Friday, April 2, 2010

Misaje Brigade Commander Relieved of Duties

The Brigade commander for Misaje Gendarmerie Brigade has been relieved of his duties following so man scandalous and outrageous acts by he officer. The announcement might have fallen like a bombshell on the errant officer but it did not surprise the inhabitants of the area and those who knew him. His litany of misdemeanours simply beat imagination.

During his tenure as Brigade Commander he was allegedly involved in many crimes chief amongst which was the burgling of the Misaje Treasury where money, kept under his custody disappeared without trace. He was caught red-handed meddling himself in a marijuana racket with some traffickers who were carrying 11 bags of the stuff to neighbouring Nigeria. He was demanding the sum of 400.000 CFA from the traffickers. Unfortunately for him the Company Commander, Captain Michael Sowi, caught him and took the 11 bags to the Legion in Bamenda as evidence.

It is also alleged he was heavily involved in cattle rustling aiding and abetting the rustlers. He was accused of direct complicity with the rustlers who were seemingly out to ruin the cattle breeders whose only livelihood revolved around cattle breeding. Many cattle rearers in Misaje had become frustrated by these acts.

The gendarme in question, Eyong Joseph, is also reported to have under-looked the Administrative authorities of the place, even the Divisional Officer, Mr Ungito Zacchary Cheiko, claiming he was only answerable to Yaoundé. Of the many reports that the D.O. had sent to Yaounde, unconfirmed reports say, action was slow to come almost pushing the D.O. to frustration.

The last act he committed was the detention of one of the teachers of GBHS Misaje for punishing his child for not doing his assignment, an act the students never took lying down. After his last misdeed rumours ran around that Adjoutant Chef Joseph Eyong had to be dismissed from service.

This raised a wave of excitement and jubilation among the beleaguered population and even some of the members of the administrative hierarchy. They were happy that this would teach the rest of the nonchalant elements of the forces of law and order a memorable lesson. Their joy did not last long as sources from the Company Commander’s office revealed he had only been transferred.

At Press time, where he was transferred was not yet known as the transfer decision was communicated by phone from the Legion Commander to the Nkambe Company Commander. That office also revealed that the new Misaje Commander had earlier called and begged on the Nkambe Company Commander to try by all possible means to block the out going Adjoudant Chef Joseph Eyong Eyong from engaging the budget for the financial year 2010, which from all indications Michael Sowi did his best.

By Abanda Marcel

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