Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gendarme kills upper sixth student in Bandjoum

An Upper Sixth Form student of Government Secondary School Youm, in Bandjoun in the Koung-khi Division of the West, Albertine Laure Kamdom Kamga, was reportedly shot dead by a gendarme officer last February 13, 2010.

According to eyewitness accounts, the victim received three or four bullets in the back. This took place around 1.30 a.m. on February 12, in the city centre of Bandjoun. The gendarme had met his one time girlfriend with a taxi driver in a parked taxi. He had suspected they were making love. Infuriated with the fact that the taxi-man was making love with the girlfriend he attacked them. The taxi-man then fled off with the girl in the taxi leaving the gendarme in a state of confusion.

He then decided to pursue them. He caught up with them at the entrance to Bafoussam City about 13 kilometres from Bandjoun. A quarrel ensued between them and the Gendarme jumped into the taxi as there was traffic congestion and the taxi-man had slowed down. It was during the quarrel that the gendarme shot the girl but the taxi-man did not realise it.

He drove towards Bangou where he lives, at top speed. According to eyewitnesses it was only at Bangou he discovered the girl had died. He then surrendered himself to the Bangou Gendarmes. The gendarmes immediately ordered that the girl’s corpse be kept at the Bangangte mortuary in the Nde Division.

When the people learnt of this they immediately invaded the Bandjoun Gendarmerie in the early hours of Saturday February 13, 2010. They attacked the premises throwing stones at the Brigade and finally shattering a Toyota KE 90 belonging to a gendarme and a transport KE 70 that was impounded and parked at the brigade. They proceeded to dig two graves, one for the girl and the other for Chrysanthus Wakha, the Gendarme who killed the girl. The last of the gendarmes that was found at the Brigade took refuge in side the office.

The crowd and the family of the victim then proceeded to attempt to lower the Cameroon flag that was hoisted in order to hoist but the girl’s green uniform. This move was quickly aborted by the arrival of the elements of the Battallion d’Intervention Rapide (BIR) from Bafoussam, noted for their ruthless actions. Their presence alone seeming calmed down the spirits of the irate mob.

Also the timely intervention of the paramount ruler of Bandjoun, HRH Honoré Djomo Kamga, played an important role in reducing the damage caused by the mob. He cautioned the population to wait for justice to take its course. His special worries came when he was informed that petrol had been bought to burn down the brigade.

The rest of the students of this high school of Yom had planned a strike on Monday15, as long as the gendarme culprit was not brought to book. Since then, Bandjoun is inundated with scores of elements of the maintenance of law and order.
The mother of the deceased, Rosalie Kengne, was inconsolable and said: “I was in the farm with my daughter, on February 10, we worked together”, she moaned with tearful eyes. Even the grandmother of the girl fainted, having intoned the requiem of the mourning.

By Wambo Emmanuel in Bafoussam

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