Friday, April 16, 2010

Principal Warns Against Religious Fanaticism In Schools

The Principal of government Teachers Training College, GTTC Ndop, Mr. Fidelis Dohkuna Mullah has warned teachers of practising schools in Ndop and student-teachers of GTTC Ndop, against religious fanaticism in schools.

The principal gave the warning during a one day seminar code named Pedagogic Reinforcement, that held in GTTC Hall Ndop, recently. Stressing on the secular nature of the state of Cameroon, Dohkuna urged student-teachers and teachers of practising Schools to keep away religious sentiments from the schools.

The Principal said he disagreed with teachers who brought their church and religious doctrines to schools. The school comprises of children of different religious backgrounds, the Principal said. Dohkuna frowned at the activities of some teachers of Christian background, whose religious sentiments at most times are to the disadvantage of the children of Moslem background.The Principal drew the attention of teachers of the recent killings in Jos, Nigeria as a result of a clash in religion, between Moslems and Christians.

“Such is the result of fanaticism in religious practices”
Dohkuna said.

The seminar which was aimed at reinforcing pedagogy in the six government Practising schools in Ndop was moderated by the Chief of service for studies at GTTC Ndop, Richard Nshi. Topics presented at the Pedagogic seminar included Elaboration of the Table of Specification by Emmanuel Galega, and Strategies for Effective Work Coverage in Practising Schools presented by Joseph Ame.

There were also presentations of model lesson plans in Mathematics, French and Sports, amongst others. In his closing remarks at the seminar, the pedagogic Adviser at the Divisional Delegation of Basic Education for Ngoketunjia, Patrick Ntienkiang Tamagoh urged participants to put into practice the new concepts acquired at the seminar. “You will use the knowledge acquired to make sure that repetition rate in schools reduced” the Pedagogic Adviser said

By Yusuf Yerima

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