Thursday, April 22, 2010

Over Eight Hundred Teachers salaries Suspended for Forgery

Operation Sparrow Hawk. Salaries of over eight hundred teachers are reportedly suspended. Some have purportedly died of frustration while those left with only two years may end up retiring before their normal age. Both the Primary, secondary and high School teachers are affected, a source has hinted The Vanguard.

According to our source, some teachers unorthodoxly changed their indexes and started receiving salaries they were not due. Another class of the teachers who may be arrested or dismissed from the public are those who forged the years in active service to enjoy advancement benefit. Although most are said to have doubles the years in anticipation that by the time the benefits are ripped, they would have clocked the years added in advanced.

Fortunately for them the dues got mature earlier than the probable date. Facilitators popularly known as “Dokee” men our source hinted would also be punished. The arrears of most are said to have come out earlier than anticipated and salaries increased prior to the normal working years.

Such unethical increases in the salaries of civil is said to have plagued the government machinery, reasons why the ministry of Finance embarked on a serious “Operation Antelope”. Teachers who anticipated retirement in two years will certainly go on retirement without a penny the vanguard was told.

Meanwhile some who had enjoyed salary increase before they were due as per their longevity in service, shall be brought to book and severely punished. The authoritative source from the ministry of both basic and secondary education hinted that many heads will roll as investigation is still going on. Meantime agents running such illegal businesses with state finance authorities are under investigation. Some of the victims are said to have die of frustration.

By Chifu Edward

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