Friday, April 16, 2010

Minister Petitioned Against Non Payment of Salary Arrears

A former worker with the Bamenda City Council BCC, at the time known as Bamenda Urban Council, BUC, Henry Bene Ntombong has written a petition to the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation, demanding the payment of salary arrears owed him from November 1993 to September 2006, when he was due retirement.

The former worker in the petition writes that he was wrongfully terminated from work on November 25 1993 by Abel Ndeh Sanjou Tadzong, Government Delegate at the time. Mr. Ntombong explains in the petition that he reported the matter to the Labour Officials in Bamenda who determined that his suspension was illegal and contrary to Section 30 of the labour code.

According to Mr. Ntombong, after a careful study, Labour official concluded that the Council had to pay him the total sum of FCFA 10.790.486. Ntombong laments that since the 25th February 2002, when Labour officials mediated in the matter, he has not received a single franc from the council.

Mr. Ntombong is further worried that even after a Mezam High Court judgment in his favour, Abel Ndeh was still adamant to pay his dues. Ntombong writes in the petition that he was appealing to the distinguished office of the Minister to come to his assistance and bring to an end his plight with the council.

I have been subjected to the unprecedented pangs of hardship, poverty, misery and disease. A fracture I sustained on my left leg while following the matter, is yet to heal because of lack of money to go for treatment”, Mr. Ntombong laments.

According to Ntombong, other difficulties he has had to grapple with due to the non payment of his accrued salary arrears include the death of his father and mother-in-law due to the lack of adequate medical care.

“My children do not attend school any longer
because of lack of money to sponsor them

The former council worker ends his petition by re-iterating the call of President Paul Biya on state authorities and government officials to exercise peace, justice, fairness and selflessness in serving all citizens of his country.

By Yusuf Yerima

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