Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Taku, Ngarum Villagers Hail Hon. Esther Ngala

The population of Ndu, Ngarum and Taku villages have pledged to remain faithful to the S.D.F Party. This pledge was made when receiving Micro Project Grants from Hon. Ngala Esther Ntala last February 9, 2010. The people were visibly happy with the distribution of grants by the female parliamentarian.

Starting from Ndu Town, Hon Esther Ngala handed over one hundred (100) plastic chairs to the Ndu Council for the people of Ndu to be using for public occasions at the grandstand. This was part of the Parliamentary micro project grants to equip the Ndu official grandstand. Receiving the 100 plastic chairs, the Deputy Mayor for Ndu council, on behalf of Ndu council and the community, thanked Hon. Ngala Esther Ntala for the gesture.

The Deputy Mayor was loud in appreciation of how much the Parliamentarian had done for the Ndu council. He prayed and encouraged her to do more. He also wished all past the M.P.s of Ndu Constituency were like her and promised to take proper care of the chairs.

Earlier on, welcoming the population, the District Chairman for Ndu Electoral District Mr. Ngaba Eric, expressed his gladness because of the fulfilment of promises which she made during her campaign speech. He recounted some of the projects realised during her short term in the National Assembly.

Such as: roofing of classroom block at G.T.C Luh, roofing of Ngulu Fon’s Palace hall, benches, exercise books, pens and pencils to C.BC Boyar and G.S. Ntisaw; roofing of a Classroom Block at Njimnkang, that was pushed down by wind and assistance to some churches around the Division including women’s groups etc. It was therefore not a surprise when she was ranked first amongst the parliamentarians of the Social Democratic Front as far as micro project execution is concerned.

The District Chairman urged the population of the Ndu Electoral District to jointly foster the development of that community as fast as possible especially now that decentralization is around the corner. He reiterated that the recent reconciliation in the Ndu council was real and must be from within and not from without.

Officially presenting the 100 plastic chairs to the Deputy Mayor of Ndu council in the presence of the Divisional Officer for Ndu Sub Division Mr. John Nico and some of the political gurus in that Division, she explained that micro project grants, as a matter of policy in the S.D.F, are used to serve the community/constituencies to fight against poverty.

While at Ngarum Hon. Ngala Esther Ntala handed over materials for water project, cement, rods and a load of sand which will help to rehabilitate Ngarum water project, thanking the National Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi for making known to the Cameroonian people about the micro projects in the National Assembly.

She continued to Taku village where she handed over the rehabilitation and renovation of Taku Health Centre for Public use. She handed some materials for daily use for the staff such as table chairs. She supplied plywood, benches, blankets and bed sheets etc to the Taku people and its environs when attending the hospital for treatment. She continued that the Health Centre will soon be a modern hospital which constitutes wealth for the socio - cultural and economic development of a Sub Division yet to be.

Thanking the D.O for Ndu and his Etat Major, the Project Committee, S.D.F militants, the M. P Ngala Esther N called on the population to protect the environment, stop bush fires, plant more trees, and be aware of HIV/AIDS, climate change, which since 2007 -2010 is a great worry all over the world. Congratulating the Fon, project chairmen, D.O Mr. John Nico, Mayor, S.D.F militants, she promised to continue to work as a partner.

By Abanda Marcel

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