Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Divisive Tendencies of North Westerners

FACING THE NATION, by Sylvester Gwellem.

Some people can only survive in confusion. There are some sons of the North West Region who are hell bent on seeing that there is neither peace nor stability in the Region. This writer holds that the sovereignty of this Region is inviolable and anybody, who wants to stir up trouble among the people of “Bamenda” for his own personal interests and not that of the Region, has to be identified and beaten back into the line of the loyal citizens of the North West.

When it was rumoured that Prime Minister, Philemon Yang was to visit Bamenda some CPDM political sycophants and post seekers in the Region felt that time was once more up for them to demonstrate their degree of militancy to the president in front of CRTV cameras. They defied all instructions and hatched their own selfish plans.

Even though it was clearly stated that the Prime Minister’s visit had no political coloration the champions of division did everything possible to politicise it. A coordination of all section presidents of the CPDM was convened to a meeting in Bamenda and militants told to welcome the Prime Minister in their Party Uniforms. By this vicious act alone a knife was once more driven among the North Westerners who now badly need unity of purpose.

The timely intervention of Yaoundé to push away these overzealous self-seeking leaders came a little bit late because the damage had already been done. Had the SDF decided to come out in their large numbers in their own party uniforms a confused signal would have been sent to Yaoundé. Divide-and-rule should no longer be tolerated by the “Area Boys” of the North West Region. Everybody must be beaten into the same line.

The Fons of the North West are no longer worthy to represent the people because of division manipulated by some interest groups. Recently SCNC and SCAPO scored a major victory in Banjul but division seems to be destroying a good case. CATTU which has fought and won very many battles for the teachers is facing a lot of resistance from other teachers. Journalists are not spared. What does the North West Region gain from all this nasty game of divide and rule? Time has come for the North West people to wear one thinking cap. Politics will come and politics will go but the North West people will remain.


Some times it is said that quitters are never winners and winners are never quitters. What I am saying is that resignations sometimes are a sign of weakness, lack of principles or tenacity. Why not correct the situation with what is right with the situation?

Of recent we have heard of some militants resigning from the SDF and crossing over to the CPDM. It is not in the CPDM that the house is not boiling. Any human organisation has its own weaknesses and it is only the tenacious ones who can resist these temptations to the end. One thing is clear. Nobody wrote an application to join the SDF. It was out of conviction and if for one reason or the other that conviction has waned, one can quietly withdraw membership without dramatizing the situation. It is not because my pastor has committed a sin that I will quit my church. When the going gets tough only the tough will get going.

If in 50 years Cameroon can only boast of two Presidents, Ahidjo and Biya, it is because of this whimsical nature of Cameroonians. Nobody seems to be stoically committed to the cause of liberation. Is it not said that the people have the President they deserve? All that Cameroonians, both the retired and those still working want is appointment or re-absorption into services. Some people celebrate their 45th birth day even ten times in a year. What Cameroonians need at this trying moment is men of principles, men of tested courage and men who can fight to a finish no matter the obstacles, barriers and banana peelings thrown on their path. These are people to be counted on. Spineless opportunists always throw in the towel with the bang of the first shot.

That said, this paper believes that boycott never pays. Be there and give your opponent a good fight and if he defeats you by unfair means, onlookers will know and one day they will step in to separate the fight. When you boycott you hand it over to your opponent in a platter of gold. Try and beat the enemy in his own game.

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