Thursday, April 22, 2010

"President Biya is the guarantor of Development" Hon Wirngo Buba

The population of Vekovi of Jakiri in Bui Divison have been exhorted to shun political follies that could stagnate their development again. At a back drop of development stigma purportedly caused by lack of political foresight, the population of Vekovi in Jakiri, Bui division has been exhorted to change and enhance their commitment to the CPDM party to ensure development.

Reacting to the development lots presented by the population during his Thursday February 18 visit to Vekovi, Hon Wirngo Buba blamed the socio-economic stagnation of the area on the political errors committed by the population of late. “Made a wrong choice by voting the opposition party that has little or nothing to offer”. He said.

It was with this in mind that he reminded the people that only CPDM party and the national chair man Paul Biya can bring about the meaningful development. Although much has been done at his level in the sphere of education roads, electricity etc. much still has to be done to step up living standards.

But for these dream to be come realities. “We must rally behind President Paul Biya the sole guarantor of development in Cameroon”, he exhorted.

He also exhorted militants who flooded the market square to grace his visit to shun all forms of vandalistic and politics without a sense of direction. “You play politics with a human face and a sense of direction as well”, he said.

He underscored the political maturity exhibited at July 22 2007 pools by voting the CPDM party. To be on the right side of history Hon Wirngo warned against political miscalculations that could doom the area again. On this note, he challenged the population to give the CPDM a hundred percent vote presidential to gain more favours from the honour President Paul Biya during celebrations marking the the 50th anniversary of the arm forces in Bamenda.

The MP read out a number of projects realised within his ambits and challenges lying ahead. Although he promised to do his utmost best to address some of the problems the collaboration and commitment of the population to party was going to be a catalyst indispensable in the development of the area ,he reiterated.

“The party hierarchy would do more if you all rally behind Biya… as he who rocks the cradle rules the world”, he said.

On his long awaited visit after the CPDM victory at July 22 2007 election in Vekovi, the opposition strong hold, the member of parliament told the population that: “You voted me into parliament to serve as your a hunting dog”.

In this regard, he could not be available at all time. Inversely, most politicians who brag as always being very close to the electorate most often do so little. This apparently explains why Hon Wirngo prefers to come home with projects and food to feed the hungry mouths than frequent us with empty hands”.

A militant by Njodzeka Emmanuel argued. He argued that Hon Wirgo is the best MP Jakiri has ever had since the advent of multi party politics. Who amongst the MP’s we have had can beats Wirngo’s records in terms of projects realized. He recounted that the MP donated seven hundred benches to the entire Jakiri schools, he is said to have constructed many school and assisted the militants in various ways. He cautioned that people should make mountains from anthills.

Speaking earlier, the national president of NGOGBA Area Cultural and Development Association NGOCUDA Alhaji Musa Mbiydzenyuy lauded the MP for the olive branch extended to them in the domain of health, roads, electricity, education, and the construction of IPS Ntur, donation of school charts and awards of prizes during end of year graduation to some students.

“It is with great joy, honour and respect that I on behalf of the entire community of Ngongba welcome you and your entourage to Vekovi today. We thank the Almighty (Allah) who made it possible for you and your entourage to be our guest for today after along waiting to have this very important visit from you”.

He continued that the “Massive attendance of our people in to this occasion testifies the love we have for you as well as your presence here shows the total concern you have for us. The entire community of Ngongba wishe to appreciate you for the supply of 150 benches to all the schools in Vekovi, the construction of IPS Ntur, construction of two classrooms at G.S. Vekovi, the equipment given to G.T.C Vekovi and the supply of wall charts to some schools, and the award of prizes during end of year graduation ceremonies amongst other projects”.

He thanked the Government through you for the provision of a service bike given to the Agric Post Vekovi.He exploited the occasion to crave for more in the in in the domain of health, water security and education.

He insisted that government should uplift G.T.C. Vekovi to G.T.H.S Vekovi as their children do not have befitting classrooms. Vekovi being the biggest village in Jakiri Subdivision in both land and population with a very powerful Area Development Association he appealed to the MP cause the enhancement of the electric cable to three and additional transformer for it to get to Kam, Ntotti, Ntur, Mengah, Tambow, Ntunir, Takan, bonjong, Kwanso, Dzevsha, Yaainkar, Mbiteei, Nyah and Tamborong villages. As a leading cattle area in the subdivision he craved more cattle dip, as there is only one in Ntunir own by General Ivo Yenwo.

That not withstanding, he lamented that the rate of unemployment of the youth is still very high in the area. “Sir, NGOCUDA congratulates you for this visit and we are ready to work with you on participatory development and decentralisation for the achievement of basic necessities for our children who are the good citizens of today and tomorrows Cameroon”.

For her part, the 1st deputy mayor Yaah Shang Emmerencia who happens to be Mayor Shang Lawrence’ sister hailed the MP for his assiduity to the population,while equally thanking the population of Vekovi for the political come back she hope would metamorphose the social-conomic standards giving that the CPDM party is a party with a vision and commitment to the social well being of the populion.

She also advised them tp live in accordance with the changing times. She was corroborated by the YCPDM section president amongst other speakers. The MP donated over fifteen cartons of savon, bags of salts, cartons sweets biscuits, bags of rice and caw estimated at over CFA 180000 for feasting.

By Chifu Edward

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