some SDF renegades will soon discover that they were not leaving hell to heaven. The political ball is still rolling and it may crash land or have a soft landing. While some resignations may be genuine, most are a sign of weakness where losers are quitters. What about those old women and men who cast their votes with no hope or opportunity of ever a post in the party? The time of reckoning is about to come where everybody will render an account of himself.

By Sylvester Gwellem

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