Monday, April 19, 2010

Prince Chick donates CPDM Uniforms to Mbengwi Militants

The Northwest Yaoundé-based contractor and devoted CPDM militant, Prince Chick Marcus Fominyam, has donated CPDM uniforms with over 11 million FCFA to Meta Fon and the CPDM militants of Njinibi Sub-section.

Distributing the uniforms to the CPDM militants at the Njinibi palace plaza in Mbengwi, on Saturday February 27, prince Chick said the gesture was to consolidate the landslide victory CPDM scored in the July 22, 2007 twin elections. Above all, he stressed that the distribution of the uniforms was to prepare his militants towards President Paul Biya’s visit to the North West Region some time in March 2010 “I want my militants to distinguish themselves on that day by appearing in CPDM outfit”.

Prince Chick called on other Njinibi inhabitants who are yet to identify them with the CPDM to join the bandwagon and be counted because, according to him, CPDM remains the only party in the country that has the knife and the yam.

The Njinibi CPDM Sub-section President Njee Ngwa, as well as the CPDM Section President for Momo 1, Tembi Jacob, all showered praises on Prince Chick whom they saw as the only light and way for the Mbengwi Central inhabitants to follow. They attributed the landslide victory CPDM scored in the 2007 twin elections in Njinibi Sub-section area to Chick Marcus who spends both time and resources to mobilize the population.

The guest speaker of the occasion, Tumasang Napoleon, describing the occasion as ground breaking , said such a population could only turn out in an occasion organized by Prince Chick whom he called, a man of the people. He pleaded with Prince Chick to extend his largesse to the rest of Mbengwi Central in order to make Mbengwi, CPDM bastion.

The Fons of Meta led by the President of Meta Fon’s Union, the Fon of Ngwenkun honoured Prince Chick with a red feather and a traditional sword. The feather, according to the Fons, will serve as torch light to Prince Chick to search for every good thing in Yaoundé and bring to Mbengwi, while he will use the sword to clear away every obstacle on his way. The Fon prayed God to bless Prince Chick: “So that one day he will be our Fokou”.

The occasion was attended amongst other by the D.O of Mbengwi Central Subdivision, and forces of law and order. Over 10 dance groups graced the occasion.

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