Thursday, April 8, 2010

Crime: a new 419 mail

And another 419 mail. Please be warned. How stupid do you need to be to be fooled by the following 419 mail? It's promising € 2000,- and more for only three hours a day. Our international desk got this one from: Guess he's a manager that can't even write a good letter. Mercy for the fool that is indeed to dumb and falls for it. And you can have some fun with those criminals. As they are not that smart themselves:


I am a manager of the HR department of a large multinational company. Our company is met in many departments, such as:
- bank account operations
- transportation and logistics
- private enterprise service
- etc.

We are looking for staff in Europe at the moment:
- wages 2300dollars+bonus
- 2 - 3 working hours per day
- optimal timetable

If you are interested in this job send us the necessary information on the following e-mail address:
Full name:
Mobile phone-number:

Attention! We are looking for the people who have a right to work in Europe!

Please, write your name and Telephone Number so that our manager could contact you, ask the necessary questions and answer yours."

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