Thursday, April 8, 2010

Man and concubine kill 11 year old boy in Nkambe

A certain Ndukong Godlove of Binka extraction in Nkambe - DongaMantung, is currently under detention in the Nkambe Gendarmerie Brigade for murdering an 11 year-old boy, Thouram Ngalla.

He reportedly committed the act with the complicity of his concubine, whose names The Vanguard got only as Mercy. The boy was immediately taken to the Nkambe District Hospital but declared clinically dead by the nurse on duty after several attempts to contact the medical doctors of the place had proven futile.

One of the next door neighbours to this murderous couple, Nfor Bernard Chifu, told The Vanguard that on that fateful day, after accusing the children of have spent the day/night outside they locked them up in the house for close to two hours. All attempts by neighbours to intercept failed as the couple warned them not to interfere in their family matters. The child screamed at the top of his voice. This did not restrain the couple from administering their murderous punishment on him.

Further reports say when they discovered the child had died they planned to secretly evacuate the corpse. Neighbours who were quick to discover it, quickly surrounded the house when Ndukong Godlove went to the Nkambe Park to hire a vehicle to carry the corpse to Binka. One of them had peeped through the window and saw the lifeless body of the child on the floor stag naked. One of his legs was tied to a rope and he was motionless.

They immediately called in the forces of law and order that wasted no time storming the venue, led by Captain Usongo Peter, the Commander of Nkambe Gendarmerie Brigade. Ndukong Godlove was immediately arrested and detained while the gendarmes used their service vehicle to transport the corpse to the Nkambe District Hospital for medics to confirm whether the child was dead or not.

At the hospital another drama ensued. There was no doctor on seat. The nurse on duty that night did not have the Doctor’s phone number, neither did she have credit to call. After some struggle they obtained the Chief Medical Officer’s number and used the Brigade Commander’s phone to call him. The CMO complained that he was tired and referred the caller to another doctor. Left with no choice, the Brigade Commander called the mortuary attendant to keep the corpse in the mortuary. At about 10 p.m. the mortuary attendant kept the corpse in the mortuary.

Investigations continued till about 4 a.m. the next morning. After thorough questioning of the key suspect, Mr Ndukong Godlove, the Brigade Commander said he was left with no doubt that he (Ndukong) was guilty of torturing little Thouram Talla to death. The Gendarme Officer accused Ndukong of bad faith as he had attempted to fool the security and the people that the child was not well, and that was why he had wanted to take him to the hospital. He concluded that the man was actually trying to take the child to their village Binka, and secretly bury. Usongo Peter lamented and advised parents that, beating was not the right way to correct children. Faced with such problems, parents should seek the assistance of the appropriate services like social welfare.

In the cell where Ndukong Godlove was detained, he was behaving insane but the Brigade Commander said it was just one trick most criminals use when they are detained which he is very familiar with. He has come across more than 60 different tricks from detained criminals in Bafoussam, his former station. He narrated a good number of them to the press.

Late Thouram Ngalla was the son of the said Mercy, a mother of four with four different fathers! Talking to the press at the Nkambe District Hospital Mortuary where the corpse was laid, Mercy said had complained that the children were very wayward and had reported them to the Fon who did nothing because he was busy. Mercy was Ndukong’s concubine for close to five years. According to local sources no he knew what Mercy did for a living. She was allegedly a thief and a gossip.

Ndukong Godlove, is a father of five with his real wife, (with whom he lives) though he says, they are not legally married. He has lived most of his life in Douala as a radio and television repairer. He came back home with some good money, constructed a beautiful home, started a flourishing “Clando” business with two vehicles; inside source says.

It has not been a bed of roses with Ndukong Godlove and the home. It is said that one time, he dismantled their matrimonial bed from Binka to carry to Nkambe where Mercy, the concubine, lives. The population of Binka could no longer bear treatment he was giving his wife. They almost trashed him at the Binka Park, but the most important thing was that they seized the bed from him and took it to the wife.

Talking to the press from Nkambe Brigade where he was detained, Ndukong Godlove says 11 years old Ngalla and his younger one 7 years hardly come home. At times, they trek from Nkambe where their mother resides to Binka. Clergy men have prayed on several occasions over the family for peace to reign and change that family to no avail. At press time; Ndukong Godlove was under detention and investigation open.

By Abanda Marcel

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